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The Best Way to Clean Nashua Walls with Fire Damage

11/3/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse with SERVPRO equipment on shelves SERVPRO is Here to Help with the tools and equipment for your fire damaged property in Nashua.

SERVPRO Brings Professional Fire Cleanup to Nashua Homeowners

After a fire is limited to a single area with a Nashua home, more considerable damage can occur by well-meaning homeowners trying to clean up fire and smoke damage from their walls. Applying wet cleaners on specific residues can grind the soot and leave permanent stains and fire odors. 

It is not unusual for SERVPRO to arrive at a Nashua property with fire damage and find that early self-cleaning efforts have already occurred. During the initial scoping, the technicians talk to the property owner to find out crucial knowledge for the restoration, such as:  

  • Articles within the fire damage area that are important to the homeowner
  • If DIY cleaning occurred before SERVPRO arrival 
  • Greenlight for entry from first responders 

What are the Outcomes of Under-Cleaned Smoke and Fire Damage?  

When smoke residues do not get adequately removed, the smell of the fire damage remains within the home. The scent cannot be simply painted over. The odorous soot particles in the walls will continue to exude odor. SERVPRO team members have extensive training in removing all types of smoke damage as Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT). The tactics used to remove evidence of a house fire include:  

  • Use of specific tools and applications for dry and wet smoke residues
  • Sealant as needed on walls
  • Controlled demo on walls and assemblies too damaged for restorative cleaning

What Methods Does SERVPRO Use to Clean Smoke Damaged Walls?

SERVPRO team members visually inspect and test residues on walls before applying cleaning methods. Dry smoke reacts badly to liquids, so methods that utilize lifting away the soot get used. The use of trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove tough stains on walls. In cases where light discoloration or slight fire odors remain, the technicians use sealants to create a new surface on an otherwise undamaged wall that is ready for priming and painting. 

There are almost always multiple types of smoke damage in a room after a fire. Consider a room in a home; there will be various objects such as wood furnishings, paper products such as books, and natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk upholstery and window treatments. These items create differing kinds of smoke residues as they burn, and the soot deposits on walls and other surfaces. The same cleaning method for removing plastic residues will differ from a book that burns. It is vital to understand the differences in how these fire soils adhere to surfaces and what it takes to remove them without further damage. 

What is Controlled Demo and How Does It Benefit Fire Damage? 

When SERVPRO technicians cut away the charred or deteriorated walls and building materials for removal, this is known as controlled demolition. This action lowers the fire odors in the structure and readies the property for deep cleaning and the necessary repairs to make it a home again.

Nashua property owners rely on SERVPRO of Nashua for fire damage restoration. The IICRC-certified technicians are specialists in house fire cleanup and are available 24/7 days per year, including holidays, by calling (603) 889-2311. SERVPRO can handle the restoration service from start to finish, from the initial cleanup to build back services.

What Goes Into SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Process That Makes It Work In Nashua

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Caution Tape The impact of fire is measured on a sliding scale rather than as a singular event.

Restoration After Major Fire Damage In Nashua

The impact of fire is measured on a sliding scale rather than as a singular event. Minor damages could be caused by a kitchen fire and leave behind stains on walls and appliances. Medium level damage would be where a fire is contained to a single room, but smoke has traveled beyond the initial space, spreading into other rooms. Significant damage is when structural components are affected. Today we are looking at significant damages and how to repair them.

Extensive fire damage in Nashua properties requires extensive remediation and, in most cases, restoration. These events can be debilitating and impact the daily routine of yourself and your family. For those reasons, choosing the exemplary professional service and one that is sensitive to your concerns is of utmost importance. SERVPRO uses local technicians who know the community and its surrounding area to do the job.

In the event of a significant fire, the priority is your safety. Often, you are relocated to safe temporary accommodation while the work is carried out. This process reduces exposure to harmful toxins that may be left behind by the burning of synthetic materials like fiberglass or plastics. Once your family has vacated the property, SERVPRO can begin to get your home back to its pre-damaged condition.

The first part of the journey is making the area safe for tradesmen and contractors to carry out their jobs. We may have to restore power to the property if it has been shut off during firefighting efforts. We also carry out a safety inspection removing hazards like loose structures or debris from the property. Ozone generators are brought into, which use O3 gas to remove toxins and restore indoor air quality so that we can carry out our work safely.

SERVPRO can conduct a pack-out service for your valuable possessions and furniture. We pack and label each item before sending it off to an off-site facility where it is mechanically cleaned. Using Esporta washing machines helps to remove soot and smoke residues that may appear permanently embedded in fabrics. While possessions are restored off-site, onsite work involves intensive cleaning to remove all signs of secondary fire and water damage.

Before we return your possessions to the property, we can set to work prepping ceilings, walls, and structures for restoration work by laying down base coats. Preparing the area allows remodeling to be carried out with minimal fuss for external contractors, saving time and money. The final step is to deodorize the property and return your newly restored possessions before you return to your property.

Major events like this are upsetting; use a professional, local service to restore your home to its condition before the fire by calling SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Damage Restoration for Homes in Nashua

7/6/2022 (Permalink)

Illustration of Words: Smoke Fire Soot Odor Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the fire damage in your property. Call now!

Need Help with Fire Damage Restoration in Nashua – Call SERVPRO

A fire in a Nashua home or business can cause a great deal of damage. Many people are overwhelmed by the damage caused by the fire and the smoke odors. The efforts of the firefighters to extinguish the fire can also cause a large amount of secondary damage. They must ensure that the immediate fire is out and that no hot spots are left inside walls or ceilings. The results are damaged walls, ceiling tiles, and wet insulation scattered in the immediate area of the fire. The amount of debris can be overwhelming.

SERVPRO assists homeowners and businesses in Nashua with fire damage restoration and cleanup after a fire. We remove all the debris after the fire has been extinguished. We save as much content as possible and restore them by thorough cleaning. Drywall, ceiling tiles, flooring materials, cabinets, contents, and insulation are all removed. We arrange for their disposal, following local bylaw requirements. Once the damaged materials and structures are removed, we complete a thorough cleaning and deodorization of your home.

The restoration of their homes causes many of our client's additional stress. They need to arrange for new floors, walls, insulation, cabinets, electrical, and plumbing to be installed. All of these trades must be found and coordinated. The work must be completed in a reasonable time frame and the right sequence. This activity can be quite challenging for many clients.

SERVPRO's building services team can manage this activity and handle all the coordination. Our clients can focus on selecting materials and color schemes, which is much less stressful for many homeowners.

SEERVPRO provides the following services to our clients:

  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire damage clean up
  • Fire damage restoration

Call SERVPRO of Nashua for fire damage restoration services. We cover Nashua and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (603) 889-2311.

Teach Your Kids Fire Safety To Help Prevent Fire Damage In Nashua

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

a damaged kitchen from fire Fires and fire damage can be very stressful. Call SERVPRO to have someone standing in your corner when facing damage and insurance claims.

Prevention and Teaching Fire Safety can Play a Large Role in Stopping Potential Fire Damage on Your Property

Fire is a real fear for any parent. The fire has the potential to cause immense harm and disrupt your life for many weeks or even months during the cleanup. A blaze is a frightening occurrence for family members of any age, especially children. However, it is also true that many fires are preventable.

Teaching your children some basic fire safety gives them more confidence and you more peace of mind. Tell your kids about some easy, simple fire safety practices that they can understand and do. Getting your kids on board with fire safety helps protect them from harm. Teaching your children fire safety also reduces the risk of accidents and fire damage to your Nashua home.

Teach kids not to play with fire or matches or light candles. Put matches or lighters in a secure location that your children cannot get to – it is even better if they do not know about it. It is also wise to teach them about safety when you let off fireworks or host or attend a bonfire. Let your children see how you handle the fire.

SERVPRO suggests talking to your children about smoke alarms and what to do when they hear one. Tell them how important it is to stay low and get out. Practice exit routes together as a family and talk to them about what they ought to do in the event of a fire. Involve them in smoke alarm tests.

Show your kids how to unplug appliances and make sure they know to tell you at once if they notice a frayed cord.

You might like to look up fire safety resources together. Many free resources are available online, such as checklists, articles, or videos.

Sometimes even if you are very careful, a fire breaks out. It is not always possible to avoid a blaze. We recommend you get in touch with us straight away. SERVPRO staff, from our call center to our teams on the ground, are trained to handle fire situations with care and sensitivity. We understand your fears and concerns and endeavor to allay them.

Getting your home back to normal is a top priority following a blaze. Our IICRC-certified technicians have a range of equipment and techniques on hand to clean soot residue from your home and make it livable once more. We also have several deodorizing techniques in our arsenal, such as ozone machines and thermal foggers or air scrubbers. Our aim is to leave your home clean and free of smoke odor - “Like it never even happened.”

For help with cleanup after a fire, call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 for assistance.

Cleaning Up Fire Damage in Your Nashua Home

3/5/2022 (Permalink)

a lint tray from a drying machine that is full of lint Cleaning out the lint from your dryer often can help prevent a fire. Should your home be facing fire damage, contact SERVPRO. We are standing by 24/7.

SERVPRO Provides Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration to Nashua Homes

Although some might think it unlikely in Nashua, it is possible for your clothes dryer in your home to catch fire if the right circumstances are present. The accumulation of lint in the vent of the dryer, not lousy wiring, is what starts a majority of dryer fires. Every time your clothes make lint, it gets trapped in the filter when the dryer forces hot air into the drum. If there is too much lint clogging the vent, there is not enough airflow to cool the air down. As the temperature rises, the clogged filter has a more significant risk of igniting, resulting in a dangerous fire.

Fires that start from your dryer can happen when you least expect it. It is advisable that you do not ever run your dryer when you are not present in your home for this reason. When you have experienced a dryer fire in your Nashua home, the best call for you to make is to our staff at SERVPRO. We have the training and knowledge needed to repair the damage and clean up the mess.

We consider various factors when we go to clean the fire damage in your home to figure out how difficult it is going to be to remove the smoke residues.

The type of surface has a significant impact. Porous surfaces and natural fibers are probably the most difficult to clean. Porous materials let particles and odor penetrate further. Nonporous surfaces and synthetic fibers are easiest to clean.

The older the surface, usually the more difficult it is for SERVPRO techs to clean, no matter the type. The hotter the fire was, also causes more problems in cleaning, as heat causes surfaces to expand and become more porous. Heat also chars materials and melts and bubbles finishes. Refinishing is required in cases such as these.

