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Fire Prevention Measures Helps Nashua Businesses Lessen Damage

8/4/2022 (Permalink)

Electrical Fire Outlet Fire damage? SERVPRO is prepared with restoration equipment and experienced technicians.

SERVPRO Helps Nashua Commercial Properties After Fire Damage Fallout

All Nashua commercial property owners and managers should know what they can do to help prevent fire damage. However, once an emergency occurs, it is how you act and the speed of your action that makes the difference between restoring the business or dealing with secondary damage and excessive loss. SERVPRO’s fire remediation process helps save area businesses time and money, helping to lessen downtime that will hurt their bottom line. Better yet, we are available 24 hours a day so that you will have help at your door within hours after your initial contact.

Any Nashua commercial property with fire damage could see a tremendous loss. However, SERVPRO works to address structural integrity, possible hazards, and debris removal just in the initial phases. From there, we restore all building materials to make it “Like it never even happened.” But what if you could’ve prevented the fire in the first place?

These are a few steps that any Nashua business owner can take now for fire prevention:

  • Have your sprinkler system and all smoke alarms and fire extinguishers tested regularly.
  • Ensure all electronics, devices, machinery, cords, and electrical outlets get inspected on a regular schedule.
  • Take the time to ensure your staff gets properly trained with safety measures and emergency fire protocols.
  • Have SERVPRO’s number handy so that our Green Fleet can get deployed to your business whenever you need us for emergency fire and water restorations.

Do you have an Emergency Ready Plan (ERP)?

SERVPRO is happy to talk with you about formulating an ERP so that you have seamless movement into restoration should your business have an emergency. This allows you to be ready for whatever happens in the event of a disaster, minimizing interruption and giving you added peace of mind.

SERVPRO of Nashua takes pride in our local businesses, and we are here 24/7 for commercial fire damage restoration! Call us at (603) 889-2311, and we can mobilize a crew to your door as quickly as possible to begin fire mitigation efforts.

Proven Tips to Deal With Nashua Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Church

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Church Pews When your church is facing water damage, time is extremely critical. Contact our IICRC certified team for water damage remediation right away.

Avoid Reconstruction with Water Removal in Your Nashua Church

Water loss incidents can cause substantial structural damage to your Nashua church. The only way to actively avoid this potential outcome is to seek out the fast response of restoration professionals like ours. With effective mitigation strategies like extraction and efficient drying, structural concerns that lead to reconstruction can often get avoided. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond to water loss emergencies, ensuring that no customer has to wait a moment longer than necessary for money and time-saving mitigation solutions.

Extraction is one of the first steps for any water damage situation in your Nashua church, but water removal requires a fast response and assessment of this damage. Our SERVPRO professionals have a rapid response to all emergencies, arriving with the full measure of our industry-leading equipment designed to protect structural elements from damaging saturation and prolonged moisture exposure, which ultimately requires tear-out and reconstruction.

Every portion of your church represents an investment; the costliest of these is the sanctuary area. From plush carpeting to the rows of pews, water loss incidents threaten the composition of these materials almost immediately. The longer these elements remain exposed, the more they can warp and distort until they are no longer salvageable. Our SERVPRO team can work to remove standing water and oversaturation quickly with effective tools like our wet-vacs with wands or our weighted extractors.

With the high volume of electronics and sound equipment throughout the average modern church these days, standing water and damp conditions can also threaten these elements. Our effective mitigation team can move at-risk electronics to a safe area of the church while extraction, drying, and any replacement or reconstruction get underway.

While substantial water loss incidents can potentially be very costly and challenging to restore, the proper response from our SERVPRO of Nashua team to the emergency can reduce out-of-pocket expenses and the time to repair the damage. Give our experienced professionals a call today at (603) 889-2311.

Get Rid Of The Smell After Water Damage To Your Nashua Salon

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Chairs in a salon SERVPRO Restores Water Damage and Controls Odors in a Nashua Beauty Salon

SERVPRO Provides Fast Service to Remove Water and Odors from Your Business

Water damage is a serious risk for any salon. All it takes is a burst pipe or some wild weather, and your beauty business suffers water damage. That means closed doors, no customers or revenue, and a cleanup job on your hands. Not to mention clients not looking their best. Thankfully SERVPRO is on hand to help with any restoration job, no matter how big or how small.

A leading cause of concern after water damage to your Nashua salon is getting rid of the smell. Water damage sometimes leaves behind a musty or damp sort of odor. Of course, you want to get rid of that as quickly as possible, so your salon is a pleasant place for your customers once again.

The first step in restoration is getting rid of any water and drying everything as thoroughly as possible. Our IICRC-certified teams arrive equipped with truck-mounted and freestanding pumps to quickly extract water from your business premises. We also make use of air movers and dehumidifiers to dry out your salon - “Like it never even happened.”

Extraction and drying are only the first two steps in the process of getting your business back up and running again. The third is to deodorize it to eliminate any leftover odors, including those normally associated with a beauty salon. The process starts with high-velocity box fans that quickly ventilate your premises and hasten deodorization.

