Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Nashua Water Loss in a Kitchen

The water migrated from the washing machine leak in the adjacent room and flooded the laminated flooring and base cabinets in this Nashua area kitchen. Our SERV... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration In Nashua

A homeowner in Nashua called us about a water damage disaster. Their basement was affected due to groundwater. In the basement, two rooms were damaged. Our expe... READ MORE

Water Damage Disaster In Nashua

A homeowner in Nashua contacted us regarding significant water damage to their basement. The customer had a sewage incident from the bathroom upstairs, which ma... READ MORE

Water Damage – Nashua Home

Water damage at this Nashua home was due to a failed water pipe. The mechanical room flooded and overflowed into the finished portion of the basement. Water wic... READ MORE

Water Damage In Nashua

Our specialists were contacted by a homeowner in Nashua regarding significant water damage. A pipe broke in the ceiling damaging the hardwood floor in the famil... READ MORE

Water Leak in Basement

What did this homeowner do when they realized they had standing water in their basement? The called SERVPRO. A hot water leak caused the issue and because the ... READ MORE

Water Damage Clean Up in a Nashua Bathroom

The failed cold water coupling under the vanity in this Nashua bathroom flooded this floor and the hallway with about an inch of water. Our Green Fleet, driven ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Nashua Home

Water damage at this Nashua home occurred when a pipe running in between the walls of the closet in the photo burst. The before photo shows standing water on th... READ MORE

Water Damage Drying Stage in Nashua

Our SERVPRO crew responds quickly and efficiently to damaging water events in Nashua. The Before Photo depicts the living room of our customer's home during the... READ MORE

Water Damage in Nashua, NH

At first SERVPRO of Nashua came to this residence for mold remediation, then it wen't into a water damage. The customer had just bought the home so when SERVPRO... READ MORE

Broken Pipe in Nashua, NH

This flooded office in Nashua, NH was the result of a broken pipe. the extent of the water damage is very noticeable throughout the office. The after picture wa... READ MORE

Sink Leak in Nashua, NH

A leaking sink was the cause of this extensive ceiling damage in the living room of this house in Nashua, NH. You can see the extent of the damage, as the soake... READ MORE

Water Damage in Hudson, NH

The ceiling in this Hudson home is stained and sagging with an abundance of water. The leak from the supply line to the second story bathroom gushed many gallon... READ MORE

Water Loss in Nashua

The Before Photo does not illustrate the degree of water damage to this Nashua home. The Jacuzzi tub in the second-floor bathroom overflowed and saturated the f... READ MORE

Nashua Finished Basement and a Water Problem

The water leak saturated the carpet and padding in this Nashua basement. It went unnoticed for several days resulting in the ruined condition of the flooring ma... READ MORE