How much moisture is present also affects our cleaning efforts. Moisture sets residues and can stain surfaces permanently. Condensation can also do this.

Several other factors such as the kind of material burned, air pressure, temperature change and impingement can affect cleaning efforts. Impingement is the air movement becoming more turbulent as the temperature gets hotter. This air collides with surfaces and creates splattering on vertical surfaces, leaving residues which are more difficult to move.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

SERVPRO of Nashua is equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean your home after a fire and rid it of harsh residues. Residents in Nashua and the surrounding areas should reach out to us as soon as the fire is out at (603) 889-2311.

How Do Nashua Fire Damage Pros Handle Mitigation?

2/6/2022 (Permalink)

a fire damaged bookshelf with soot covering the books Fire damage can affect you and your family and needs to be handled quickly. Call SERVPRO 24/7 for certified technicians.

SERVPRO Acts Fast in Nashua for Your Fire Damage Mitigation Needs

If you recently had a house fire, many emotions can begin to run through your mind. Once your family and pets are safe, you want to get your home back to normal again. Calling in skilled technicians is best to mitigate the damage so you can get on a path to your daily routine once again. However, there is much more involved in this process than picking up charred debris and replacing damaged materials. SERVPRO is there to make your home “Like it never even happened.”

Did you know that water and fire damage mitigation in Nashua go hand-in-hand with most all fire-related events? SERVPRO formulates a plan of action that encompasses all areas where your home was impacted by fire, water, and any other damage during the emergency.

Why is Water Mitigation Necessary with House Fire Cleanup?

  • There might be surprising amounts of water and chemicals used by first responders to extinguish the blaze.
  • Depending on the fire’s cause, there may be damage throughout the home and not in just one area. 
  • If the fire department had to cut into your roof to spray water inside, the chances are good water leaned into all rooms in that path. 

After a fire, there could be waterlogged drywall, furniture, and carpeting. Many of these items can get repaired or replaced, which our skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) can determine as we move through the project. Our mitigation efforts start as soon as possible to limit the development of secondary damage. SERVPRO takes care of board-up and tarping to secure your property, followed by debris removal, water removal services, drying, and odor control. We even take the time to ensure all paperwork is to help alleviate the stress of working with your insurance provider. 

SERVPRO of Nashua is the team to call when you need water and fire damage mitigation in your home or business. Give us a call at (603) 889-2311, and we can get started as soon as possible.

How Should Smoke Damage Be Removed from Nashua Attics?

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse with equipment Harsh odors from a fire is not an easy task. SERVPRO fire damage restoration services are top-notch.

Harsh odors in the attic space of Nashua homes can be a substantial obstacle for restorers.

Odors are often one of the most challenging restorations, and recovery needs a property has after a loss incident. Fires spread fast through homes and businesses, and the attic is an easy target with the convection process once smoke particles and soot damage become aerosolized. Our SERVPRO team can help with the mitigation and post-fire deodorization your entire house requires.

Cleaning Up Soot Residues

One of the first steps in managing fire damage for Nashua homes is recognizing the effect of soot and smoke residues on the entire house. Thick soils amplify harsh odors and other post-fire effects. To remove oily deposits and soot damage, a few cleanup options include:

  • Scrubbing 
  • Wet Cleaning
  • Dry Vacuuming

Addressing Insulation

While we work to restore when possible, heavy smoke and odor damage to insulation in the attic often requires removal and replacement. For moderate smoke damage, our technicians have a few steps possible to regulate strong smells. Proper ventilation of the attic can help, but ULV fogging has the most direct impact on present odors and neutralizing these concerns. 

Removing Odors from the Rafters

Often the impact to the rafters and structure within the attic is correlated with the intensity of the fire. In some cases, light smoke damage can show that little impact has occurred to exposed beams and structural elements. Heavy smoke damage can leave thick residues but also intense and offensive malodors. After surface cleaning, sealing these rafters can help prevent recurrences of harsh odors.

Fire damage can impact hundreds of surfaces and materials as the disaster spreads through a residence. Depending on the source, areas like the attic can become heavily damaged by soot, smoke, and direct fire exposure. Our SERVPRO of Nashua team can help when you call (603) 889-2311.

Our Experts Discuss Our Procedures After Fire Damage In Your Nashua Home

9/22/2021 (Permalink)

smoke from a fire Fire and smoke damage restoration is no easy task. Call the professional outfit of SERVPRO for all of your fire damage needs.

Fire and Odor Removal and Possible Procedures in Nashua

Dealing with the odor following a fire can be offensive and difficult to eliminate. After even the smallest kitchen fire, odor particles permeate throughout your home into every nook and cranny, creating long-lasting smells. While airing out your home does assist with ventilation, which helps with odor control, it is not enough to eliminate malodor after a fire.

Fire and odor removal in Nashua is difficult at any time of year, but summer and winter present unique challenges. The weather can have an impact on odors after a fire. During winter, it may be difficult to properly ventilate your home, especially if it was a minor fire where you do not need to leave your house. Having open windows and doors to ventilate is not possible if you are trying to function in your home. During summer, the odor may present itself again due to a rise in humidity.

Removing Fire Odors

There are four basic procedures for deodorization. There is not a one size fits all method since odor problems tend to be unique and do not always come from one source. SERVPRO restoration technicians create a plan to suit your individual needs following a fire.

First, it is imperative to remove the odor source instead of trying to deodorize the source. Technicians identify and remove charred materials before deodorizing. Debris may give off smoke odors if it is contaminated. Although every situation is different, this first step of removal is standard with most fire restorations.

Then, SERVPRO technicians clean surfaces containing odor-causing residues. Odor particles may keep generating if not adequately cleaned. If the fire in your kitchen was a grease fire, there might be a lot of residue on the stone, vent hood, filters, walls, etc. All of these things need cleaning to ensure deodorization is effective. Sometimes, the whole house needs cleaning since smoke odors often penetrate throughout the structure.

The third procedure is to recreate the conditions that caused odor penetration, except instead of smoke clouding, the house technicians use a deodorizing fog or "smoke" from a thermal fogger to attack the odors. This procedure is for the most offensive and stubborn smells as residents and pets need to vacate the home during fogging. The last method of sealing is also reserved for difficult situations. Technicians seal surfaces by painting over walls to trap malodors under the fresh coat of paint, or they seal duct surfaces within the air handling system that are unreachable.

The above procedures to eliminate malodors after a house fire are typically linked with mechanical means. During the cleanup segment of the service, hydroxyl generators and air scrubbers are often deployed in strategic interior locations to physically change the chemical composition of airborne particulates and compounds.

For 24/7 assistance after a fire, contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

How Do Fire Restoration Services Remediate Fire-Damaged Homes in Nashua?

9/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire damaged sign When a fire strikes your home, you need the help of SERVPRO techs. Fire damage restoration is a specialty of ours.

Nashua Fire Damage Remediators Employ Several Methods to Restore Local Residences. 

At any time, your Nashua residence could suffer a fire. A host of potential perils threaten it throughout the day and night. While many of these are avoidable, not all of them are. Fortunately, local services like SERVPRO know just how to clean up and restore fire damage if it does occur. 

Unlike many other Nashua fire restoration firms, SERVPRO has time-tested procedures for effectively handling house fire clean-up, smoke remediation, and fire restoration in fire-damaged homes. Once our highly trained and skilled technicians arrive at your residence, usually within four hours of your initial call, they generally follow the following steps:

  • They first perform a thorough inspection of your home, noting all fire and smoke damage and potential safety issues.
  • Next, powerful fans and air movers are used to push out the remaining smoke-filled air and ventilate interior areas.
  • Then, an array of air scrubbers and ozone machines are employed to help eliminate smoke remnants from the air and purify it.
  • Later, our experts use wet, dry, abrasive, or innovative methods to remove various types of fire-related residues from surfaces around your residence.
  • During this process, workers remove smoke particles from your ventilation network with HVAC cleaning systems.
  • Finally, SERVPRO technicians use cutting-edge foggers to neutralize unpleasant odors with commercial-grade deodorants.

Once all of these measures have been taken, any damaged structural elements are repaired or replaced, and destroyed areas of your home are reconstructed. 

As you can see, your neighbors at SERVPRO of Nashua are well-prepared and equipped to handle any fire restoration work you need to have done. So, if you ever need any assistance overcoming a house fire, call us at (603) 889-2311.

Three Simple Steps for Taking the Stink Out of Fire Damage in Nashua Homes

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

servpro special deodorizer cleaner SERVPRO has unique industrial cleaners and deodorizers to help eliminate persistent fire odors from Nashua homes

SERVPRO Technicians Follow a Multi-step Process for Odor Removal

When we think about fire damage, we imagine charred walls, burned carpets, and collapsed ceilings. Our minds tend to picture the worst scenarios because fire is a very destructive force. However, there are lots of ways in which even a small blaze can cause significant devastation.

The common misconception is that the flames themselves pose the biggest threat. This is not usually true, particularly when it comes to fire damage in Nashua homes. Much harder to deal with can be smoke and soot. The stains are difficult to remove; they contain harsh toxins, leaving an extremely stubborn odor.

This lingering, acrid odor requires expert attention from a fire damage repair company like SERVPRO. Please keep reading to determine how our technicians use cutting-edge deodorization techniques to get homes smelling fresh again.

Removing the Source

Before bringing any deodorizing instruments or tools into your home, the SERVPRO team first carries out a full inspection. This allows them to assess the extent of the problem and identify which fire damaged items need removing. If structural materials have been charred, they remove as much of this as possible.

Preparing the Deodorizer

There are all kinds of different ways to ‘deodorize’ a fire damaged room or area of a house. The reason for this is because the effectiveness of the process often depends on getting the application right. The deodorizing particles released into the area must be able to make contact with the lingering odor particles to neutralize them.

To do this, they need to travel and disperse in the same way as the bad smell did. For fire damaged properties, this typically means that a fogging device or machine is used. Smoke does not flood an area; it travels around it in a kind of mist formation. This is why the SERVPRO technicians apply deodorizing chemicals, sanitizers, and neutralizers as a fine ‘mist’ spray.

Sealing and Containment

In some cases, it is also possible to seal smoke odors away beneath a layer of paint. This will not always be a suitable method, but it is one of the most efficient. If we believe that it can be effective, we save you time and money by taking this quicker, more affordable step. However, sealing and containment are only really viable in mild to moderate fires, in which walls and ceilings have sustained primarily aesthetic damage.

