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Can I Clean Up Smoke Residue Myself In My Nashua Home?

9/17/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage to home They use HEPA vacuums and filters, dry sponges, and potent cleaning agents to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Different Kinds of Soot Call For Different Cleaning Methods – Hiring Professionals in Nashua Ensures the Job is Done Right

Small fires are more common in Nashua than large ones that consume a residence. Quickly contained, these small blazes can still leave smoke residue throughout the home. An oil furnace puff back can spread soot everywhere with no fire involved. SERVPRO has technicians, equipment, and expertise to mitigate soot damage.

If I Wipe Down My Walls Won’t That Take Care of It?
While kitchen fires are the most common source of residential fires, faulty appliances, and other issues can cause them as well. The fire may not have been extensive enough to char the walls or peel the paint, but they can still do damage. Since you can see soot, it looks simple to clean. But using the wrong cleaners can make the situation even worse. Fire cleanup in Nashua needs to be handled by professional technicians. Here’s what you need to understand about soot:
    •    Soot is smoke residue that has settled.
    •    It is made up of microscopic particles that spread rapidly.
    •    It is acidic in nature and when in contact with skin, can worsen the damage.
    •    It causes hidden damage.
    •    To neutralize soot, specific chemicals are needed.
    •    There are several types of soot, each requiring a different cleaning agent.
    •    It eats away at the material it covers if left untreated.
    •    Has a strong odor.

Cleaning Up a Smoke Damaged Home
Soot gets into the furniture, the cracks in the ceiling, and everything in between. SERVPRO has experienced technicians that understand the proper fire cleanup and removal of fire damage from your home. Our fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) address the situation with advanced technology and the best tools for each situation. They use HEPA vacuums and filters, dry sponges, and potent cleaning agents to leave your home, “Like it never even happened.” Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 for quality fire cleanup services.

A Storm Left Me Dealing With Flood Damage in My Basement. How Do I Restore It?

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

Lightning Strike/ Storm Art Storms can bring floodwater and storm damage. The professionals at SERVPRO are always on call to handle your water damage restoration needs.

Contact SERVPRO Technicians to Help You Perform Flood Damage Restoration in Your Nashua Residence. 

Floodwater in a home can lead to extensive damage that can be expensive to repair if ignored for an extended period. Involve SERVPRO restorers to return your Nashua property to its pre-damage state in the shortest time possible. We have decades of experience and hi-tech equipment that helps us to complete the restoration process with minimum disruption to the customer.

What are the causes of basement flooding?

Flood damage can be frustrating to most property owners, especially those who do not know what to do. Our technicians can help you handle the storm flood damage in your Nashua property. We also offer emergency cleanup services after storms. It is essential to know the common causes of basement flooding to take preventive measures. Some of the common causes of basement flooding include:

Poor basement sealing: During the construction of your property, the basement foundation and tiles require proper sealing. If it was not done correctly or deteriorated with time, water from the ground could begin to seep into your basement.

Poor downspout installation: Downspouts direct water away from the structure and its foundation. However, if the downspouts are missing or broken, water can pool next to the home. 

Gutter debris: Gutters are vital in moving water away from the property. However, clogged gutters with twigs and seed pods can stop water from moving off the roof, away from your home.

How can you extract the water effectively?

Water extraction is an essential task that speeds up the drying process. We use our state-of-the-art equipment to speed up the extraction process. However, we first have to inspect if the floodwater contains debris and dirt. If the water is clear, we can use an electric submersible pump powered by our portable generator. The pump eliminates the suction lift limitations and provides continuous quiet operation. It can move up to 1000 gallons of water per minute through a 4" to 2" hose. The machine extracts the excess water leaving only moisture behind. We can eliminate the moisture using air movers and dehumidifiers. 

How do restorers get rid of odors in crawl spaces?

Our technicians understand that odors in crawl spaces may get into your home even after cleaning and thoroughly drying the property. Since it is challenging to maneuver crawl spaces, we can use the Aquafog Cherry Deodorizer to thermal fog the crawl space. The product gets into small cavities and cracks to combat odor molecules.  

Floodwater can devastate and frustrate homeowners, especially when the secondary damages begin to occur. Call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to get your property to its preloss state. “Like it never even happened.”

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Why Is SERVPRO So Effective At Cleaning Up Flood Damage In Nashua?