Our technicians have several deodorization methods at their disposal. If the source of the smell is relatively small, such as a carpet or a salon chair, powerful disinfectants are injected into or hand-sprayed onto the surface. However, sometimes a more thorough treatment of the whole area is needed. For this, our SERVPRO experts frequently make use of air scrubbers and thermal fogging.

Air scrubbers draw dirty or contaminated air into the machine and then pass it through a series of HEPA filters. These filters remove 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns. The machine exhausts clean air back into the room. Odors are eliminated and replaced with new air. This also greatly increases the air quality of the establishment.

Wet fogging is effective against leftover water damage smells. A ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging machine compresses water or solvent-based disinfectant through a specially designed nozzle. The result is a fine, cold mist that can be used to penetrate even hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Our portable ULV foggers are small enough to go into any area of the salon but powerful enough to treat leftover smells.

If you want your salon to smell fresh for your customers and staff after water damage, SERVPRO of Nashua is here to help. Call us at (603) 889-2311 for assistance.

Nashua Businesses Often Don’t Realize They Need Mold Remediation

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

brown spots on ceiling tiles SERVPRO of Nashua is ready to help you take over your mold damaged property.

Insidious Fungal Growths Often necessitate mold Remediation in Nashua 

As responsible Nashua business owners, we are always on the lookout for potential problems that might impact our operations. Unfortunately, some issues like mold are rather insidious in their development and can catch us by surprise. So, we need to know the life cycle of this fungus and understand how it might proliferate.

Nashua mold remediation experts at SERVPRO are well-versed in the phases of mold growth, and, armed with this knowledge, they can help you overcome the effects of this troublesome fungus. Our highly-skilled mold specialists have done countless mold inspection jobs, expertly completed basement mold remediation work, performed bathroom mold removal services, cleaned up attic mold, and routinely handled black mold damage repairs. SERVPRO technicians have learned where and how mold develops in performing their various duties.

The general mold development cycle is as follows:

  • Mold spores are like exceedingly small seeds that exist nearly everywhere in the environment and often originate in masses of thousands
  • Once displaced by wind or even slight airflow, these spores disperse like seeds from the head of a dandelion and eventually float down to land on surrounding surfaces
  • These hardy, resting spores remain dormant until the right combination of temperature, moisture, and food are present to promote their development
  • Mold starts to grow once indoor relative humidity is about 55-60%, temperatures are above freezing, especially between 68 and 86F, and there is wood, paper, or cellulosic fibers present for food
  • Spores absorb moisture, swell, and start to sprout hyphae that act as roots and spore-producing structures 
  • Eventually, the new spores are released, and the process begins all over again

So, it is important to have your business periodically inspected and any mold remediation efforts completed as soon as possible. SERVPRO of Nashua can help you with this and is always ready for your call at (603) 889-2311.

Storm Flood Removal at Your Nashua Commercial Property

2/11/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with water covering the floor When your property suffers from flood damage, SERVPRO has the equipment to help. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for more information.

Call SERVPRO for Storm and Flood Removal for Your Nashua Business

While the Nashua area is not known for hurricanes, there are times of the year when high winds and storm flooding may become an issue. Any commercial businesses impacted can face challenges regarding cleanup and restoration. At SERVPRO, we are ready to respond year-round for any seasonal weather events. We have commercial storm response crews prepared to arrive and begin cleanup so that you see little to no downtime. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

When you require storm and flood removal in Nashua, SERVPRO comes prepared. We understand that conditions may be harsh, so we bring resources like drying equipment, generators, and other elements to help us make the project go as smoothly as possible. Once you call us to mobilize a team for storm and flooding assistance, you can expect:

  • Securing your storm-damaged facility – It is essential to secure the building and work on hazard elimination to cut back on liability.
  • Commercial storms and water damage restoration – Once water enters your building, it can start causing further damage. We have a restoration team to remove water, mitigate damage, and ensure your structure is sound.
  • Storm debris removal – Restoration services must include debris removal and safe disposal. This involves everything from saturated materials to tree branches and silt. 
  • Communication – Not only do we communicate with you through each phase of our flood restoration process, but we also act as a liaison with your insurance provider as your claim is in motion.

Some businesses that deal with a severe weather event may never fully recover without the help of skilled storm and flood removal professionals. Here at SERVPRO of Nashua, you can count on us regardless of the season or storm event you are dealing with. Call us at (603) 889-2311, and we will mobilize our Green Fleet for arrival at your business location. 

Need Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Nashua – Call SERVPRO

11/3/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO team planning a job. SERVPRO techs have the training and experience in every phase of commercial damage restoration.

SERVPRO Provides Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup for Commercial Buildings in Nashua

In many situations, fires can be extinguished relatively quickly in Nashua commercial buildings. However, the fire department must ensure that the fire is extinguished and not lurking in recesses or ceilings. They may demolish or open up areas to check, leaving a lot of secondary damage. In addition, there are smoke residues on everything in the place. Building managers need to begin cleanup and restoration as soon as possible to return the commercial space to normal operations.

SERVPRO provides fire damage restoration services for commercial buildings in Nashua and surrounding areas. Once the fire department leaves, it is time for our professionals to take over and restore your building to its preloss condition. Damaged drywall and insulation are bagged and removed. We inventory commercial contents as they are either cleaned or removed for disposal. Items that can be cleaned of smoke residues and restored are moved to a staging area for later use.