The damage caused by soot and smoke can be extensive, but it does not have to be permanent. Reliable, effective fire damage repairs and remediation services are just a phone call away. SERVPRO of Nashua is based in your local area, and we are here to help you. Call us 24/7 at (603) 889-2311.

Is Nashua Still Among the Best Places To Live After Fire and Water Damage?

5/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse filled to the top with new equipment. Fire damage mitigation is no easy task for your home. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service needed.

Our prompt response helps restore Nashua’s greatest structures and landmarks.

As one of the largest cities in New Hampshire, Nashua is home to thousands. Because of the more youthful population due to multiple college campuses, the city has a diverse assortment of retail options, entertainment, and sports. When fire affects any of these venues, commercial properties, or residences, we are an experienced team of fire restoration experts to help. We clean up fire and water damage quickly for:

  • Fire damaged homes
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire damage restoration

The Best Place to Live in America 

A claim to fame for Nashua and its over 90,000 residents is twice being named among the best places to live in the US by Money Magazine. Part of this allure for potential homeowners is the favorable weather, having four distinct seasons. It is also near to many transportation hubs and well connected to other areas of the state with throughways and the rest of the country with the Nashua Airport. 

Educational Opportunities for All 

The rise in youthful residents can be attributed in part to Nashua being home to several college campuses. Every semester, these organizations provide focused education and training to thousands of undergraduates and those seeking doctorates through post-grad programs at institutions like Southern New Hampshire University. The city is home to other colleges and universities such as: 

  • Nashua Community College
  • Rivier University 
  • St. Joseph Academic Center

Leading Medical Care and Facilities 

Because of prominent campuses in the city for Southern New Hampshire University and being a town serving more than 90,000 residents within its borders, Nashua has also become home to advanced medical facilities, hospitals, and clinics. Between the Southern New Hampshire Medical Center and St. Joseph Hospital, hundreds of beds are available for patients seeking treatment by some of New England’s top medical professionals.

How Does SERVPRO Manage Fire and Water Damage?

After a fire damage incident, both fire and water damage can exist in the property. Extinguishment often involves a high volume of water, making this suppression effort as potentially destructive as the fire was in many cases. Fire mitigation can include water removal services to begin addressing any pooling or moisture concerns in the house.

What Mitigation Actions Manage Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage can be another substantial threat to a Nashua home. While fire and water damage are formidable obstacles, soot and smoke residues can cause irreparable damage to exposed materials where these particles come to rest. Products in our cleaning inventory can help with emulsification and dissolving wet and dry smoke concerns to avoid preventable damage to the underlying substrate.

When fire and water damages exist after an emergency, our SERVPRO of Nashua team must implement several mitigation solutions to help. We have experienced professionals ready 24/7 to help when you need it. Call us anytime at (603) 889-2311.

Water & Fire Damage Restoration in Nashua

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse filled to the top with new equipment. Smoke and fire damage restoration is no DIY project. Call SERVPRO and let their trained technicians do the work for you.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup Services in Nashua

With close to 90,000 people, Nashua has been named the best place to live in America, twice! Once in 1987 and the other in 1998. Nashua, formerly called Dunstable, was first settled in 1654 and incorporated in 1746. The village began as a fur trading town and evolved to a significant cotton mill town, producing over 9.3 million yards of cotton on 710 looms. Fast forward to the 1970s, and the city emerged as part of the high-tech corridor in the Boston area with the Digital Equipment Corp's arrival, later to become part of Hewlett Packard.

Nashua is home to many exciting things to do, including:

  • Mine Falls Park
  • Sky Venture
  • IncrediBREW
  • Greeley Park
  • Holman Stadium
  • Pheasant Lane Mall
  • Spyglass Brewing
  • Bobo's Indoor Playground
  • Millyard Brewery
  • Boston Billiard Club & Casino
  • Nashua Historical Society
  • Windblown Cross Country Ski Area

Mine Falls Park

Mine Falls Park covers 325 acres with forest, wetlands, and open fields. The park is located in Nashua and has a variety of activities available for everyone to enjoy. Fishing, cycling, walking, boating, and cross-country skiing in the winter are available.

Sky Venture

Want to try sky diving? But don't want to go up on a plane. Sky Venture offers indoor sky diving in a vertical wind tunnel that helps you float in the air. No need to be afraid of falling. There are also climbing walls and the Fishpipe water slide. Try standing up and surfing on the water slide.

Greeley Park

Greeley Park covers 125 acres. The park was named after Joseph Greeley, who was the original owner of the land. 

There is a shallow pond, a water fountain, and a variety of flower beds. The city holds city events at the park, including Halloween, Friday Night, and the Fairy Tale Festival.

IncrediBREW, Spyglass Brewing, Millyard Brewery

Several businesses offer opportunities for locals to make their own wine, try out craft beers, and experience a relaxed atmosphere with dinner and live music.

Nashua Historical Society

The Nashua Historical Society was founded in 1870 to preserve materials about historical events in Nashua. There are two museums maintained by the society – Florence H Speare Memorial Museum and the Abbot-Spalding House Museum. Check one of the museums for opening hours and events open to the public.

Windblown Cross Country Ski Area

The Windblown Cross Country Ski Area offers over 40 miles of trails offering various levels of difficulty from flat runs to downhill runs for more experienced skiers. There is also a base lodge, providing food and warmth after an afternoon of skiing.

Must Nashua Homeowners Move out of Their Fire Damaged Homes in Nashua?

In many small fire situations, homeowners need not move out of their homes, particularly if the fire was contained to a small grease fire on the stove, for example. However, the smoke damage and the water & fire damage restoration work may make it necessary for homeowners to find other accommodations for more significant fires.

SERVPRO can help with fire damage restoration in Nashua and the decision to stay or find other temporary accommodation. In many fires, the smoke damage has a more significant impact on this decision than the actual fire damage. Smoke remediation throughout the structure and house fire clean up may involve:

  • Vacuuming
  • Dissolving
  • Agitation of carpet fibers and fabrics
  • Chemical treatment
  • Deodorizing treatment

Call SERVPRO of Nashua for fire damage restoration in Nashua and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (603) 889-2311.

Who is Best to Call for Fire Damage Cleanup?

3/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse fully loaded. Fire restoration is no easy task. SERVPRO has a team of IICRC certified professionals waiting for the call 24/7 365 days a year.

Cleanup after fire damage is best when handled by SERVPRO – Call us to your Nashua residence.

The city of Nashua, New Hampshire, is one of the three largest cities within the state, coming in second to Manchester. While still relatively rural compared to many other cities within the country, Nashua is considered part of the metropolitan Boston region. Due to the makeup of the city and local offerings, Nashua got named one of the "Best Places to Live in America" by Money Magazine on two different occasions. 

There is a lot to see and do within the Nashua region, including a wide variety of shopping centers, a sizable mall, and plenty of local vendors and event centers. If it is restaurants and bars you want to put on your must-experience list, some of the top options include:

  • Lui Lui Nashua – Italian cuisine, pizza
  • Martha's Exchange - Pub fare, full bar, brewery
  • Not Your Average Joe's - American cooking, craft cocktails, outdoor dining
  • Lilac Blossom Restaurant – Chinese, Asian-fusion

Nashua Quick Facts and History

There is a lot of unique history and interesting facts about the city of Nashua. Whether you are going to visit Southern New Hampshire or planning a move, knowing some of these facts may be helpful:

  • Nashua used to be part of the state of Massachusetts
  • Proximity-wise, Nashua is just 30 minutes away from the seacoast and beaches
  • The Nashua River runs right through the center of the city
  • There are hundreds of acres of parklands throughout Nashua, including Mills Falls Park, which spans 325 acres
  • A popular event location in Nashua is Holman Stadium, which is home to baseball teams of small to big leagues, concerts, fireworks, and school gatherings
  • Nashua is home to one of the first indoor skydiving and surfing facilities in the state, known as SkyVenture 

Famous People That Came from Nashua, New Hampshire

There are several names that you may recognize that come from the Nashua, NH, area. Some notable names from the region include:

  • Paul Michael Levesque, also known as professional wrestler Triple H
  • Judd Gregg, former United States Senator
  • Ray LaMontagne, singer-songwriter
  • Mandy Moore, actress and singer 
  • Sean Murphy, comic-strip artist
  • Decap, record producer, and artist

The Cleanup After Fire Damage Can Be Extensive – Trust SERVPRO to Restore Your Nashua Home

Nashua residents can trust our IICRC-certified technicians at SERVPRO to handle the cleanup necessary after a fire. We are available 24/7 and We're Faster to Any Size Disaster to ensure you have prompt, reliable help when you need it.

Some common questions we field at SERVPRO when it comes to fire damage cleanup in Nashua include:

  • Will we still be able to smell smoke after the cleanup?
  • How can I file a claim for the fire damage?
  • What will it cost to repair and replace damaged materials?

Our crew works fast to eliminate secondary damage, which cuts costs and makes the process faster. We are available to ensure your claim filing goes off without a hitch and always provide our clients with fair pricing.

Fire damage cleanup is better and faster than DIY, so call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 when you need assistance!

Support Local Nashua Businesses This Black Friday

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SERVPRO vehicle in parking lot Our SERVPRO team members are looking forward to Plaid Friday. Be sure and tell us hello if you see us!

Plaid Friday Offers an Alternative to Big Box Holiday Shopping in Nashua 

This Black Friday, which is November 27, 2020, the city of Nashua is carrying on a unique option for locals who want to avoid the crowds of holiday shoppers at large stores. Best of all, participation is as easy as heading downtown for a leisurely afternoon of shopping. 

Plaid Friday offers a bevy of benefits for both shoppers and entrepreneurs: 

  • Supporting small businesses and giving back directly to the community
  • Avoid the stresses of a typical Black Friday holiday shopping endeavor
  • If you wear a plaid shirt while shopping, you can enjoy access to even more fun, including discounts, giveaways, and much more 

While Plaid Friday first got its start in California, it is now an effort to bring fun and enjoyment back to holiday shopping in cities all over the country, supported by the Shop Indie Local Campaign. 

SERVPRO of Nashua encourages residents to support locally-owned and operated businesses. When you need smoke elimination services for your Nashua home after a fire, call (603) 889-2311 to have an emergency-response crew at your property within hours.

Nashua Locals Can Expect 24/7 Service from SERVPRO Teams

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

Sunset view of Nashua skyline SERVPRO loves our community. Call us should you incur fire damage. We will restore your home like it is our own.