9/7/2020 (Permalink)

Living room and Dining Room Flooded Considering everything, it is important to be mindful of the ever-present threat of flooding in the coastal Northeast.

SERVPRO’s Thorough Technician Training Program, Along With Its High-Tech Gear, Makes It One of the Best Nashua Flood Damage Remediation Services.

Situated near the stormy northeastern coast, Nashua experiences the yearly effects of powerful coastal storms.  As these weather systems pass through, torrential rains often swell and overflow the nearby rivers and ponds.  These excess waters, in a relatively short period of time, can inundate area homes and cause thousands of dollars in damages.  Fortunately, when this happens, help is available.  Your neighborhood SERVPRO, has a staff of highly trained professionals that are dedicated to serving you and ensuring your satisfaction.  Moreover, they are equipped with all the latest advanced tools to quickly resolve even the most difficult issues.  Many times, our experts can even make your home seem like it never even experienced flooding.

What Makes Your Company So Knowledgeable About Flood Damage Remediation?
Our Nashua flood damage remediation service has successfully cleaned up local flood damage for twenty-two years.  Company professionals have several years of industry experience, and their knowledge base includes everything related to actual flood damage cleanup to complex issues involving insurance.  This is because, in addition to working for SERVPRO, some of our staff members have previously been involved in the insurance business.  Additionally, technicians know and adhere to the standards set by numerous reputable authorities such as the:

    •    Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)
    •    American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA)
    •    Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA)
    •    Institute of Environmental Education (IEE)

Armed with both our own knowledge and that developed by these various specialized organizations, we are better able to effectively deal with your flood damage.

In What Specific Remediation Topics Have SERVPRO Technicians Received Training and Been Certified?
SERVPRO technicians are individually certified by the IICRC in numerous flood damage cleaning and restoration topics.  These topics include everything from structural and contents drying, to specialized cleaning, disinfecting, and odor neutralization.  Some of the specific certifications our experts earn are in:

    •    Water damage restoration
    •    Applied structural drying
    •    Applied microbial remediation
    •    Odor control

The above certifications are indicative of company technicians’ advanced training and knowledge in all aspects of the remediation process.  This knowledge is important because it helps us resolve flood-related issues quickly the first time.

Does SERVPRO Have a Good Track Record When It Comes to Customer Service?
One of the many things that set SERVPRO apart from its competitors is its commitment to customer service.  As neighbors, our staff is always concerned about your satisfaction and wants to meet or even exceeding all of your expectations.  Also, our in-house Employee Certification Training Program (ECTP) emphasizes the importance of this, instructing workers to always listen carefully to, answer the questions of, and courteously serve all customers.  It is likely this intense dedication to serving customers that have earned us a 4.7-star customer satisfaction rating on Google Reviews and a 4-star rating on Facebook.

What Advanced Tools Do Your Technicians Use?
Some of our success is made possible by the top-notch remediation tools we use.  This equipment enables our experts to rapidly remove large volumes of floodwater from your home, expertly dry its structural components and contents, professionally remove hazardous waste and disinfect impacted surfaces, and effectively deodorize your residence.  A few of the notable tools we use are:

    •    Powerful commercial-grade truck-mounted and portable extractors
    •    Submersible gas pumps
    •    High-velocity box fans
    •    Advanced air blowers
    •    Injectidry systems
    •    Thermal foggers
    •    Ultra-low volume foggers
    •    Thermal foggers
    •    A vast array of EPA-approved disinfectants and deodorizers

This extensive arsenal of state-of-the-art gear helps us deliver the best results to our customers, often in less time and for less money than our competitors can.

How Do You Eliminate the Harmful Microbes Associated With Flooding From My Home?
We employ various methods to sanitize your home and make it safe to live in after a flood.  First, after the floodwaters have been removed, we spray strong disinfectants on structural elements and affected surfaces around your house.  Next, our workers remove hazardous waste and impacted materials from your residence.  Then, in order to make your home less hospitable to microorganisms, they use powerful dehumidifiers to dry out and lower the overall humidity of its interiors.  Afterward, using aerosolizing foggers, technicians further treat your home with antimicrobial compounds.  Once completed, all of these efforts ensure that your home is free of hazardous microorganisms that could cause negative health effects.

