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Nashua Air Duct Cleaning Service by SERVPRO

1/7/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Provides Duct Cleaning Services Starting with the Registers in Nashua Homes--Done Right

SERVPRO Provides Numerous Cleaning Services to Our Nashua Neighbors—Both Commercial and Residential

As we all know, SERVPRO offers many mitigation services to help restore a property from fire and water damage. However, we also specialize in cleaning as well, and some examples include general cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, and many more. Many people do not realize the potential harm of not cleaning the air ducts in a home. It has been documented that in a given year, the average family household accumulates around 40 pounds of dust, not even counting animal hair, and debris entering from the outside. It is essential to understand why cleaning and maintaining your air duct system is vital.

Everyone wants to believe their residence contains clean air, however that is not always the case. Air ducts in Nashua collect mass amounts of dust and debris particles that start to pile up from floating around. When the AC or heat is turned on, those piles of dust and filth start to travel through the air ducts and cycle through the air. This dirty air can cause harm to our customers in many ways and weaken the immune system due to the impurity of the air. SERVPRO has fully certified and licensed technicians to undergo this cleaning process and uses fully certified and advanced equipment to get it done. We can improve your indoor air quality.This process includes a detailed inspection of the vents, vacuuming and brushing away the dust particles, then using specially formulated products to disinfect and sanitize the ducts for a professional cleaning. We suggest an annual inspection of the air circulation system.

Microbial growth can form and start to spread throughout the air. Microbial growth including dormant mold spores can spread and proliferate, so it is important to find and stop the source before it does any more harm. Microbial growth is usually found in moisture, however, because the spores are airborne, a lot of the time they can travel and make their way to the air ducts. This causes the air ducts to release spores back into the air for customers to breathe in without even realizing it. Adverse health and respiratory effects are often the results of this poor indoor air quality. Our AMRT applied microbial remediation technicians can neutralize mold spores, dander, pollen, viruses, and bacteria with an antimicrobial application.

SERVPRO of Nashua can help to maintain the air ducts and increase the durability of the entire system and help create a healthier environment for you and your family. "Like it never even happened.” (603) 889-2311

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Nashua Duct Work Prevents and Mitigates Problems

9/12/2017 (Permalink)

Cleaning and Repairing Duct Work in Nashua Pays

SERVPRO Experts Can Inspect, Repair, and Clean The Duct System in Your Nashua Home or Business

The weather is finally beginning to cool from a record Summer here in Hillsborough County. Now that you do not need to run your central air every day, it is the perfect time to winterize your HVAC system.

Preparing the duct work for your Nashua home or business is not a difficult process, and it can save you quite a bit when it comes to heating bills in the coming months. SERVPRO is here to help you lower those bills and save every dollar possible.
In the Summer months, the change in temperature from day to night and back again means that the aluminum, duct walls expand and contract. These actions increase when the seasons change, so it is ideal now to have us check the ducts for gaps where the sections join together. Another common problem is the twisting sections also pull at their restraining brackets and straps, sometimes even pulling them off the support beams or other structures.

Repairing these problems is relatively simple. Closing the gaps between sections starts with reattaching or replacing the restraining straps and brackets. It also lines up the ducts in their original positions and lets our technicians push them back into place. If bolts or screws have pulled out of place, we replace them or drill new holes if they are needed. If the sections have bent too far or have torn, it may be cheaper to replace them instead of attempting repairs. Then, there is always duct tape.

Even if we do not find any major problems with your duct work, this is also a perfect time for routine maintenance

as well. The work we do to prepare duct work for winter also allows us to check for excessive dirt, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, or other contaminants that might have found their way inside. The change of seasons is also the perfect time to change out filters and examine fans. With furnace puffback always a concern, it pays to minimize such messy potential occurrances.

As Fall approaches, now is the opportunity to have SERVPRO of Nashua come to your home or business to make sure your heating system is ready for Winter. We have decades of experience in servicing HVACs and can quickly get your system in top form. Call today at (603) 889-2311 for more information or to schedule an inspection.

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SERVPRO - Nashua Blown In Insulation Removal

8/3/2017 (Permalink)

Our SERVPRO technicians begin removal with a commercial vacuum.

Blown In Insulation Removal in Nashua Homes

Blown in insulation is a cheap and efficient product for insulating attics and walls. It is preferable to insulation blankets because installers can blow insulation into spaces where they cannot physically enter otherwise. This cellulose product efficiently blocks heat from entering or exiting a home. The drawback is that when this type of insulation becomes contaminated or wet, it must be removed and replaced.

Removal of blown in insulation is essential for a Nashua home. Contaminated insulation is a health risk to residents. Animal feces and urine (rats, raccoons, and birds) can contain a variety of diseases from bird flu to the hantavirus. As the insulation begins to compact from the weight of the animal waste, it also becomes a better environment for animals to build a nest. That means more generations of rats which mean more feces and urine until removal of the insulation.

The problem is not always with urine or feces. Clean water from a leaking pipe or a drip from broken roofing tiles can also cost hundreds or even thousands in removal costs. Since wet insulation quickly begins to compact regardless of the source, the ability to hold in or keep out heat reduces as well.

Our SERVPRO technicians begin removal with a commercial vacuum. It is the quickest method and limits the physical contact between our employees and the contaminated insulation. Once we have vacuumed everything out, we use antibacterial cleaners and a fogging machine to pump the cleaning agent throughout walls and attics, efficiently destroying any trace amounts of contamination. These fogging machines also leave minimal residue. We clean and sanitize the cellulose before disposing of it according to state regulations.

After cleaning, one of our inspectors looks for damaged building material. If there are panels that need replacing, we do this before replacing the insulation. Depending on the size of the house, we can complete replacement within a day or two.

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Regardless of the source, removal of contaminated and compacted insulation is necessary for the integrity of your home and the safety of its residents. It is a health hazard and no longer useful in lowering your energy bills. The weather is beautiful now, but SERVPRO of Nashua understands that New Hampshire winters are not forgiving. If you need us, we are here to help. Call today at (603) 889-2311.

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Spring Cleaning Promotion!

4/11/2014 (Permalink)

$50 Gift Certificate

After a long winter and cold weather, spring is finally upon us! Start off spring cleaning the right way with this $50 carpet cleaning gift certificate courtesy of your friends at SERVPRO of Nashua.

This promotion is running until July 1st, so hurry up and cash in on the savings! Just print out this flyer and call to schedule an appointment today.

Please feel free to use this $50.00 gift certificate, compliments of SERVPRO of Nashua, on any of the following services:

- Area rug cleaning with scotch guard protection. (Includes oriental, wool, and karastan rugs. Excludes silk rugs.)

- Carpet cleaning with scotch guard protection.

- Stone, porcelain, tile and grout cleaning.

- Stone and grout sealing.

- General cleaning and/or detailed cleaning of your home.

- Cleaning, organization and removal of unwanted items from your basement, garage or attic.