SERVPRO Pros Use Reliable Tools to Remove Fire Damage from Nashua Homes 

Nashua, New Hampshire, is home to over 89,000 citizens as of 2018. The Gate City is currently crucial to such businesses as: 

  • Dell
  • Arista Networks
  • Amphenol
  • Silicon Labs
  • SRC Inc., a nonprofit formerly known as Syracuse Research Corporation 

The city's name originally comes from the Nashuway tribe, Nashua being a Penacook word referring to both a pebbly-bottomed beautiful stream and land located between two rivers. Nashua is situated between the Nashua and Merrimack Rivers and was initially formed by acquiring a 1673 land grant for a settlement named Dunstable. 

Historically, Nashua was well-known for its textile manufacturing. Still, when demand declined due to advancements in technology and agriculture, much of this crucial industry moved to the southern United States, closer to where staple textile crops like cotton were cultivated. Manufacturing in Nashua waned between World War I until after the end of World War II. 

Two significant industries played a significant role in the city's revival in the mid-twentieth century: defense and technology. Today, Nashua is a booming New England city with extensive recognition for being one of America's best places to live. The city won the number one spot for this category in Money magazine's annual surveys in 1987 and 1998. 

The Nashua Fire of 1930 

The Gate City is, unfortunately, no stranger to the devastation that fire can cause to a community. In May of 1930, the Nashua Fire destroyed 500 citizens' homes and incurred over $2,000,000 in property damages, a staggering figure for the time. Other reported properties razed by the flames included two churches and four manufacturing plants. 

The fire, which ignited somewhere along a wooden Boston & Maine railroad bridge, was exacerbated by winds exceeding 40 miles per hour, which fanned the flames toward Nashua's residential area. It took several fire rescue teams from neighboring communities to successfully suppress the inferno. 

However, during such trying times, heroes are bound to show themselves. Almost a dozen priests, including Fathers Ubald Simoneau and Isadore Janelle, who coordinated to lead 600 children to safety as the flames threatened their church during a play performed in the hall. Father Janelle also salvaged some of the church's sacred vessels before collapsing and being rushed to the hospital. The clergymen's swift actions saved hundreds of lives from the flames that would engulf their church a mere ten minutes later. 

In the 1950s, a new church was constructed, and by 1960 the burned convent had also been restored. To this day, the Infant Jesus complex is used as a church, convent, and school. 

The Nashua Fire Rescue 

Collaboration is a vital part of what has helped keep Nashua safe from destructive fires. The Nashua Fire Rescue evolved from a volunteer fire department in the 19th century into a full-time effort nearly a century later. The fire department in Nashua is New Hampshire's second-largest and currently has an Insurance Services Office (ISO) 2 rating. 

The ISO's Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, of FSRS, relies primarily on four crucial factors that affect local insurance rates: 

  • The effectiveness of local emergency communications and responsiveness
  • Community outreach and education efforts regarding fire safety
  • The quality of your local fire department's staff, including the training and availability of firehouses near communities
  • Water supply availability for fire suppression, including the prevalence of operational fire hydrants 

Fire departments are scored from 1 to 10, with 5 being both the mean and median score. A 1 is awarded to 0.71% of all communities participating in the FSRS program. 

Nashua's Fire-Rescue service sports 176 career firefighters and administrative staff, six stations, a training site, and a dispatch facility. The team responds to a whopping 20,000 service calls per year to protect over 7,000 businesses and almost 90,000 citizens. The average response time in 90% of cases is less than four minutes after a service call. 

Fire suppression is essential for keeping communities safe. SERVPRO technicians aid in the restoration process after a fire is extinguished to keep communities safe after a disaster while preventing further damages. 

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Remove Fire Damage Odors from Nashua Properties? 

SERVPRO technicians are certified to provide Nashua homes with fire restoration services covering everything from removing unsalvageable debris to performing necessary structural and contents repairs to restore a residence to its preloss condition. 

Smoke and soot damages can cause significant stains on odors, particularly on porous surfaces like clothing, upholstery, drapes, and carpeting. Water damage may also be present from fire suppression performed by firefighting services. HVAC systems and ventilation intakes can also house copious amounts of soot, requiring various degrees of both manual and chemical intervention to salvage ductwork and mitigate odors. 

SERVPRO technicians use EPA-registered solutions to combat soot and odors. Cleaning products include: 

  • Enzyme digesters that turn oily, odorous protein residues from cooking fires into water-soluble byproducts for easy cleaning and odor control
  • Solvent-based deodorizers that can be dispersed in sprays, thermal foggers, and injection systems
  • Biocides and alkaline cleaners that combat heavy soils, mold, and other related concerns from both the fire and fire suppression
  • Some abrasion cleaning mediums, like soda ash, can aid odor control efforts
  • HEPA filter air scrubbers capture soot particles and other contaminants in the air as small as 0.3 microns 

Hydroxyl generators are another noteworthy means of odor control that can also eliminate volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from an environment. These generators dismantle these concerns at the particle level and mitigate the effects of over 5,000 known chemicals and compounds that can affect a home's comfort. 

SERVPRO of Nashua renders emergency fire damage response service for homeowners that is Faster To Any Size Disaster. Call (603) 889-2311 to have an experienced crew at your home to coordinate with you and your insurance adjuster.

What Can SERVPRO Do About Fire Cleanup Odors In Nashua?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

Living Room On Fire If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

SERVPRO Helps Nashua Residents Get Their Homes Smelling Good Again

Anyone who lives in Nashua hopes they will never suffer a disaster at home. However, sometimes problems are unavoidable, and that is where SERVPRO comes in. We are always on hand to help and get your home, “Like it never even happened.”

Some fire cleanup services in Nashua leave odors behind. This is unfortunate because leftover smoky smells are very unpleasant and a nasty reminder of the fire. Anyone facing the aftermath of a fire wants to forget it and resume a healthy life as soon as possible. Dealing with odors is an essential part of getting back to the daily routine.

Why is it so hard to get rid of smoky odors?

SERVPRO of Nashua understands that lingering smoke smells are uniquely hard to get rid of. The smell after a fire is often a cause of distress to our customers, and something they ask for our assistance with.

Smoke and soot from microscopic particles that can bond to a wide range of materials such as wood, plastic, and metal. The smoke particles penetrate profoundly and are hard to get rid of, so a home often smells smoky long after the fire was extinguished.

Why is deodorization so important?

Getting rid of odors is an essential part of SERVPRO’s fire cleanup process, because:

    •    Lingering smoke smells are an unpleasant reminder of the fire
    •    Even if a home is thoroughly cleaned, it does not truly feel clean until all the odors are gone
    •    Deodorization is one of the quickest ways to flush out hidden soot particles
    •    A fresh-smelling home helps homeowners feel more positive and ready to move forward after fire cleanup

Not all cleanup services emphasize deodorization, which is why it is a good idea to call us.

What products does SERVPRO use for deodorization?

The deodorization process uses a range of products and equipment to achieve the desired effect. Some of our professional deodorizing products include:

    •    Odor counteracting beads – these contain powerful solvent counteractants which are released into the air to maks nasty odors
    •    Deodorant granules or pellets – use an ingredient called fuller’s earth to absorb odors like a sponge
    •    Water-based counteractants – can be added to cleaning solutions
    •    ULV and thermal fogging agents – can be added to ULV or thermal foggers and dispersed into all the nooks and crannies of a house.

Odor counteracting beads are best used anywhere they will be borne by the air currents. We sometimes place them in HVAC systems to help them circulate. Deodorant granules are versatile and can be used in a small space or throughout an entire building to suck up and trap odors. Fogging agents are used with fogging machines to get into all the hard-to-reach places, and also to fog a whole room quickly.

What equipment will SERVPRO bring to my home?

Deodorization does not stop with the application of chemicals. There are also several pieces of kit we can use to further deodorizing efforts.

We train our technicians to choose the best equipment for the job and position it most effectively. Air movers are ideal for ventilating a home both before and after thermal fogging. Photocatylicitc Oxidizers and Ozone Machines are both excellent pieces of equipment for powerful odor removal.

When does deodorization take place?

We deodorize your property after we have dealt with smoke remediation, cleanup, and restoration. It is an essential final step in returning your house to its pre-fire state.

Before we rid your home of smells, we will assess the damage and draw up an effective and personalized cleaning plan. Once we are happy with the cleaning and restoration, we move on to applying deodorizing chemicals and equipment to the situation.

Is this better than trying to deodorize the property myself?

Yes, it is much better than trying to DIY the deodorization process. Our teams have access to professional equipment and robust cleaning solutions that you simply cannot get over the counter. It is also important to note that we thoroughly train our technicians in industry best practices, so you can rest assured you are getting the best service.

Calling in the professionals is also safer, because we assess any structural issues or health hazards in your property, and we equip our technicians with PPE to ensure their safety.

What happens if I am not happy with the result?

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our services. You will receive a call from your file manager a week after our visit, to give you the chance to ask any follow-up questions or air any concerns you may have.

If you are concerned about smoky odors after fire cleanup, give SERVPRO of Nashua a call at (603) 889-2311.

What Conditions Must Get Restored After a Fire in My Nashua House?

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fire damage that burnt up an attic of a home Fire damage to a home can quickly devastate a family. Contact SERVPRO for mitigation of fire damage to your home.

There are many destructive effects of a fire in your home, even after the blaze has gotten extinguished. 

Fire losses can be among the most destructive disasters to impact your Nashua home. What makes these emergencies so severe is that they can be as damaging to your property after extinguishment as they were during the fire. Understanding what your home needs, and how to implement these strategies, falls to the capable hands of our experienced restoration professionals. As a preferred vendor with local and major insurance companies, we can work quickly to meet the needs of damage claims and get restoration started as soon as possible.

Our responding technicians in this niche are among the most well-trained and educated in our roster because dozens of loss effects embody fire damage in Nashua homes. Fire losses are the second most common callout for our professionals, so it is a situation that we are always prepared to face. We can mobilize quickly after these disasters, seeking to reach compromised properties within hours of the first notice of loss. Multiple threats exist after extinguishment that our SERVPRO team must face upon arrival. These include:

  • Smoke Residues
  • Structural Compromise
  • Lingering Odors

What are Emergency Services After a Fire?