Considering everything, it is important to be mindful of the ever-present threat of flooding in the coastal Northeast.  Remember to prepare your home accordingly and always know your restoration options in the event of a potential flood.  With that said, if you ever experience flooding, you can always call your neighborhood SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 for assistance.

A Leaking Pipe in My Kitchen Caused Water Damage in My Property. Who Can Help Me to Restore it?

8/26/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment stacked in storage facility We are equipped and ready to handle any water damage emergency you may have. Call us today!

SERVPRO Can Perform Effective Water Restoration in Your Nashua Home

Plumbing issues are among the common causes of water damage in most properties in Nashua. Professional plumbers and water damage restoration experts may have to work closely together to identify any likely contamination in water and the problem's source to determine the right approach for mitigation and restoration.

When should I contact professional restorers?

Most water damage incidents call for fast extraction and drying to minimize damage. SERVPRO can use advanced equipment and tools to conduct water restoration in your Nashua residence. We use the necessary equipment depending on the level of standing water present in our customer's property. For example, if there are two or more inches of stagnant water in your house, we can use an electric submersible pump to extract it.

Unfortunately, even a small amount of water sipping into various surfaces in your property can cause mold growth, stain your walls, and warp your wooden surfaces if ignored for more than 48 hours. You need restoration services after any amount of water event that:

  • Saturates your upholstery and carpeting
  • Gets into a confined area or behind a wall
  • Touches your drywall
  • Creates a pool of water

When do you start the restoration process?

An efficient water restoration process needs to get a reputable plumber to fix the plumbing issues. It is possible to minimize damage by switching off the main water supply and removing the excess water. Minimizing the spread of contaminated water may be useful to contain damage, reducing the number of contents that need cleaning and disinfection. Mitigation can have a limited effect if you do not fix the plumbing issue first.

How do you dry carpeting?

A leaky supply line causes category one water damage since it releases clean water. In such an instance, our technicians do not need to clean or disinfect the affected area as we extract the excess water and dry it on time. Our SERVPRO technicians can use a self-propelled extraction tool to remove the excess water from your carpet. The machine only leaves moisture behind, which we can extract using indirect-fired furnaces. These tools can dry the area thoroughly. 

Water damage can cause health issues if ignored for an extended period. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to handle the water damage in your property to make it "Like it never even happened."

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Will I be Closed Permanently Because of Mold Damage in My Nashua Catering Kitchen?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

black mold growing up a wall Commercial kitchens can create the optimal environment for mold to grow in. Contact SERVPRO for mold damage mitigation and inspection services.

Commercial Kitchens Can Struggle with High Humidity and Plumbing Issues that Create a Perfect Environment  for Mold -- Inspection and Remediation Are Nashua SERVPRO Specialties

Mold spores are everywhere in the environment, even in Nashua commercial food preparation areas. Before mold growth on surfaces begins, the spores must absorb moisture. Kitchens have many opportunities for settled or airborne spores to find water:

  • Spills
  • Steam from cooking 
  • Dishwashing equipment 
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Inefficient humidity controls, including missing, poorly operating, or inconsistently used exhaust fans

How Do I Respond If I Think I Have a Commercial Mold Problem?

You work hard, succeeding in making your business the answer for catering excellence in Nashua. Needing mold inspection and remediation creates stress and worry. The media hypes mold damage in Nashua, but SERVPRO has the training and experience to resolve the issue and get you back to creating memorable meals for your customers.

How Does the Mold Inspection and Remediation Process Work?

Many mold remediation jobs begin with the customer pointing out visible mold colonies or an unpleasant, musty odor characteristic of mold growth. We start in that area and inspect carefully for additional mold damage, including checking in recesses and building cavities nearby. Then we proceed to remediate the mold by following protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Containing the outbreak

We wrap the space in 1.6 mil polyethylene, installing a negative pressure air mover to seal the perimeter and force the contaminated air through HEPA filters.

Removing the mold

Mechanical brushing and scraping is the best technique for nonporous surfaces. If the mold infiltrated porous materials, we sometimes can remove the active mold and incapacitate the hyphae (rootlike mold organism structure) using abrasive techniques like soda or dry ice blasting.

Containing and disposing of the debris

We place mold and moldy materials into doubled bags and follow legal regulations to discard the waste appropriately.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment and wiping the affected areas with EPA-registered products to clean and disinfect for the finish.

