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Preventing Mold Growth in Your Nashua Home

9/7/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Up Close Humid Conditions Encourage the Growth of Mold in Nashua

SERVPRO Tip: Keep the Relative Humidity Low to Discourage Mold Damage

Preventing mold in a hot, humid climate is not costly or difficult; however, when you have a mold issue, the reality is it can become challenging and expensive to remedy. Suppose you do have a problem with fungi. The best thing to do is to contact a remediation service such as SERVPRO, which will have all the knowledge and tools to clean up your mold problem properly.

You can't reliably control mildew and mold growth and prevent mold damage in Nashua by just using an air conditioning system. To avoid this infestation problem, the relative humidity of the structure shouldn't go over 55%. In hot weather, an air conditioning system will work well. However, in your home, the highest relative humidity will probably happen in mild weather when you do not need the AC that much during the day. In cool, warm, but damp weather, the HVAC system isn't on much. The weather is most likely to promote the growth of mold.

Moisture must be removed from your home during the day when the temperature is hotter by using an air conditioner or dehumidifier at night. The best method by far is to use a dehumidifier. For the best results, purchase one with a humidistat control, permanent drain, and timer. If you still see or smell mold, call SERVPRO right away so that we can remove it and clean up your home.

Settings For Your Thermostat in Hot, Humid Weather

Every degree increase in your thermostat setting will lower your air conditioning cost by around ten percent. Put your thermostat to the highest temperature, which is comfortable for you. It is recommended to have a temperature of seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit or more. Set the thermostat to the "cool" mode and not the "auto" mode. Put the fan mode of operation to the "auto" and not the "on" or continuous setting.

It would be helpful if you did not try to control mold by lowering your thermostat settings since this does not work. It would help if you never left outside windows or doors open in humid, hot weather while you are running the air conditioner. This not only promotes the growth of mold and allows the entry of more mold spores, but it will waste electricity as well and maybe damage your AC. Instead, ceiling fans can keep you comfortable while you save money at the same time.

Keep your air filters changed regularly and get professional service once every year to clean the coils. Ensure the sprinkler system doesn't hit the exterior walls of your home and angle bathroom dryer vents and exhaust fans outside of your house. You should also keep the amount of live indoor houseplants to a minimum and get rid of all leaks and standing water under or in your home. Moisture is the main culprit that enhances fungi proliferation.

Mold growth can cause the quality of the air in your home to become unhealthy for you and your family, so if you encounter any mold growth in your home, contact SERVPRO of Nashua immediately. We will take care of the mold problem as soon as possible. Call us at (603) 889-2311.

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