How our technicians initially respond to losses affects restoration as a whole. We are dedicated to the promise that We're Faster to Any Size Disaster. This commitment ensures that we can get vital recovery services started immediately when it is safe to enter the house. We call the actions we take before mitigation emergency services, as they are the first line of defense in protecting your property after a loss. Each of these steps can reduce the ultimate cost and length of restoration, so they must happen as soon as possible. Some of these emergency services include:

  • Debris Removal – There are typically piles of ash, material remnants, and other debris throughout the property after a structure fire. While these areas can be unsightly, they also amplify odors and soot damages in the environment. 
  • Controlled Demolition – Structural damage is a common threat after fire losses because fire can burn through sensitive materials quickly in a destructive path through your home. Removing compromised construction materials ensures that we have a clear and stable point to begin reconstruction. 
  • Content Management – Protecting your belongings is a vital service that we must start as soon as we arrive. From relocating some of your possessions to protecting them with the pack-out process, we work to keep as much of your belongings safe.

How Can Smoke Residues Get Addressed?

Smoke residues and soot are among the most considerable challenges that exist after a fire loss because microscopic particles can be hazardous to the health of those exposed. It is vital to remove coatings and residues as soon as possible, and this involves several specific approaches that vary based on a few specific factors, including:

  • Type of Smoke Damage
  • Severity of the Coating  
  • Materials Affected

Removing soot and smoke residues can be challenging because improper cleaning tactics can lead to smearing and staining the surface. We can remove the bulk of the buildup on the surface of exposed materials using soda blasting and agitative cleaning techniques.

Can SERVPRO Handle Construction Needs?

Fires can destroy your house's structural integrity and leave you with a pressing need for build back and repair. Structural loss can happen quickly, especially in high-heat disasters where the blaze moves quickly through the property. Controlled demolition removes the immediately damaged areas of these construction materials and prepares your home for the later reconstruction that it needs. This process protects what structural elements are salvageable and helps to reduce the spread and severity of loss effects immediately. We have a team of in-house contractors that respond along with our technicians to these emergencies to get build back and repairs started as you need them.

What Are the Best Methods for Removing Smoke and Burning Odors?

Odors are another common threat that Nashua homeowners face after a housefire. Burning materials can leave behind a harsh scent that penetrates porous materials and lingers in open spaces. Addressing each of these concerns requires premier tools and equipment in our inventory. Depending on the materials affected and the size of the damaged area, we often choose among a few deodorizing tools to help:

  • Thermal Foggers
  • Hydroxyl Machines
  • Ozone Generators

Fire losses can present multiple threatening conditions to your property that should get addressed as quickly as possible. With the experience and fast response of our SERVPRO of Nashua team, we can make fire losses "Like it never even happened." Call us at (603) 889-2311.

How Adversely Can Smoke Damage My Nashua Home Contents?

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flames and smoke rise from burning house We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

SERVPRO Helps Evaluate the Level of Damage and Use Advanced Cleaning Techniques to Reverse the Effects of Fire and Smoke Damage in Your Nashua Property

Although you might not worry much about smoke damage compared to other effects of fire, it can devastate your Nashua property. One unique aspect of smoke damage is that it can affect areas of a property that the heat or flames from the fire do not reach. Even an outdoor fire or one that only affects a detached section, such as a garage, can still cause damages inside the main house. Several factors combine, leading to such outcomes.

What characteristics of smoke are likely to worsen fire and smoke damage in my Nashua home?

It is standard for a fire to produce smoke as different materials combust. Experienced fire and smoke restoration technicians in Nashua are also aware of other common characteristics that smoke exhibits during a fire that influence the resultant damages, including:
    •    Accumulation of smoke deposits in enclosed spaces
    •    Penetration of smoke residues into older surfaces
    •    Accumulation of more smoke residues on synthetic fibers

Such outcomes are influenced by factors like cooler temperatures within enclosed spaces such as cabinets compared to the rest of the open rooms. Older surfaces, on the other hand, tend to be porous, thus allowing deeper penetration of smoke residues, while synthetic surfaces attract residues ionized during combustion, thus collecting more deposits.

How does understanding smoke behavior help when dealing with damages?

Understanding smoke movement patterns help establish where most residues are likely to accumulate for better focus during cleaning. It also eliminates the chances of overlooking some areas such as locked cabinets where you might not expect smoke deposits.

Apart from helping pinpoint soiled areas, understanding smoke behavior can also help in making a better choice of cleaning resources. For instance, when our SERVPRO technicians notice that smoke filtered into a room with closets or cabinets, we prepare several resources to help with cleaning, odor management, and prevention of residues from setting. Typical resources include:
    •    Dry cleaning sponges
    •    Denatured alcohol
    •    Sanding equipment

In the case of old surfaces where we expect deeper penetration of residues, we prepare for several cleaning steps starting with mechanical action to help dislodge residues without sending them deeper into the material. One effective mechanical action is vacuuming the area before using other cleaning procedures such as wet cleaning with solutions.

What signs indicate severe smoke damage on contents?

Smoke tends to deposit residues on items. However, the accumulation of residues does not necessarily lead to serious damage. Most residues are easy to wipe off with a cleaning sponge or wet cleaning procedures. However, some outcomes signify severe damage and may include:
    •    Yellowing
    •    Staining
    •    Rusting
    •    Bad odor

The changes can appear on a wide range of materials, including plastics, ceramic items, metals, and fabrics. Our SERVPRO technicians use various approaches to clean your contents, thus reversing the damage, “Like it never even happened.”

Yellowing mostly happens on plastic items such as utensils, toys, appliances, or any other plastic item within your house. Whitening the items require a couple of supplies, including a chemical agent to reverse the yellowing, agitation resources, and rinsing or regular cleaning detergent.
Our technicians use chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, or other specially formulated cleaning agents to help remove the yellowing. For small items such as utensils and toys without electrical components, we use emersion methods such as ultrasonic cleaning. The system creates and collapses millions of bubbles, and the energy released helps agitate the affected surfaces. Such a system also helps in other aspects of cleaning, such as controlling the amount of cleaning agents used, the temperature of the solution, and increasing the dwell-time, thus improving the outcome.

Is it possible to reverse significant changes such as rusting or staining?

Smoke contains several substances, including particulate matter, water vapor, and chemicals such as nitrogen oxides and tar. When these substances are deposited on different contents in the house, they can cause staining or rust in metallic items or finishes. Our technicians inspect the affected material to determine whether restoration is possible. For fabrics, we use a variety of tests, including:
    •    Chemical tests
    •    Specific gravity test
    •    Burn test

Once we establish that restoration is possible, we use different approaches, including applying chemical agents, agitation, or sometimes we may use enzyme cleaning agents where necessary. For the best outcome, we focus on the stained section and then clean the entire item.

Replacing damaged contents is a costly affair. Call SERVPRO of Nashua to help find a way to save your valuables. You can reach us at (603) 889-2311. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How Do You Start to Get Rid of Fire and Smoke Damage?

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Hands holding home Your home is in good hands with the experts at SERVPRO. Give us a call today!

Check Out the Smoke and Fire Recovery Strategies SERVPRO Customizes for Nashua Households

Few events are more disruptive to your family’s daily life than a residential fire and its aftermath. As you try to get things sorted, it becomes clear quickly that you need reliable and expert help to take the first steps back towards a normal existence.

Is It Safe for Your Loved Ones to Breathe the Smoke?

Fire and smoke damage in Nashua exposes your  home and family to airborne particulates, even if the blaze seemed minimal and extinguished swiftly. Smoke contains tiny bits of incompletely combusted structural components and contents.  They drift on air currents and through your HVAC system, containing bits of the following materials:

  • Plastics and foams
  • Rubbers
  • Organic fabrics, including cotton, wool, and linen
  • Carpets
  • Wood and wood products
  • Synthetic fabrics
  • Asbestos and lead-containing materials

Can Smoke Be Cleared Out of My House?

Fire and smoke damage present severe air-quality issues. Cleaning the air of contaminants is high on the list of tasks of the SERVPRO plan. Opening windows and using industrial axial fans to move air out is one method. Another strategy our trained technicians use to reduce the toxic air contamination in affected spaces is the employment of an air scrubbing system. 

How Is an Air Scrubber Set Up?

Our team encloses areas of your smoke-damaged home with heavy-duty plastic, sealing the edges of the partition with negative air pressure generated by the air scrubbing machine. We might partition off whole rooms, or build smaller chambers inside large areas with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipe or steel tension bars.

What Does an Air Scrubber Do?

Air scrubbing equipment forces the air inside the enclosure through high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters before exhausting it to the outside. The United States Department of Energy (DOE) mandates that the filters remove at least 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 micrometers or larger. HEPA filters can clear most smoke particles from the air inside the containment areas we build. 

The fire and smoke damage mitigations technicians at SERVPRO of Nashua improve air quality outcomes with proven techniques. Call (603) 889-2311 for a fast and professional response to your household’s crisis. 

Learn more about Nashua.

Fire Cleanup In Your Nashua Property

2/13/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged property Safe and comprehensive contents fire cleanup is just a phone call away.

A Sports-Minded Family’s Fire Cleanup in Nashua Enhanced by the Esporta Washing System

A household fire has far-reaching consequences in every room and space of your Nashua home. Unlike other disasters which often confine themselves to a particular area in your house, the smoke and soot can spread throughout every inch of a structure. Contents are not immune to the harm caused by the residues and accompanying odors. We strive to respond to customer content cleaning needs, including researching and purchasing efficient, unique, state-of-the-art equipment.

Soft Contents Include a Broad Range of Possessions
After a kitchen blaze, the fire cleanup in Nashua can include the family’s sports equipment stored in the garage. A family whose members are committed to fun, exercise, and competition can own the equivalent of a small sports shop of equipment. Protective attire and the “tools” of the sports trade include many examples of soft cloth, leather, plastic, cord, canvas, padded, or mixed-media possessions vulnerable to the smoke and particularly malodorous residues a protein-based fire creates:

    •    Shin-guards                
    •    Chest protectors
    •    Shoulder pads                
    •    Wrist/forearm guards
    •    Pelvic protective equipment        
    •    Gloves
    •    Helmets                
    •    Caps/Hats/Visors
    •    Jerseys                
    •    Shorts/Pants/Breezers
    •    Shoes/Boots/Skates            
    •    Socks
    •    Compression wear            
    •    Bags    
    •    Sticks/Bats/Paddles/Balls/Pucks and more

Victory Is Certain with Esporta on the Bench
The time and expense previously needed to replace your family’s sporting equipment after fire damage are negated by our decision to embrace a different type of fire cleanup system. SERVPRO crews can deliver a whole new level of clean for sports necessities with the Esporta iS4000. Separate compartments for and secure containment of a host of otherwise permeable and challenging-to-clean athletic items permit thorough washing and rinsing of your expensive gear. The system avoids the potentially damaging agitation of typical industrial washing machines. Instead, we succeed in saving the game by utilizing the Esporta’s:

    •    Patented Hydraulic Action
    •    Proprietary Detergents
    •    Computerized Cleaning Cycles

Safe and comprehensive contents fire cleanup is just a phone call away. Call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to experience the evolution of cleaning, disinfecting, and deodorizing provided by the Esporta iS4000.