Note: Merely broadcast spraying with an antimicrobial is an inadequate response. Mold is challenging to control without physical removal as the hyphae can remain entrenched and ready to regrow colonies. 

Consult with the experts at SERVPRO of Nashua when you need mold inspection and remediation. Schedule an assessment at (603) 889-2311.

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What Can SERVPRO Do About Fire Cleanup Odors In Nashua?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

SERVPRO Helps Nashua Residents Get Their Homes Smelling Good Again

Anyone who lives in Nashua hopes they will never suffer a disaster at home. However, sometimes problems are unavoidable, and that is where SERVPRO comes in. We are always on hand to help and get your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Some fire cleanup services in Nashua leave odors behind. This is unfortunate because leftover smoky smells are very unpleasant and a nasty reminder of the fire. Anyone facing the aftermath of a fire wants to forget it and resume a healthy life as soon as possible. Dealing with odors is an essential part of getting back to the daily routine.

Why is it so hard to get rid of smoky odors?

SERVPRO of Nashua understands that lingering smoke smells are uniquely hard to get rid of. The smell after a fire is often a cause of distress to our customers, and something they ask for our assistance with.

Smoke and soot from microscopic particles that can bond to a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. The smoke particles penetrate profoundly and are hard to get rid of, so a home often smells smoky long after the fire was extinguished.

Why is deodorization so important?

Getting rid of odors is an essential part of SERVPRO’s fire cleanup process, because:

    •    Lingering smoke smells are an unpleasant reminder of the fire
    •    Even if a home is thoroughly cleaned, it does not truly feel clean until all the odors are gone
    •    Deodorization is one of the quickest ways to flush out hidden soot particles
    •    A fresh-smelling home helps homeowners feel more positive and ready to move forward after fire cleanup

Not all cleanup services emphasize deodorization, which is why it is a good idea to call us.

What products does SERVPRO use for deodorization?

The deodorization process uses a range of products and equipment to achieve the desired effect. Some of our professional deodorizing products include:

    •    Odor counteracting beads – these contain powerful solvent counteractants which are released into the air to maks nasty odors
    •    Deodorant granules or pellets – use an ingredient called fuller’s earth to absorb odors like a sponge
    •    Water-based counteractants – can be added to cleaning solutions
    •    ULV and thermal fogging agents – can be added to ULV or thermal foggers and dispersed into all the nooks and crannies of a house.

Odor counteracting beads are best used anywhere they will be borne by the air currents. We sometimes place them in HVAC systems to help them circulate. Deodorant granules are versatile and can be used in a small space or throughout an entire building to suck up and trap odors. Fogging agents are used with fogging machines to get into all the hard-to-reach places, and also to fog a whole room quickly.

What equipment will SERVPRO bring to my home?

Deodorization does not stop with the application of chemicals. There are also several pieces of kit we can use to further deodorizing efforts.

We train our technicians to choose the best equipment for the job and position it most effectively. Air movers are ideal for ventilating a home both before and after thermal fogging. Photocatylicitc Oxidizers and Ozone Machines are both excellent pieces of equipment for powerful odor removal.

When does deodorization take place?

We deodorize your property after we have dealt with smoke remediation, cleanup, and restoration. It is an essential final step in returning your house to its pre-fire state.

Before we rid your home of smells, we will assess the damage and draw up an effective and personalized cleaning plan. Once we are happy with the cleaning and restoration, we move on to applying deodorizing chemicals and equipment to the situation.

Is this better than trying to deodorize the property myself?

Yes, it is much better than trying to DIY the deodorization process. Our teams have access to professional equipment and robust cleaning solutions that you simply cannot get over the counter. It is also important to note that we thoroughly train our technicians in industry best practices, so you can rest assured you are getting the best service.

Calling in the professionals is also safer, because we assess any structural issues or health hazards in your property, and we equip our technicians with PPE to ensure their safety.

What happens if I am not happy with the result?

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our services. You will receive a call from your file manager a week after our visit, to give you the chance to ask any follow-up questions or air any concerns you may have.

If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

How Quickly Can My Business Reopen After a Pipe Burst?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

tablet and mobile device showing the ERPP Count on SERVPRO's ERP Plan to Keep Your Nashua Business in Business!

