Recent Before & After Photos

Office Full of Water in Nashua

This is clean water standing on the commercial carpeting of this office in Nashua.  That simplifies the cleanup to water extraction and drying, with not a ... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Room in Nashua

The refrigerators and freezers in this multi-residential building in Nashua drew too much current resulting in an electrical fire in the wall. The flames spread... READ MORE

Storm Damaged Nashua Roof and Attic

When a wind storm with driving rains enters through a break in the roof the before photo illustrates the damage that can be caused by the intruding water. Techn... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Nashua Hotel

Commercial water damage developed when the automatic sprinkler system inadvertently activated saturating the carpeting on this floor of the hotel in Nashua. Sta... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Nashua Home

Fire damage at this Nashua home began when a light fixture in the kitchen ceiling shorted and began a fire. Fires such as this are especially stressful on famil... READ MORE

Nashua Storm Causes Flooding

The rising water from the Nashua River entered this house and left a messy mixture of water, mud, and sewage. This biohazard condition was dealt with by our SER... READ MORE

Water Damage in Nashua, NH

At first SERVPRO of Nashua came to this residence for mold remediation, then it wen't into a water damage. The customer had just bought the home so when SERVPRO... READ MORE

Mold in Bedroom in Nashua, NH

Mold was found on this wall inside of residence located Nashua, NH. The customers had recently purchased the home and there was mold already visible on the wall... READ MORE

Mold on Basement Ceiling in Nashua, NH

The mold that was found on the inside of the ceiling at a Nashua, NH residence was the cause of an old water loss that occurred at the residence. The customers ... READ MORE

Water Damage in Nashua, NH

Water damage had affected this toy store in Nashua NH. The extent of the damage is not noticeable, but once SERVPRO of Nashua went out to the business they used... READ MORE