Our building services team can assist with fully restoring your building after cleaning, drying, and odor removal is completed. We coordinate and handle the entire process saving your company time and expenses to return your commercial building to normal operations as fast as possible.

Our SERVPRO team is dedicated to providing the help you need after a fire:

  • We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.
  • Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration and Cleanup
  • Full range of building restoration services to save you time and money

We also provide emergency protective measures such as boarding up damaged windows and doors and placing tarps on the roof to prevent further damage from weather and animals.

Call SERVPRO of Nashua for commercial fire damage restoration in Nashua and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (603) 889-2311.

Why Is Timing So Crucial During Water Damage Restoration in Nashua Offices?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fleet ready for action. SERVPRO has the manpower and equipment for any size water damage commercial building. Having your property back to preloss condition is what we do.

SERVPRO Provides Restoration Services at Any Time Ensuring the Best Outcomes

When water intrudes into your Nashua office, you may be tempted to put off restoration, especially if it happens during inopportune moments such as late at night or during holidays or when you manage to stop the water source. However, correctly timing water damage restoration is as important as having the right skills or equipment.

Sometimes the timing issues that arise during water damage restoration in Nashua offices are caused by a lack of resources. Therefore, help from a professional like SERVPRO is handy since we have sufficient equipment and qualified staff members to take care of the process.

Timely water restoration requires three crucial things:

  • Starting the restoration early
  • Expediting each step of the restoration
  • Tackling different restoration processes simultaneously 

In the immediate aftermath of the water intrusion, the damages are minimal. Apart from materials being soaked, which happens immediately, the other forms of deterioration from the exposure take time to develop.  For instance, mold development takes at least 48 hours, while other issues, like rotting, warping, or other physical changes in wooden furniture or structural materials, take much longer. 

Since SERVPRO customer service is reachable 24 hours a day, we can send help within the first crucial loss hours. We use powerful water extractors to remove any pooling water from the premises. We also set up dehumidifiers to simultaneously manage humidity levels as we perform other restoration tasks. Taking a broad approach helps improve the turnaround time, thus ensuring you can resume your normal business operations fast.

SERVPRO of Nashua has the resources necessary to complete water damage restoration at your business premises in good time. You can reach us at (603) 889-2311. 

How the New SERVPRO ERP System Helps Us Respond Faster in Nashua

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

restoration of a church SERVPRO Water damage restoration for your commercial property is second to none. We are ready 24/7 365 days a year.

Your Business's Water Damage is Our Priority

Although many see our business as a "brick-and-mortar" operation, perfectly fine sticking to old techniques and technology in our restorations, SERVPRO strives to bring its customers the best in digital technology and assistance to save time and money alike when you need it most. Our Emergency READY Profile system, or ERP for short, allows you to request help immediately without having to take the time to call up a representative. The system is designed especially for landlords and commercial franchise owners, as multiple locations and facility detail profiles can be created by you and accessed by our technicians at once. Ultimately, the ERP system allows us to respond quickly and better understand the situation before we arrive. 

When you first create your profile, online or in the app, you find that we request only critical information that helps us respond quickly to your Nashua commercial water damage or any other type of damage. At its simplest, you can input property locations so that we can respond faster to whatever kind of damage you've identified. However, the program also allows you to input much more data to save us time beforehand, such as building plans, priority areas, alternative contact profiles, and other critical pieces of information. Whatever you choose to fill out your profile with can help our technicians better understand the situation as soon as they arrive.  

Water Removal Services

Time is precious in commercial water damage scenarios. As many as half of all businesses never reopen after a disaster. Restoration professionals' quick arrival is critical in stopping further damage and getting doors open sooner. Similarly, many rental properties quickly lose value and potential tenants as they take on extra damage, making a system like the ERP highly desirable for landlords looking to protect their assets. Plus, creating a profile is free and only takes a short time to set up fully. 

SERVPRO of Nashua is a locally-owned damage restoration company committed to fast response times and quality customer service. Call us at (603) 889-2311 today to request our help or find out more about our ERP system.

Rapid Mold Remediation Work for Nashua Retail Stores in Need

6/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO techs using a lift for the hard to reach places Mold remediation services for your commercial building are no easy task. SERVPRO techs are trained and equipped for any size job.

We reopen doors faster by prioritizing speed in Nashua retail store mold remediation.

After discovering a mold infestation, the top priority of many businesses is to remove the problem and return to total operating capacity as soon as possible. SERVPRO understands this and works fast to eliminate the issue at the source.

Many of our mold damage remediation strategies for Nashua retail stores revolve around rapid containment, removal, and replacement of materials. Since every day of partial or complete closure affects your revenue, we prioritize speed even more than during residential mold calls. Within hours of our first response to the situation, we establish containment barriers that stop the problem from getting worse. These barriers include plastic sheeting, HVAC system sealing, decontamination rooms, and negative air pressure spaces. We offer targeted mold remediation solutions, including:

  • Bathroom mold removal
  • Black mold eradication
  • Mold Inspection when you suspect a developing problem
  • Office mold remediation that avoids the retail floor

After establishing containment, we work fast to remove infected materials and replace them with equivalent ones, making it look “Like it never even happened.” After thoroughly sterilizing the area with chemical agents and ultraviolet light projectors, we conduct a final sweep for additional damages before granting the all-clear to resume normal operations. Put together, and our mold removal strategy represents the fastest route back to regular business.