SERVPRO techs are available around the clock to get your Nashua property restored and reopened as fast as possible  

An overnight pipe burst can put the brakes on your normal daily operations. If your Nashua property does not have environmental monitoring, the water can flow for hours before it gets discovered. The faster the restoration services begin, the quicker you get to reopen for business. All property owners should set up a readiness plan for what to do when faced with this type of loss, so you know what to do. A sample list might be:

  • Turn off the water to the building
  • Contact your insurance agent 
  • Call SERVPRO or use the Emergency READY Plan app
  • Removal of items from the loss area if it is safe to do so

How Does SERVPRO Know What My Insurance Policy Covers for Commercial Water Damage Cleanup?   

When the technicians arrive at a Nashua property to handle commercial water damage, the crew chief communicates with both the property owner and insurance adjuster as needed. This transparency in communication ensures that no actions outside the scope of coverage get done, and the property owner does not have to feel anxious about unexpected out-of-pocket charges. This is usually the case, but it is dependent upon your insurance carrier.

Common Actions for Prepping for Reopening

With their advanced equipment for extraction and drying, SERVPRO techs can bring down the interior moisture levels rapidly. Then they wipe down the surfaces and perform any odor control applications necessary. One of the essential parts of the restoration is the final walk-through where the SERVPRO crew chief takes the owner and, when needed, the adjuster, through the completed restoration services to go over the actions taken as well as any final repairs that need to get done to restore the area entirely.

SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 stands ready to help local businesses with any size commercial water damage. The techs are available 24/7 to return your property to its preloss condition.

How do I Get Rid of a Bad Smell After Flooding In My Nashua Home?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

A living room with wet carpeting. When you find that your home is under attack from a water damage, call SERVPRO. We know what it takes to get your home back in correct order.

A Reputable Restoration Company Eliminates the Smell and Destruction Following a Flood in your Nashua Home

Nashua residents may find their homes under the threat of a storm and the ensuing damage. As you worry about your home, take the time to identify a reputable restoration company specializing in water events. When disaster strikes, you want to have the most competent team to help you navigate the crisis.

In Nashua, flood damage is a specialty of our SERVPRO team. Whenever debris and bacteria make it into your home via floodwaters, we are ready to perform a thorough assessment of the situation and propose an action plan. Our goal is to move efficiently to help mitigate your loss of time and money. As soon as it is safe to enter your residence, we don our personal protective equipment and kick-off the process to protect your home and family.

Is the odor the main priority after a flood?

Our SERVPRO team understands the ramifications of flooding, and the lingering smell is undoubtedly one of them. Although we first focus on avoiding cross-contamination and discarding items beyond repair, we also set the groundwork for disinfecting and deodorizing your home. However, a musty smell plays a vital role in identifying underlying issues that need our attention. A smell can point us to residual waters or excess humidity in your walls. When it is time to address the stench, our team may use some of the following techniques to make it a thing of the past:

  • Ozone generator- helpful in purifying the air in your home, it is usually one of the last steps in your restoration
  • Drywall replacement- the smell may come from drywall with excess humidity. Our team can work on replacing the panel or preparing the area for other contractors as appropriate.
  • Charcoal filters and air scrubbers- cleaning the air and killing bacteria is essential to eliminating odor molecules

SERVPRO of Nashua is your partner when disaster strikes. Call us at (603) 889-2311 and let us leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

What Conditions Must Get Restored After a Fire in My Nashua House?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

fire damage that burnt up an attic of a home Fire damage to a home can quickly devastate a family. Contact SERVPRO for mitigation of fire damage to your home.

There are many destructive effects of a fire in your home, even after the blaze has gotten extinguished. 

Fire losses can be among the most destructive disasters to impact your Nashua home. What makes these emergencies so severe is that they can be as damaging to your property after extinguishment as they were during the fire. Understanding what your home needs, and how to implement these strategies, falls to the capable hands of our experienced restoration professionals. As a preferred vendor with local and major insurance companies, we can work quickly to meet the needs of damage claims and get restoration started as soon as possible.

Our responding technicians in this niche are among the most well-trained and educated in our roster because dozens of loss effects embody fire damage in Nashua homes. Fire losses are the second most common callout for our professionals, so it is a situation that we are always prepared to face. We can mobilize quickly after these disasters, seeking to reach compromised properties within hours of the first notice of loss. Multiple threats exist after extinguishment that our SERVPRO team must face upon arrival. These include:

  • Smoke Residues
  • Structural Compromise
  • Lingering Odors

What are Emergency Services After a Fire?