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Why We Are The Leader In Nashua Fire Damage Restoration

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news stairs in a home that replaced the burnt ones after a fire Since the stairs took the brunt of the damage after a fire struck this home, our technicians had to replace them.

What is Fire Debris Removal for Nashua Homes? 

Understanding the initial steps that homeowners must take once Nashua homes become threatened by fire losses is critical to getting restoration started promptly. There are no situations where loss effects can improve without active involvement in mitigation and cleaning, and this starts with removing the fire debris from the property as quickly as you can. Damaging effects can circulate from the presence of destroyed materials and contents, and these combusted elements make up the majority of debris to get cleaned and removed from the residence. 

Fire debris removal in Nashua homes is expressly the responsibility of the homeowner, which can make matters complicated in securing the right personnel to accomplish the task. Ultimately, many property owners can become convinced that cleaning up this damage on their own is the most frugal approach, though without any training or experience in this arena, you can welcome hazardous exposures to airborne contaminants like soot particles and carcinogens. The best approach is to find out how your insurance provider would have you proceed based on the coverage options they provide your property. 

Most Coverage A policies offer some degree of debris removal coverage, often a percentage of the dwelling benefits. Understanding what gets covered and what does not can help you to determine the expected out of pocket expenses. Because of our relationships with area insurance companies, our SERVPRO professionals can help you to cut through the red tape of damage claims and get the work afforded as much as possible. We can work with customers to meet their budgets and their expectations with restoring their fire-damaged homes as well. 

We have the right personal protective equipment and experience to remove loss debris and other fire damage from the home after a fire. We can catalog damages to the contents of your home and offer focused cleaning and restoration services to recover many of these affected belongings to prevent their total loss. 

While insurance can be a great thing for homeowners to maintain for their residence, the process of using this coverage is not always easy to understand. Our SERVPRO of Nashua team has experience with area providers and their requirements, helping us to get the cleaning and recovery project started for your home as promptly as possible. Give us a call today at (603) 889-2311.

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SERVPRO Says Call Us First for Fire and Smoke Restoration to our Nashua Property

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The SERVPRO Green Vehicle Transports Technicians that Are Way Better at Fire Damage Cleanup in Nashua Properties than the Homeowners

Steps to Help Make Fire Cleanup in Your Nashua Home More Effective

A sudden flare-up in an area like the kitchen is likely to leave surfaces or fixtures such as cabinets, doors, and even the ceiling scorched or caked with soot. You can fix these damages in many ways, including replacing the degraded materials. However, you are more likely to prefer a cost-friendly solution. Fire cleanup offers that solution when done correctly.

What cleanups can achieve
Before choosing a solution such as fire cleanup in your Nashua home, it is essential to establish whether it is appropriate. Cleaning can help you deal with blackened or stained surfaces as well as bad odor. It can also restore charred surfaces effectively if the charring is not too deep. However, you cannot restore damages that compromise the structural integrity of a material.

Home-based solutions
For minor incidents, you may be able to do the cleanup on your own. Knowing particular tips can help you achieve the right outcome. To deal with surface discoloration and soot from surfaces such as walls, use warm water and detergent. Cleaning products containing TSP, tri-sodium phosphate are great for reducing smoke odors so you can look for cleaning agents containing that agent. Here is the caveat. SERVPRO techs ALWAYS pre-test detergents and cleaning agents before applying to surfaces. Often, DIY'ers smear and stain and exacerbate the fire and soot damage. Try calling us first.

Using Advanced Cleaning Procedures
While conventional methods can be useful at times, in many cases the damages left are too extensive, thus requiring advanced cleaning methods. Otherwise, you would have to replace or resurface the affected materials.  Dry ice blasting and soda blasting are two great advanced cleaning options our SERVPRO teams use. They rely on air pressure to drive the abrading material over the surface removing thick soot or charring.  Both are also mildly abrasive, so they do not cause additional damages to the surface.

To clean or not to clean?
For surfaces with unique properties such as acoustic tiles or other porous materials, wet cleaning can cause problems, including dissolving the textured surfaces. Our SERVPRO technicians use Peroxide Active cleaning, which helps remove all soils while retaining the properties of the material. Often, inexpensive, porous materials should be removed and discarded.

Proper cleanup of fire damage can help save cost when restoring your property. Call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Where am I? Why,right here.

Our Experts Can Prevent Further Fire Damage To Your Nashua Home

7/9/2019 (Permalink)

If a fire has damaged your house, SERVPRO of Nashua is ready to take care of the smoke and soot damage.

Fast Fire Damage Cleanup In Your Nashua Residence Can Prevent Further Destruction

Fires are one of the worst disasters you and your home can suffer because they cause physical destruction and emotional turmoil. Fire can ruin a significant part of your home and possessions. As with other adverse events in life, the only choice you have is picking yourself up and proceeding on with putting your life back in order, even if this may be difficult.

The smoke from a fire can travel along the inside of your house, staining the drywall and other surfaces. To deal with the effects of smoke and soot, you need fast fire damage cleanup for your Nashua residence. If smoke and soot settle on surfaces, they can cause further destruction to the structure of your house and its contents. The synthetic material in flooring and furniture creates chemical reactions that produce corrosive gases and acids when burned.

If you do not clean up furnishings and fixtures, they can become unsalvageable after a short period. The pre-cleaning methods that SERVPRO Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technicians (FSRT) use can neutralize acids and safeguard at-risk surfaces in your property like glass, metal, chrome, and tile. Our technicians are well-trained in fire damage mitigation and corrosion control.

Water is another problem you may have to deal with after a fire. The firefighters working to save your house can pump hundreds of gallons of water onto it to extinguish the blaze. Some water can evaporate because of the heat of the fire, but some of it may pool on the floor or saturate porous materials like carpets. The water can also mix with spilled liquids, burned plastics, and other potentially hazardous substances. Removing water is a crucial aspect of cleaning up fire damage. We have sophisticated water inspection, extraction, and drying equipment like:

• Moisture sensors
• Industrial-strength pumps
• Air movers
• Dehumidifiers
• Thermohygrometers
• Thermal imaging cameras

We use up-to-date equipment, procedures, and products in cleaning up the fire and smoke damage. Our SERVPRO technicians identify the surface to determine which products or procedures can bring about the best outcome. For instance, we can agitate surfaces using towels, air and water pressure, and brushes to dislodge residues from surfaces and distribute cleaning products across the surfaces. We're careful to preserve the surface of the material we are cleaning. Since smoke residues bind to the surfaces they contact, we use wet or dry cleaning processes to release and carry away residue particles from the affected surfaces. Our goal during the cleanup process is to restore materials to preloss condition to minimize the expense of a fire damage claim.

If a fire has damaged your house, SERVPRO of Nashua is ready to take care of the smoke and soot damage. Contact us at (603) 889-2311 for cleanup services. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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How to Restore Fire Damaged Personal Contents in Nashua

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

You can trust SERVPRO of Nashua to restore your fire damaged home.

Advanced Contents Restoration in Fire Damage Removal for your Nashua Home

The lasting impact of a fire in your property can seem catastrophic at the time. However, by enlisting the help of a professional restoration service, you can get your home back to its preloss conditions quicker than you might think.  We repaint walls and ceilings, clean surfaces, and restore possessions. Our service is available for minor, medium, and severe property damages.

An essential part of our service is fire damage removal in Nashua properties. When materials have burned at low temperatures for a significant period, personal possessions can suffer heavy soiling and require removal to an external facility for cleaning or storage. SERVPRO can subcontract professional movers on your behalf as well as creating a detailed inventory of your valuables.

One of the advantages of a removal procedure is that cleaning work for structure and structural components are efficient. By removing items, we can gain access to wall cavities as well as performing refinishing or repainting works. Also, third-party general contractors can only begin work on repairing your home's structure once the removal of contents is complete.

At our facility, we can treat items to specific cleaning methods for fire damaged contents. Immersion cleaning, for example, allows us to place dense items like chandeliers or drapery rods into a solvent solution. Ultrasonic soundwaves create high-temperature pressure to the surface of the material and are exceptionally useful at removing stubborn soiling or smoke residues.

Porous items that are not suited to ultrasonic cleaning may include fabrics, drapes, or clothing. SERVPRO can make use of mechanical cleaning methods like Esporta washing machines to restore fabrics. These machines are proven to remove up to 99% of soiling from damaged materials and have a good chance of getting valuable possessions back to their preloss condition without having to resort to an expensive replacement.

Pack out procedures are invaluable in restoring your contents. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to see how we can help.

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How to Turn a Fire Damage Situation in Nashua Into Success

4/30/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage happens when you least expect it. Don't let this happen to your home. Contact SERVPRO today for help.

Helping Homeowners with Effective Odor Removal after a Fire in Nashua

When things burn, the combustion creates smoke that deposits soot on any exposed surface. You might not see all of these exposed surfaces, however. Your Nashua home can contain many hidden areas that make removal of all soot deposits impossible with standard equipment.

Because SERVPRO specialists are determined to help homeowners restore their homes "Like it never even happened," we consider it essential to perform Nashua odor removal services after any fire and smoke incidents. Our equipment comes in a variety of different types, ensuring that we always have what we need to protect your family and guests from foul odors.

When smoke fills a room, the solids in that smoke settle as they cool down. Because of the heat pushing the smoke into areas does not dissipate quickly, smoke can enter into small spaces behind walls, above ceiling panels, and inside furniture.

For areas that become sources for smokey odors like this, we use thermal fogging. Hot steam loaded with powerful chemicals that render odor-causing soot inert and unable to get back into the air helps resolve the problem quickly. When other areas of your home require attention, we use different methods.