SERVPRO of Nashua can handle mold damage of any type and severity. Call us at (603) 889-2311.

Efficient Water Removal and Content Drying for Nashua Businesses

5/17/2021 (Permalink)

pre-mitigation Standing water in your store is bad for business. SERVPRO will be onsite within 4 hours of the initial call.

As leading water restoration professionals, we have large loss drying solutions for Nashua businesses. 

Pumping out standing water is the initial action that must occur before other mitigation and restoration actions can happen. After flooding or burst pipes, pooling can be substantial and require credible solutions that remove high volumes fast, like a pump truck or submersible unit. Standing water and trapped moisture must get removed from:

  • Carpets
  • Hardwood flooring
  • HVAC system
  • Wall materials

How Can We Prevent Content Losses After Water Exposure?

Protecting furniture, stock, inventory, documents, and other items is an objective of water removal in Nashua office buildings. Cleaning textiles and carpets cannot happen without first removing standing water, but this also applies to on-site drying efforts with tools like axial air movers and dehumidifiers. In many situations, it is an efficient practice to remove contents to allow trailered desiccants a faster resolution on moisture extraction and evaporation with warm air exhaust.

Water removal hinges on a quick response. Our SERVPRO of Nashua team will show We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster when you call (603) 889-2311.

Emergency Flood Removal and Restoration in Nashua

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

carpet and subfloor damaged by water When your commercial building needs water damage restoration, call SERVPRO for fast and immediate service.

Flood Removal and Water Damage Remediation in Nashua

Floodwaters do not differentiate between commercial buildings or residential homes. The floodwaters crash through everything, and commercial operations are brought to a standstill until water clean-up can be completed and life returns to normal.

SERVPRO is here to help commercial businesses deal with flood removal and water damage restoration in Nashua. We respond in less than four hours because we know how important it is for companies to resume operations. Also, providing fast emergency services water damage cleanup can reduce the secondary damage from high humidity and contents exposed to water.

For example, water should be removed from wood floors immediately to prevent:

  • Warping and Buckling
  • Cupping and crowning
  • Cracking and splintering
  • Particleboard swelling and disintegration

Carpets may delaminate, and the subfloor may absorb water and need replacement. SERVPRO also takes special precautions with floodwaters. The water and debris left inside your commercial building may contain biohazards, requiring specific biohazard cleanup protocols.

SERVPRO can help you deal with all of these issues. Our fast reaction teams can make a huge difference in returning your commercial operations to normal.

Call SERVPRO of Nashua for flood removal and restoration in Nashua and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (603) 889-2311.

Commercial Nashua Properties Deserve Prompt Action for Fire Cleanup and Smoke Removal

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO warehouse full of equipment and generators. Smoke and soot will cause major damage to property if it isn't taken care of professionally. Call SERVPRO for their expertise and know how.

Mitigate Damage and Loss for Your Nashua Business by Calling SERVPRO for Fire Cleanup and Smoke Removal Services

Hillsborough County in New Hampshire is where you will find the city of Nashua. This is a lovely town that includes a mixture of city and suburban life with rural areas on the outskirts. When the 2010 United States Census was taken, Nashua had a population of 86,494 people. This makes it the second-largest city within the state and greater New England, with Manchester being the largest. 

Over time, Nashua has grown to be known as a textile city, but this industry has since left the region. In most recent years, Nashua has been adopted as part of the Greater Boston region due to a vast economic expansion. On two different occasions, in 1987 and 1998, Nashua was named the “Best Place to Live in America by Money Magazine. This is the only city that has taken the top ranking for this title on two occasions. 

Nashua, New Hampshire’s Roots, and Rich New England History

The city of Nashua was initially part of a tract of land within the state of Massachusetts that covered a 200-square mile area by the name of Dunstable. This area had been awarded to a man named Edward Tyng from Dunstable in England. Nashua’s location is close to the center of the original grant from 1673. There have been some disputes as to the boundary between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which was fixed back in 1741 after the two province governorships became separated. Due to this, Dunstable township split in two, with some of Dunstable and Tyngsborough remaining in Massachusetts. However, Dunstable, New Hampshire, was later incorporated from the north section of town in 1746. 

Dunstable was initially settled in approximately 1654, and it was fairly busy as a fur-trade town. Just as many of the other New England riverfront communities throughout the 19th century, it developed within the Industrial Revolution, where many textile mills enjoyed operation by way of water power. In 1836, there were three cotton mills built by Nashua Manufacturing Company that put out over 9 million yards of cloth annually while using over 700 looms. 

In December of 1836, Dunstable got renamed Nashua, taking the name from the Nashua River. This was done by a declaration through the legislature in New Hampshire. The Nashua River had originally been named by the Nashuay Indians. In the Penacook language, Nashua means “beautiful stream that has a pebble bottom” or “land in between two rivers.”