How our technicians initially respond to losses affects restoration as a whole. We are dedicated to the promise that We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. This commitment ensures that we can get vital recovery services started immediately when it is safe to enter the house. We call the actions we take before mitigation emergency services, as they are the first line of defense in protecting your property after a loss. Each of these steps can reduce the ultimate cost and length of restoration, so they must happen as soon as possible. Some of these emergency services include:

  • Debris Removal – There are typically piles of ash, material remnants, and other debris throughout the property after a structure fire. While these areas can be unsightly, they also amplify odors and soot damages in the environment. 
  • Controlled Demolition – Structural damage is a common threat after fire losses because fire can burn through sensitive materials quickly in a destructive path through your home. Removing compromised construction materials ensures that we have a clear and stable point to begin reconstruction. 
  • Content Management – Protecting your belongings is a vital service that we must start as soon as we arrive. From relocating some of your possessions to protecting them with the pack-out process, we work to keep as much of your belongings safe.

How Can Smoke Residues Get Addressed?

Smoke residues and soot are among the most considerable challenges that exist after a fire loss because microscopic particles can be hazardous to the health of those exposed. It is vital to remove coatings and residues as soon as possible, and this involves several specific approaches that vary based on a few specific factors, including:

  • Type of Smoke Damage
  • Severity of the Coating  
  • Materials Affected

Removing soot and smoke residues can be challenging because improper cleaning tactics can lead to smearing and staining the surface. We can remove the bulk of the buildup on the surface of exposed materials using soda blasting and agitative cleaning techniques.

Can SERVPRO Handle Construction Needs?

Fires can destroy your house's structural integrity and leave you with a pressing need for build back and repair. Structural loss can happen quickly, especially in high-heat disasters where the blaze moves quickly through the property. Controlled demolition removes the immediately damaged areas of these construction materials and prepares your home for the later reconstruction that it needs. This process protects what structural elements are salvageable and helps to reduce the spread and severity of loss effects immediately. We have a team of in-house contractors that respond along with our technicians to these emergencies to get build back and repairs started as you need them.

What Are the Best Methods for Removing Smoke and Burning Odors?

Odors are another common threat that Nashua homeowners face after a housefire. Burning materials can leave behind a harsh scent that penetrates porous materials and lingers in open spaces. Addressing each of these concerns requires premier tools and equipment in our inventory. Depending on the materials affected and the size of the damaged area, we often choose among a few deodorizing tools to help:

  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Machines
  • Ozone Generators

Fire losses can present multiple threatening conditions to your property that should get addressed as quickly as possible. With the experience and fast response of our SERVPRO of Nashua team, we can make fire losses "Like it never even happened." Call us at (603) 889-2311.

How Much Damage Could a Broken Washing Machine Cause?

6/25/2020 (Permalink)

Broken washing machine Faulty appliances can quickly cause water damage in your home. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for assistance.

When your washing machine malfunctions, it could leave Nashua homeowners contending with hundreds of gallons of standing water. 

Several potential issues could affect the washing machine in your Nashua home and cause it to leak or flood the areas around the appliance. Broken seals in the discharge line can happen without you noticing, and once a breach exists in this outlet, the full water contents of a load can empty onto the floor of your laundry room. Even worse, damage to the input hose that fills your appliance could leave you contending with an endless flow of water on the floor until you shut off the valve supplying it.

When dealing with a pressing need for water damage repair in your Nashuahome, you can depend on the fast and reliable service of our SERVPRO team. With both qualified restoration technicians and in-house residential contractors, we can meet the needs of your water damaged home. We have become a one-stop-shop for recovery after the malfunction of water-fed appliances in your house. Extraction is often one of the first steps that we take to resolve the emergency, and this step includes several water removal tools such as:

What Do I Need to Repair the Broken Fixture? 

Broken valves or plumbing attached to the washing machine must get repaired before you can resume the use of the appliance when the water lines get pressurized again. The residential contractors that we have on our roster include building trade experts in the plumbing field, allowing us to make the necessary repairs while mitigation steps like extraction and drying are taking place simultaneously.

While water losses from appliances can be unexpected, our SERVPRO of Nashua team can respond quickly with the tools and technicians to help. Give us a call anytime at (603) 889-2311.

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