Walls and ceilings can continue to give off odor, even after cleaning. Priming these surfaces and repainting can stop the odor from coming into the air your family breathes. Various surfaces also respond well with clear sealants. Concrete and brick can hold soot in tiny pores that become worse whenever heat or water vapor in the area increases. Ensuring these particles of soot cannot leave means your home stays fresh-smelling.

When highly porous materials become loaded with soot, like carpeting, we use the application of scented gels and liquids. While these may seem like only a covering of the odors, regular vacuuming steadily removes the particles that cause the odor. Reapplication also helps maintain continued control of odors.

Because we do not live in your home, we rely on your judgment of the effectiveness of our odor removal and control measures. SERVPRO of Nashua considers your involvement in the restoration of your home, including those involving odors, as an essential part of our work. Call us at (603) 889-2311, so we can partner with you when smoke and soot affect the indoor air quality of your residence.

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Are Fire Damage Odors Lingering in Your Nashua Home?

3/11/2019 (Permalink)

Don't let the smoke odor linger in your fire damaged home. Call SERVPRO of Nashua to remove the odor.

Indoor Air Quality Concerns for Your Fire-Damaged Nashua Home

Many disasters can impact indoor air quality in your Nashua home. While many homeowners might think of these concerns as particulates and contaminants in the air that can cause health effects or hazards, this is not exclusively the case. After situations like fires, there are smoke and soot particulates in the environment, but there are also harsh odors often left behind from wet smoke situations where fire smolders at a lower heat. These concerns can also make it difficult for families to live comfortably in a home, even with the rest of the property restored.

Addressing fire odor in your Nashua home is often one of the final steps for professional restoration and recovery, as many of the worst elements that worsen these conditions get removed and replaced through demolition and reconstruction. Our SERVPRO professionals can work quickly to identify what areas of your property cannot sustain restoration efforts and require removal and later replacement, and quickly remove these from the area along with other hazardous debris.

When the time has come for odor removal and deodorization, our SERVPRO team has multiple machines that can work to eliminate lingering scents from materials and open areas of your house. Hydroxyl generators, which have likely been in use since the demolition portion of our restoration work, also work to reduce noxious odors throughout your home actively. For more concentrated effects, we can utilize ozone generators and thermal foggers to eliminate these harsh smells permanently.

For the contents of your home that can also fall victim to the wet smoke scent and residue, our contents department can remove these items from the house and take them to our nearby facility for cleaning and deodorizing. They get safely stored in our facility until your home gets fully restored and prepared for their return.

Fire odors can be a challenging effect to overcome without the expertise and equipment of our professionals. You can count on the rapid response and advanced equipment of our SERVPRO of Nashua fire restoration specialists. Give us a call today at (603) 889-2311.

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SERVPRO Explains Why You Need Professionals to Restore Your Nashua Fire Damaged Home

12/11/2018 (Permalink)

In addition to the fire damage, smoke and soot are also left behind. Call SERVPRO to restore your fire damaged home.

Why Opt for Professional Restoration of Fire Damage in Nashua

Fire causes a wide range of damages to property including structural issues such as holes in the roofing, blackened surfaces due to the smoke residue and charred surfaces or item remains. Even a small fire can leave your property in Nashua caked with smoke residue, and bad odor. The convection currents in smoke movement complicate the situation further by depositing most of the residues on the upper sections of the property where it is harder to reach during cleanup.  

Involving a certified technician during the restoration of fire damage in Nashua ensures that you address every type of damage adequately. Since the heat from the flames opens up pores on the affected surfaces, it leads to penetration of smoke residues beyond the surface. Cleaning such areas requires expertise to eliminate the debris without ruining the surface further. Our SERVPRO technicians rely on chemical actions such as suspension or dispersion to loosen the soils that penetrate beyond the surface.  

Fire affects a wide range of parts in a structure including the ceiling, walls and HVAC systems. It also affects components such as lighting fixtures and insulation among others. It, therefore, requires different sets of skills to restore the property to its preloss state. A certified restorer knows the best approach to deal with each aspect of loss. Our SERVPRO technicians can tell you what needs cleaning and what needs replacement. For example, insulation might not lose its insulating properties, but cleaning smoke deposits left on it is more expensive than replacing a few top layers.  

Depending on the level of damage, the occupants might still use the structure or vacate it. Where the structure remains occupied, the can clean and deodorize affected areas leaving the structure habitable. In case of severe damage, the occupants have to vacate the structure. The restorer can help perform actions that protect the structure including boarding up to keep off weather elements or vandals. Our SERVPRO technicians also take measures to protect surfaces against corrosive action by smoke residues.  

Eliminating any guesswork from the restoration process can guarantee a positive outcome. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 to assist you. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Details on the Various Levels of Fire Damage to Expect in Nashua

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

Whether you are facing minor or major fire damage, contact SERVPRO for a fast response.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Effective Remediation Regardless of the Level of Fire Damage Affecting Your Home

Different levels of fire damage result when a fire burns your property. Based on the level of destruction, we can classify the damage as minor, medium or major. It is the degree of damage which helps us to choose the restoration procedures. In this post, we are outlining some of the restoration services we offer when attending to the three levels of damage in Nashua.
If your Nashua property experiences minor fire damage, then on specific areas or rooms need restoration services. Such levels of damage are associated with light to medium smoke particles. During the restoration process, our SERVPRO technicians perform wet or dry cleaning of the floor, ceilings, walls, and other items. We usually recommend minor replacements and the areas that need repainting are few.
Most materials that are subjected to medium fire damage need wet cleaning. The smoke particles are of moderate quantity, and several areas may require repainting and replacement. There is a lot of heat damage to materials in cabinets and around the drywall region. Despite that, we clean most of the items at the site and perform deodorization to neutralize any noticeable odors.
Much destruction is associated with major fire damage incidents, and some emergency services may be required. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians may be forced to provide an alternative source of electricity. A big part of the building contains the smoke particles, and charred structural finishes and framing are noticeable. Extensive cleaning is necessary, and we have to use multiple deodorization techniques to deal with the pungent smoke odors.
In cases where out SERVPRO technicians come across contents which are damaged beyond restoration, we recommend a replacement. Where necessary, we can readily subcontract some specialty cleaning services to attend to your electronics, furniture refinishing, and your artwork. Some reconstruction services may also need to be attended by licensed general contractors.
Allow SERVPRO of Nashua to offer its industry-proven services to restore your damaged property to its preloss condition. You can call us at (603) 889-2311 when you need to know more about our residential and commercial restoration services.

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Aging Electrical Systems Pose a Fire Threat to Your Nashua Residence

7/30/2018 (Permalink)

Electrical fires can result when circuits are overloaded and the wires and panel are old or not up to code. Contact SERVPRO to remediate fire damage.

Team SERVPRO Provides Both a Home Fire Risk Assessment as Well as Fire Remediation Services

Most homeowners do not actively think about the various threats to their houses. In fact, many find themselves at a complete loss when it comes to disasters like a fire occurring, wondering just how to pick up the pieces and restore their home back to the way that it used to be. Fortunately, there is hope for your fire-ridden Nashua home in the form of certified and qualified professional restoration services.

While smoking hazards continue to be a leading cause of residential fires, another serious concern is electrical wiring shorting out. Many area homes are several decades old, and these were not all built completely to code or with the right fail-safes in place to prevent combustion and to overheat which leads to sparks and flames. Now you have fire damages to deal with in your Nashua home, but fortunately, SERVPRO is always here to help.

One of the significant concerns that you as a homeowner need to keep in mind is the quality of your home's construction. If you can see this stability and strength waning in areas, there is a good chance that the electrical lines (in conduits or not) throughout your home experience the same struggle with their age and perpetual demand.

Another consideration about the aging electrical system is their inability to sustain the power that they once could. Constant draws on the fuse box for high-powered devices and appliances can lead to overheating and eventual combustion when the lines fail to keep up with the demand of the outlet.

Often these vulnerable points happen within the walls of your home, forcing our SERVPRO team to remove portions of drywall and paneling to get to the heart of the damage the fire has caused.

While it would benefit you to have the lines tested and inspected before such issues ever happen, many homeowners do not consider the possibility of a risk. If you experience a fire like this in your home, you can count on our SERVPRO of Nashua fire damage technicians to help you overcome the mess and restore the damage efficiently. Give us a call anytime at (603) 889-2311.

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An Unattended Space Heater Could Cause A Fire In Your Nashua Home

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage should never be left for an extended amount of time before remediation occurs.

An Unattended Space Heater Could Cause A Fire

The chill of winter can cause some people to use devices that are designed to warm up their house, but unfortunately, they can sometimes cause fire damage to your property if left unattended. Generally speaking, devices that plug into a wall outlet and use a heating element of any kind should not be left on their own or else they turn into a fire hazard. However, this does not mean you cannot use space heaters or other devices that are similar; it only means that you should use them responsibly and with caution. Sometimes, despite your best efforts, accidents happen and when they do it is reassuring to know that expert help is close by and available to call.

When we receive your call, we make it our priority to arrive at your property promptly so we can remediate the fire damage inside your Nashua home before it causes further loss. Fire damage should never be left for an extended amount of time before remediation occurs. Many people recommend that you wait and consider all of your options before making an impactful decision, however, it is actually the opposite of what should be done when home damage of any kind occurs. Due to the extreme heat during a blaze, in combination with the spread of soot and ash, many objects inside your home can become discolored. The longer it takes for remediation to occur, the worse this discoloration can become.

Here at SERVPRO, our techs bring advanced equipment with them to your home. We use specific tools to combat fire damage, including hydroxyl generations and thermal foggers to handle the malodorous smell that fire causes. Our SERVPRO technicians can then begin to clean up any charred or destroyed objects in your sitting room, such as burned curtains or books. Additionally, SERVPRO can remove the soot left behind by the fire inside of your home with chemical solutions that separate the particles from the surface.

Do not dawdle after the fire that broke out in your home is put out. Phone SERVPRO of Nashua by calling (603) 889-2311. No matter the time, we can take your call and hurry to your home.

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Why Professional Restoration is Best for the Fire Damage in Your Nashua Home

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

You do not have to tackle fire damage alone, call the professionals at SERVPRO for expert fire damage restoration.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Restore Your Home after Fire Damage

As if the fire to your Nashua home was not devastating enough to see, now you have to assess the damages that it created to your home and work through a plan to bring your residence back to the way it used to be. Fortunately, this does not have to be a process that you go through alone, and you can save money and some gray hairs by opting to hire professional restoration services for your current or future disasters.