1842 is when the town split once again in two, which lasted for 11 years after a dispute in northern Nashua and the portion south of the river. Throughout that time, the north portion of the area was called Nashville, and the southern region maintained the name Nashua. Reconciliation came about in 1853, and the two joined once again as the City of Nashua. 

Enjoying Area Attractions and Must-See Historic Sites in Nashua, NH

There is a lot to love about Nashua, including the diverse setting from one side of the city to the next. Some of the top areas and attractions that you shouldn’t miss when you are in the area include:

Downtown Nashua: The downtown area of Nashua is a real focal point of the heart of the city itself. It is part of a program called “American Downtowns,” and the city has gone through many transformations over the years. Not only is there a strolling hotspot for shopping and cool coffee shops, but you also have award-winning restaurants, unique wine bars, and a cherry-picking destination that spans multiple blocks.

Mine Falls Park: If you are a nature buff, then you will love Mine Falls Park, which offers several access points. Many people come to the park to hike around the canal loop, and there is a bridge where people enjoy a bit of fishing. Because of the serene setting, this is also an excellent destination to sit and have a picnic lunch when the weather is nice.

Holman Stadium: Located at 67 Amherst Street, this is an excellent venue to go when you want to catch local baseball games. This is a family-oriented facility that also features a variety of events throughout the spring and summer seasons. Many locals love to stop by the stadium not only for baseball but also for the annual Fourth of July celebration. Additionally, the concessions at this stadium are highly-regarded as some of the best festival food in the region!

Along with the above attractions, Nashua is well known for having some of the coolest breweries and taverns in the state, such as:

  • IncrediBREW
  • Spyglass Brewing
  • Millyard Brewery
  • White Birch Brewing
  • Fody’s Tavern

When Your Nashua Business Has Been Through a Fire, You Need Pros to Handle Your Fire Cleanup and Smoke Removal Needs – SERVPRO is Available 24/7 for Emergency Service!

Handling a fire restoration job requires a specific set of skills and training. Here at SERVPRO, we have a variety of techniques and the latest technology to address the damage to your Nashua business. We come in to fully assess the scene and formulate the best course of action to get the results you deserve. When the project is complete, everything is left “Like it never even happened,” so that your company never misses a beat.

When it comes to fire cleanup and smoke removal in Nashua, some of the techniques that we may use on various surface areas include:

  • Dry Cleaning
  • Wet Cleaning (spray and wipe)
  • Foam Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning
  • Abrasive Cleaning and more

Because smoke and soot residue is corrosive by nature, it is imperative that we act quickly to limit the onset of secondary damage. If areas of your business contain materials that are unsalvageable, we work to complete controlled demolition so that everything is back to preloss condition. 

SERVPRO of Nashua is available for emergency service when you want skilled technicians handling your fire cleanup and smoke removal needs at your commercial location. Once you call us at (603) 889-2311, we will have our Green Fleet at your door and ready to start working within a few hours.

Nashua Businesses Count On SERVPRO

12/6/2020 (Permalink)

a woman holding a bucket of water and trying to catch water dripping from the ceiling Water damage can quickly put you out of business. Prevent that by calling SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

We are the Water Removal Experts Businesses in Nashua Depend on to Restore Their Facilities 

Nashua is the second-largest city in northern New England. It has an estimated population of over 89,000 as of 2019. The textile industry was the reason for early growth but has seen a great deal of economic development in modern times. Money magazine named it the “Best Place to Live in America” twice. The town is beautiful and has many amenities to offer families and businesses.

Early History Begins with a Land Grant

In 1673 Edward Tyng from Dunstable, England, was granted 200 square miles of land in Massachusetts. The center of that land is where Nashua is located. The Merrimack River runs along Dunstable, and the town was split in 1732. This created a boundary dispute between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, which was resolved in 1741. The result was that Dunstable became two separate entities. One in the state of New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts.

Textile Industry Grows a City

While Dunstable would begin as a fur trading town in 1654, it didn’t stay that way for long. As a riverfront town, it was perfect for the textile industry. Textile mills required water to operate, and the Nashua and Merrimack Rivers aided in the growth that came with the industrial revolution.

Cotton Mills & Cloth

The Nashua Manufacturing Company had three cotton mills in place by 1836. The companies had 710 looms, which produced cloth that equaled 9.3 million yards. That amount of production caused the area to expand and brought workers and families to Dunstable.

A New Name

The half of Dunstable that was in New Hampshire would get a new name on December 31, 1836. It became Nashua. It was named after the Nashua River. Dunstable is still a town today on the other side of the river. The name for the river originates from the Penacook language of the Nashuway Indians, and it means “beautiful streams with a pebbly bottom”. It can also mean land between two rivers. Both are appropriate in describing this beautiful area.

The Town Splits Again

The town of Nashua would split again in 1842, and for eleven years, the northern and southern parts would be separate. The southern portion remained Nashua while the northern part called itself Nashville. Reconciliation came about in 1853, and Nashua was chartered.

