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What Can SERVPRO Do About Fire Cleanup Odors In Nashua?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

SERVPRO Helps Nashua Residents Get Their Homes Smelling Good Again

Anyone who lives in Nashua hopes they will never suffer a disaster at home. However, sometimes problems are unavoidable, and that is where SERVPRO comes in. We are always on hand to help and get your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Some fire cleanup services in Nashua leave odors behind. This is unfortunate because leftover smoky smells are very unpleasant and a nasty reminder of the fire. Anyone facing the aftermath of a fire wants to forget it and resume a healthy life as soon as possible. Dealing with odors is an essential part of getting back to the daily routine.

Why is it so hard to get rid of smoky odors?

SERVPRO of Nashua understands that lingering smoke smells are uniquely hard to get rid of. The smell after a fire is often a cause of distress to our customers, and something they ask for our assistance with.

Smoke and soot from microscopic particles that can bond to a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. The smoke particles penetrate profoundly and are hard to get rid of, so a home often smells smoky long after the fire was extinguished.

Why is deodorization so important?

Getting rid of odors is an essential part of SERVPRO’s fire cleanup process, because:

    •    Lingering smoke smells are an unpleasant reminder of the fire
    •    Even if a home is thoroughly cleaned, it does not truly feel clean until all the odors are gone
    •    Deodorization is one of the quickest ways to flush out hidden soot particles
    •    A fresh-smelling home helps homeowners feel more positive and ready to move forward after fire cleanup

Not all cleanup services emphasize deodorization, which is why it is a good idea to call us.

What products does SERVPRO use for deodorization?

The deodorization process uses a range of products and equipment to achieve the desired effect. Some of our professional deodorizing products include:

    •    Odor counteracting beads – these contain powerful solvent counteractants which are released into the air to maks nasty odors
    •    Deodorant granules or pellets – use an ingredient called fuller’s earth to absorb odors like a sponge
    •    Water-based counteractants – can be added to cleaning solutions
    •    ULV and thermal fogging agents – can be added to ULV or thermal foggers and dispersed into all the nooks and crannies of a house.

Odor counteracting beads are best used anywhere they will be borne by the air currents. We sometimes place them in HVAC systems to help them circulate. Deodorant granules are versatile and can be used in a small space or throughout an entire building to suck up and trap odors. Fogging agents are used with fogging machines to get into all the hard-to-reach places, and also to fog a whole room quickly.

What equipment will SERVPRO bring to my home?

Deodorization does not stop with the application of chemicals. There are also several pieces of kit we can use to further deodorizing efforts.

We train our technicians to choose the best equipment for the job and position it most effectively. Air movers are ideal for ventilating a home both before and after thermal fogging. Photocatylicitc Oxidizers and Ozone Machines are both excellent pieces of equipment for powerful odor removal.

When does deodorization take place?

We deodorize your property after we have dealt with smoke remediation, cleanup, and restoration. It is an essential final step in returning your house to its pre-fire state.

Before we rid your home of smells, we will assess the damage and draw up an effective and personalized cleaning plan. Once we are happy with the cleaning and restoration, we move on to applying deodorizing chemicals and equipment to the situation.

Is this better than trying to deodorize the property myself?

Yes, it is much better than trying to DIY the deodorization process. Our teams have access to professional equipment and robust cleaning solutions that you simply cannot get over the counter. It is also important to note that we thoroughly train our technicians in industry best practices, so you can rest assured you are getting the best service.

Calling in the professionals is also safer, because we assess any structural issues or health hazards in your property, and we equip our technicians with PPE to ensure their safety.

What happens if I am not happy with the result?

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our services. You will receive a call from your file manager a week after our visit, to give you the chance to ask any follow-up questions or air any concerns you may have.

If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

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