At SERVPRO, we pride ourselves that We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and our experience and training through all facets of home restoration give us a unique position to help you through every effect of the fire damage to your Nashua home. Our technicians undergo extensive training to work up the high standards demanded by the company as well as the strict guidelines set in place by safety and health administrations to offer you a professional and expectation-exceeding result.

From the moment that our IICRC certified professionals arrive at your home to begin work on the fire damage you experienced, we prioritize inspecting all of the affected areas for the full scope of the damage and working quickly to prevent situations that could make the present conditions worse. For example, if extinguishing efforts or the fire created holes in the exterior of your home or destroyed windows, we set out to cover these areas and tarp over them to prevent further external damages while the restoration process begins.

We work closely with you to determine what effects trouble you the most and actively threaten comfortable living in your home. This process aids our SERVPRO technicians in determining where to begin and what facets of our process to prioritize. Ultimately, we address every concern that you have: deodorization, soot and smoke damage cleaning, water damage restoration, air cleaning and debris removal, controlled demolition to prepare for reconstruction, and other similar effects.

Perhaps through this brief piece, you can see that having SERVPRO of Nashua helping you work through the damaging effects of a recent fire can help you get your home back to preloss conditions more expediently. You can reach our experienced professionals anytime by calling (603) 889-2311.

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Removing the Odor From Your Fire Damaged Nashua Home

1/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage involves more than just charred items. When the lingering smell of smoke leaves your home with an awful odor, contact SERVPRO for help.

Team SERVPRO Remediates Damage Thoroughly After a Fire, All the Way Down to the Lingering Odor

Sometimes fires do not leave significant structural damages or any substantial damage at all. When a small kitchen fire occurs in your Nashua home, sometimes the worst of the lingering symptoms is the odor. Necessary cleaning efforts might leave your walls and appliances back the way that they were before the fire, getting rid of the smell of smoke from the affected area can sometimes be one of the trickiest things to accomplish.
There are many things that people tend to try to overcome a significant noxious odor like smoke. Merely trying to mask the smell with a stronger one is a common choice, though it rarely lasts long enough to be useful, and indeed does not last long enough to be deemed a solution for the fire damage to your Nashua home. Professional restoration efforts ensure that the smoke damage is neutralized completely, with no scent at all left behind.
Our SERVPRO professionals have several ways of accomplishing the neutralization of odorous molecules. The first is through the use of dense fogging machines. This chemical fog has no scent, but it reacts with smoke damage on a molecular level and nullifies them entirely. This process has also been proven effective for specific upholstered items, drapes, and furniture in the affected area.
Another piece of equipment that our SERVPRO restoration specialists might choose to use for deodorizing your home is an ozone machine with a HEPA filter. This machine cleans the air of the foul lingering odor and removes any harmful molecules that might also still be around following your recent fire. The choice between these two different approaches becomes based on the condition of your home and how widespread the odor has become by the time you have called in our team to take care of the problem.
Dealing with lingering symptoms of a small fire can make it hard just to live comfortably in your home. Let our experienced professionals restore your home to the way it was before the incident and help you to enjoy life in your house again. Give SERVPRO of Nashua a call today at (603) 889-2311.

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Eliminating Fire Damage Odors in Nashua

12/4/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the training and equipment to thoroughly rid your home of the odors left behind by fire damage.

SERVPRO's Three-Step Process to Remove Odor from Fire Damage

In small to medium fires, most of the cleaning cost to a Nashua homeowner is from smoke odors and residues. Cleaning residues can take a lot of time and effort, but the results are fairly easy to see. Eliminating odors is often a more difficult task.

Remediating Nashua fire damage, especially odor removal, requires multiple methods. To put your home back to its pre-fire condition, SERVPRO uses a three-step process we call Multiple-Phase Odor Control.

Chemical Containment is the initial phase. Our technicians spray a deodorizing agent directly onto any visible smoke residues. The agent forms a barrier that slows or stops the evaporation process which prevents odor particles from turning into a vapor. This free vapor is the actual smell in the air.

Vapor Odor Control is phase two. For odor particles already in the air, SERVPRO technicians use counteragents or deodorant vapors to block them. Simply put, the granular counteragents contain a variety of stronger, more pleasant odors that overcome smoke odors.

Thermal Fogging is phase three. For very strong and difficult to remove odors, technicians use the heat generated by a thermal fogging device to break down a deodorant chemical to the same size particles as the odor vapor. These deodorant particles bond with them, which neutralizes the odor particles by changing their chemical composition. The fog evaporates in just a few hours and leaves behind almost no moisture to stain personal or structural property.

This reduced moisture also makes thermal fogging perfect to prevent color running on delicate fabrics, upholstered furniture, and building material sensitive to too much moisture, like drywall. Not every residence needs all three phases to clean and remove odors. Technicians examine the property after each action to determine if they have finished the job, need to repeat a phase, or move to the next phase.

Removing odors from your home is perhaps the most difficult part of the restoration. We have to eliminate every trace, or the smell returns as strong as before. SERVPRO of Nashua has decades of experience in odor removal and can help you return your home to its pre-fire condition. Call us at (603) 889-2311 today to get started.

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Fire Damage Assessment in Nashua

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO assesses your home after fire damage so they can properly restore your home, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Thoroughly Evaluates Your Home After Fire Damage

A house fire is one of the most devastating events Nashua homeowners can experience. The resultant damage is difficult to repair, and the restoration process is time consuming due to the complications of the assessment and repairs. Knowledge is crucial in the wake of a disaster. As a homeowner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the fire damage assessment process so that you can prepare for it.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a house fire, you can count on SERVPRO to reverse any fire damage sustained. We have many years of experience providing fire damage and soot damage restoration services to Nashua residents, and our technicians are IICRC-certified. Using advanced tools and equipment, we can return your home to preloss conditions in no time, "Like it never even happened."

The first stage of fire damage assessment begins outside the structure. SERVPRO assessment crew must first ensure that your house is safe to enter by checking existing damage from the outside. It may appear structurally sound to an untrained eye, but the building could still be a safety hazard.

Our fire damage inspectors note any non-structural damage while they are outside the home. During this time, we also assess external damage to outbuildings, yard, and other nearby areas. Once we are confident the house is safe to enter, we proceed with the assessment.

The first interior room to check for fire damage is usually the basement. If your home does not have a basement, SERVPRO technicians replace this step by checking the interior and exterior foundation. The basement leads to the foundation, which can provide valuable information about the situation of the house. If the foundation is broken, cracked, or swamped, the restoration process could be long. On the other hand, less severe fire damage means quicker repairs and fewer expenses.

The last part of the structural integrity assessment leads to the entire house. SERVPRO professionals have to check load bearing walls for slippage, cracks, and even soot damage. Walls with a porous finish could hold odors, stains, and moisture for a prolonged period, leading to mold and bacteria that weakens structural supports in the long run. It is common for some walls to require replacement even if the fire damage was not severe.

A fire disaster is the last thing anyone would want to experience in their home. If it happens, SERVPRO of Nashua is just around the corner to control the resultant fire damage. Call us today at (603) 889-2311.  

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How Fire Damage Affects Nashua Homes After the Flames Are Gone

12/1/2016 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO after the firefighters leave for best results.

Damage Needs Quick Action to Ensure the Best Outcome

Fires are devastating, and the immediate concern when one happens is to keep everyone safe and combat the flames. However, after the flames are gone, most homeowners quickly realize that the trouble has only begun. It is not just the devastating fire itself that can ruin a house's structure and contents, but the problems that a fire event leaves behind.
If you are a homeowner dealing with fire damage in Nashua, you may have noticed that more issues have cropped up well after emergency ended. Here are some of the lasting effects of fire damage and how SERVPRO can help.
Lingering Smoke
Smoke will not only impart an unpleasant smell in your home that sticks and is difficult to eliminate, but it can also permeate just about any porous surface in your home, from walls and furniture to clothing and documents. Off the shelf cleaners will not get rid of smoke from fire damage, but our technicians have the tools and knowledge to deeply and thoroughly clean to get rid of smoke smells for good.
Mold and Mildew
Water is typically used to fight a fire, but the problem is that the water is then left to sit and soaks into the floors, walls, and surfaces of your house. This leads to the development of mold and mildew, which are quite destructive on their own. SERVPRO is careful to extract moisture left from fire emergencies as well as control humidity to prevent the formation of mold and mildew.
Destructive Soot
Soot is particles that result from fire damage, and they are notorious for wearing through everything from paint to electronics and even furniture. When soot collects in large masses it is visible as a dark, almost chalky looking substance -- you may have seen it on your walls, mantle, or on high surfaces. We use industry leading techniques and equipment to ensure soot does not continue to pose a threat to your home and possessions.
The team at SERVPRO of Nashua has the knowledge and skill to get your house back in excellent shape after any fire event. For a great deal more information about our fire damage restoration services or to obtain a quote, call us 24/7 at (603) 889-2311.

Do you know the two different types of smoke

11/30/2016 (Permalink)

Did you know that there are two different types of smoke? Wet and dry.

Wet smoke - Plastic and Rubber

  • Low heat, smoldering, pungent odor, sticky, smeary. Smoke webs are more difficult to clean.

Dry Smoke - Paper and Wood

  • Fast burning, high temperatures, heat rises therefore smoke rises.

Protein Fire Residue - Produced by evaporation of material rather than from a fire

  • Virtually invisible, discolors paints and varnishes, extreme pungent odor.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Services

Since each smoke and fire damage situation is a little different, each one requires a unique solution tailored for the specific conditions. We have the equipment, expertise, and experience to restore your fire and smoke damage. We will also treat your family with empathy and respect and your property with care.

Have questions about Fire, Smoke, or Soot Damage?

Call Us Today - SERVPRO of Nashua 603-889-2311

Nashua, NH Smoke and Soot Cleanup

11/30/2016 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot is very invasive and can penetrate various cavities within your home, causing hidden damage and odor. Our smoke damage expertise and experience allows us to inspect and accurately assess the extent of the damage to develop a comprehensive plan of action.

Smoke and Soot facts:

  • Hot smoke migrates to cooler areas and upper levels of a structure.
  • Smoke flows around plumbing systems, seeping through the holes used by pipes to go from floor to floor.
  • the type of smoke may greatly affect restoration process.

Different Types of Smoke

There are two different types of smoke- wet and dry. As a result, there are different types of soot residue after a fire. Before restoration begins, SERVPRO of Nashua will test the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred.