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Mold Cleanup for a Nashua Home

In areas where the ventilation is limited, and the RH relative humidity may be high, is the perfect recipe for a mold outbreak. SERVPRO of Nashua AMRT applied m... READ MORE

Storm Damage In Nashua

Storm and flood damage can wreck havoc to your property that is why you need help from a professional restoration company like SERVPRO. Since we are available 2... READ MORE

Water Damage/Microbial Growth in a Chiropractor's Office

Having water damage occur inside of your place of business or inside of your home is never a good thing, clearly no one wants to experience that type of situati... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Nashua Offices

Commercial water damage at this Nashua office building left pooling water standing on the commercial grade carpeting. Chairs, desks, and file cabinets were expo... READ MORE

Water Damage inside a Commercial Building

That's right SERVPRO of Nashua goes as far as taking care of a water loss inside of commercial buildings. What had happened was, an employee forgot to shut one ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in Nashua

Due to having a candle lit inside of a vehicle in their garage, the car caught up in flames! Luckily, no one was hurt and they knew right way to catch it just i... READ MORE

Mold in a Closet

This closet was affected by microbial growth due to moisture inside of the wall because of a pipe leak. Unfortunately, the homeowner did not know about the pipe... READ MORE

Nashua Mold Resulting from Water Leaking

The visible mold patches on the walls and carpeting of this Nashua utility closet needed immediate attention. Allowing mold spores to circulate to other areas o... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashua Home

Fire damage to this Nashua home was all-encompassing. It would require nearly a total interior demolition and then a rebuild. SERVPRO of Nashua was selected to ... READ MORE

Broken Pipe, Standing Water and Help for a Nashua Business

The pooling water on the floor of this fitness center in Nashua could have caused more damage than it did. A quick call to SERVPRO of Nashua can be the solution... READ MORE