The Railroad Comes to Town

The railroad brought even more growth to the town. There were six railroad lines in this busy mill town. They included the:

  •   Boston, Lowell, and Nashua
  •   Worcester and Nashua
  •   Nashua and Acton
  •   Nashua and Wilton
  •   Concord and Nashua
  •   Rochester

Before the Civil War, 56 trains would come through the city every day. The trains carried folks to and from all over the country. Today there is a new effort on extending commuter rail lines. The goal is to extend the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s Lowell Line to Nashua from Lowell. The Boston Surface Railroad is looking to expand as well, connecting Lowell to Bedford, NH. It would take the commuter line close to the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport.

Trolley Hub in New Hampshire

Trolleys were a great way to travel, and Nashua was a central hub for New Hampshire trolley systems. Residents and visitors could travel by trolley to Boston, Manchester, and even Hampton, NH. It traveled all over the city as well, ending at the dance hall. It closed in 1932 as other forms of transportation became popular. But in its day, the trolley was the way to travel.

Textile Industry Declines as World War I Hits

The manufacturing companies, such as the Jackson Manufacturing Company, employed hundreds of people in the late 1800s. The Nashua mills did quite well up until World War I. At the time, the textile industry began to go downhill. Much of this was due to different forms of energy that would replace water as an energy source.  Transportation costs could be saved by companies who could now manufacture cotton fabrics at the source of the cotton growth. They no longer needed water run mills to make textiles. The last mill closed in 1949.

A City is Reborn

When the textile industries declined, it left hundreds of people out of work. Sanders Associates saved the day when they took over a closed mill. At that time, they were a new defense firm. The company would go on to be a major player in the home video game market. The first commercial home video game, the Magnavox Odyssey, was created by one of the employees. In 1970 Digital Equipment Corp. arrived in Nashua and shot the city into part of the high-tech corridor that is part of the Boston area.

Fun Facts About Nashua

The city has been featured in various movies and shows. It is also home of Russian dressing. James E. Colburn developed this delicious salad dressing around 1910. Other fun facts include:

  •   The Office had several scenes in fictional Nashua. 
  •   MADE of MTV fame filmed an episode in Nashua High School in 2004.
  •   The West Wing has a Nashua flashback during the second season.
  •   Matt Damon wants to move to Nashua in Good Will Hunting.

SERVPRO of Nashua Proudly Serves Local Businesses

When a business suffers flooding from water intrusion, it can mean closing down until the mess is cleaned up. SERVPRO provides fast water removal that gets you up and running. When our technicians arrive on the scene they:

  •   Provide emergency mitigation if needed
  •   Extract the water using powerful pumps
  •   Dry the premises with industrial-strength air movers and dehumidifiers
  •   Use controlled demolition to enhance drying in hard to reach areas
  •   Repair damaged structural elements
  •   Clean surfaces and content
  •   Restore your facility to preloss condition whenever possible

As a business owner in Nashua, SERVPRO understands the need to keep your business functioning. We can handle the needs of both small businesses and large commercial enterprises. For all your water removal and fire, mitigation needs contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

How is Restoring Commercial Properties Different from Residential?

10/30/2020 (Permalink)

light fixtures and chandeliers displayed in store Cleaning light fixtures is part of our fire damage restoration services.

A Commercial Fire Damage Repair Can Be Complicated by Architecture and More Extensive Structural Components. SERVPRO Works with Nashua Businesses to Deliver On-time and On-budget Restoration

What coverage does a business have for fire losses?

The kind of insurance coverage you have for your Nashua business can vary depending on policy and provider. Business insurance typically covers lost revenues, whereas a separate policy covers the structure and contents. We understand that insurers divide the system and contents. Our technicians clean these two aspects separately while recording any works in a digital inventory. Commercial builds usually have a more complex structure and structural components such as archways, chandeliers, and foyers. Our experience allows us to be confident of removing smoke deposits and returning your business to a preloss condition.

What are the separate categories for commercial restoration?

  • The structure may include any brick and mortar or building assembly.
  • Structural components could include electrical fittings, chandeliers, or other decors.
  • Contents refer to furniture or other items and ornaments in your business.

Are lighting fixtures restorable after a fire?

When conducting commercial fire damage repair in your Nashua business, it is vital to pay extra attention to lighting fixtures. These fittings usually have crevices or cracks that can become coated in soots and other soils. Without addressing these areas, your business may continue to carry burnt odors or show noticeable signs of the fire event. Lighting fixtures like chandeliers can often require specific and targeted cleaning to return them to a preloss condition. Our crew chiefs have the knowledge and access to technology that allows them to perform effective repair.

How are chandeliers cleaned after a fire?

  • Hand-cleaning delicate chandeliers can be useful for handling light to moderate smoke damages.
  • Low-pressure steam cleaning can dislodge soots without risking damage to the material structure.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning methods usually give the best results providing that the chandelier can withstand full-submersion in a cleaning fluid.

Businesses can sustain all kinds of fire damage affecting the structure, contents, and components. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311.

Will I be Closed Permanently Because of Mold Damage in My Nashua Catering Kitchen?

8/16/2020 (Permalink)

black mold growing up a wall Commercial kitchens can create the optimal environment for mold to grow in. Contact SERVPRO for mold damage mitigation and inspection services.

Commercial Kitchens Can Struggle with High Humidity and Plumbing Issues that Create a Perfect Environment  for Mold -- Inspection and Remediation Are Nashua SERVPRO Specialties

Mold spores are everywhere in the environment, even in Nashua commercial food preparation areas. Before mold growth on surfaces begins, the spores must absorb moisture. Kitchens have many opportunities for settled or airborne spores to find water:

  • Spills
  • Steam from cooking 
  • Dishwashing equipment 
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Inefficient humidity controls, including missing, poorly operating, or inconsistently used exhaust fans

How Do I Respond If I Think I Have a Commercial Mold Problem?

You work hard, succeeding in making your business the answer for catering excellence in Nashua. Needing mold inspection and remediation creates stress and worry. The media hypes mold damage in Nashua, but SERVPRO has the training and experience to resolve the issue and get you back to creating memorable meals for your customers.

How Does the Mold Inspection and Remediation Process Work?

Many mold remediation jobs begin with the customer pointing out visible mold colonies or an unpleasant, musty odor characteristic of mold growth. We start in that area and inspect carefully for additional mold damage, including checking in recesses and building cavities nearby. Then we proceed to remediate the mold by following protocols developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

Containing the outbreak

We wrap the space in 1.6 mil polyethylene, installing a negative pressure air mover to seal the perimeter and force the contaminated air through HEPA filters.

Removing the mold

Mechanical brushing and scraping is the best technique for nonporous surfaces. If the mold infiltrated porous materials, we sometimes can remove the active mold and incapacitate the hyphae (rootlike mold organism structure) using abrasive techniques like soda or dry ice blasting.

Containing and disposing of the debris

We place mold and moldy materials into doubled bags and follow legal regulations to discard the waste appropriately.

Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces

Vacuuming with HEPA-filtered equipment and wiping the affected areas with EPA-registered products to clean and disinfect for the finish.

Note: Merely broadcast spraying with an antimicrobial is an inadequate response. Mold is challenging to control without physical removal as the hyphae can remain entrenched and ready to regrow colonies. 

Consult with the experts at SERVPRO of Nashua when you need mold inspection and remediation. Schedule an assessment at (603) 889-2311.

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How Quickly Can My Business Reopen After a Pipe Burst?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

tablet and mobile device showing the ERPP Count on SERVPRO's ERP Plan to Keep Your Nashua Business in Business!

SERVPRO techs are available around the clock to get your Nashua property restored and reopened as fast as possible  

An overnight pipe burst can put the brakes on your normal daily operations. If your Nashua property does not have environmental monitoring, the water can flow for hours before it gets discovered. The faster the restoration services begin, the quicker you get to reopen for business. All property owners should set up a readiness plan for what to do when faced with this type of loss, so you know what to do. A sample list might be:

  • Turn off the water to the building
  • Contact your insurance agent 
  • Call SERVPRO or use the Emergency READY Plan app
  • Removal of items from the loss area if it is safe to do so

How Does SERVPRO Know What My Insurance Policy Covers for Commercial Water Damage Cleanup?   

When the technicians arrive at a Nashua property to handle commercial water damage, the crew chief communicates with both the property owner and insurance adjuster as needed. This transparency in communication ensures that no actions outside the scope of coverage get done, and the property owner does not have to feel anxious about unexpected out-of-pocket charges. This is usually the case, but it is dependent upon your insurance carrier.

Common Actions for Prepping for Reopening

With their advanced equipment for extraction and drying, SERVPRO techs can bring down the interior moisture levels rapidly. Then they wipe down the surfaces and perform any odor control applications necessary. One of the essential parts of the restoration is the final walk-through where the SERVPRO crew chief takes the owner and, when needed, the adjuster, through the completed restoration services to go over the actions taken as well as any final repairs that need to get done to restore the area entirely.

SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 stands ready to help local businesses with any size commercial water damage. The techs are available 24/7 to return your property to its preloss condition.

How Do I Clean Soot Residues From My Nashua Restaurant's Kitchen After a Fire?

6/15/2020 (Permalink)

Fire flames isolated on black background “Like it never even happened.”

For Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Your Nashua Restaurant Call SERVPRO

One of the most common sources of structural blazes are mishaps in the kitchen. When operating your Nashua restaurant, your staff uses heat and multiple hot appliances to produce the food you sell every day. Therefore restaurants can be at high risk for structural burns.

How can you get rid of soots and soils on my restaurant's appliances and kitchen walls?

When mitigating commercial fire damage in your Nashua eatery, our SERVPRO technicians can use different techniques depending upon what types of surfaces got affected. If wooden or other porous surfaces got coated in residues, then we can utilize dry cleaning methods such as vacuuming or sponge cleaning. If non-porous surfaces like your stainless steel appliances got negatively affected, then we can use water-based detergents or solvents to remove the soot. Whenever we clean and remove soot residues, we utilize the following cleaning actions:

    •    Mechanical Action- Physical agitation of the soot can be a very effective way to remove soot residues. Dry cleaning methods rely on agitation since water-based detergents cannot be used on porous surfaces. Wet cleaning methods also use agitation by scrubbing with a rag or steel wool.
    •    Lubrication- Lubricating or making things slippery can aid in releasing the soot's bond with your affected surfaces.
    •    Chemical Action- Many products cause chemical reactions to occur that can aid in cleaning and removing residues.
    •    Suspension- During most chemical actions, the cleaner causes the soot to suspend into the detergent. Suspension can occur when a soil dissolves into a cleaning mixture, or they emulsify into a product it cannot be mixed with.
    •    Dispersion- Once the soils get released from the affected surface, they then get dispersed into the cleaning formula.
    •    "Like Dissolves Like"- This phenomenon refers to soils getting dissolves by chemicals that are like them. Water-based detergents will dissolve water-based soils, and solvents made of oils will dissolve oil-based residues.

If a fire burns in the kitchen in your restaurant and leaves behind soils and soot residues, it is wise to call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 immediately after the fire gets extinguished.

When Water Damages Nashua Boutique Stores

3/16/2020 (Permalink)

View of inside of clothing store Water damage can quickly damage your clothing store. SERVPRO has the expertise to restore your store with as little disruption as possible.

SERVPRO of Nashua Supports Local Small Businesses

Part of the beauty of owning a boutique store is that you can take a creative license in decorating and accessorizing it. In Nashua, it is a pleasure to hunt for unique pieces that bring the personality of your shop to the forefront and gives you a unique look that differentiates you from neighboring stores. However, your dedication may not be enough to protect you from a pipe bursting and submerging your inventory and décor in water, leaving you with an immediate need for a reputable restoration company.

For water damage in Nashua commercial establishments, you can count on SERVPRO to be an integral part of your team as you bring your shop back to normal. Our expert team recognizes the value of your time and effort, and we seek to minimize the minutes your shop remains closed to the public. Reach out to our 24/7 hotline as soon as the emergency takes place and let our Green Fleet be your guide throughout the restoration process.

Even well-intentioned friends may increase your vulnerability if they are not experts like our team is. Extracting water from any site requires a thorough evaluation of just how widespread the damage is. Many people do not realize that beyond the visible accumulation of water, your structure may also be weaker as a result of the incident. Water can impact your drywall and other construction aspects, which is why our SERVPRO team utilizes specialized equipment to read humidity levels even within the wall cavities. These readings help guide corrective actions designed to protect you from complications down the line.

Insulation is one of those materials that we do not see but can be deeply affected by excess moisture. Generally speaking, our SERVPRO team can help determine whether the water event was grave enough to warrant the removal and replacement of insulation. Alternatively, drying techniques may be sufficient to restore the insulation and ensure that its function is not compromised.

SERVPRO of Nashua is much more than a water extraction service. Our team applies its expertise to resolve and anticipate issues stemming from water seeping into your belongings and structure. Call us at (603) 889-2311 and let us be your guiding light as we strive to leave your shop, “Like it never even happened.”

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We Get You Back In Business In Nashua After A Water Loss

2/20/2020 (Permalink)

One of our technicians extracting water damage from the carpet Our team extracted water from the carpeting in the affected area of this room by setting up commercial air movers and dehumidifiers.

Mitigating HVAC Commercial Water Damage in a Nashua Gift Shop

New Hampshire businesses may have a plan for when water damage occurs but may be overwhelmed by cleanup involved when it affects hard-to-reach areas like wall cavities and ventilation systems. With HVAC systems, it is especially crucial to remove damage quickly, as water can affect nearby structures and allow for mold to develop. Without fast action, the safety of your facilities may be compromised. 

If your Nashua business has commercial water damage in need of rapid mitigation, IICRC-certified SERVPRO professionals are available to remove damage quickly and return your facilities to a preloss condition. Whether your inventory has been affected by water or your structures require repair and replacement, SERVPRO can begin cleanup and repairs within hours of your initial contact. This firm prides itself on being a franchise, so owners, technicians, and staff are all local residents in tune with the needs of the community. 

Checking Your Vents

  • Evaluate the materials. Sheet metal, fiberglass, and flexible aluminum are all able to transport air effectively around a facility. 
  • Insulate your ducts. Insulated ventilation is efficient because it can better retain its temperature. Acoustical lining can also reduce air sounds in your building's ductwork. 
  • Monitor the supply and return registers. Keep these unobstructed at all times to maintain optimal airflow. 
  • Seal leaks fast. Notice any loose connections, gaps in seams, or kinks in flexible ducts? Duct mastic and similar approved materials can go a long way toward maintaining your ducts until more permanent repairs can be made. 
  • Inspect the duct supports. Supports for your ducts should be no more than 10 feet away from each other. If there are any loose supports, have a professional repair them as soon as possible. 

SERVPRO's Cleanup Process

In commercial facilities, ventilation systems can pose unique challenges because they are often located in touch-to-reach areas. However, SERVPRO technicians have the tools and techniques needed to evaluate the condition of your ductwork and dry it thoroughly. If your ducts are made of sheet metal, they can be wiped down with OSHA-approved cleaners. If your HVAC system has a fiberglass lining, technicians can check for mold growth and remove contaminated insulation quickly. If nearby ceiling tiles are affected, they can be removed and replaced as well. 

SERVPRO of Nashua is a team you can count on to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (603) 889-2311 for rapid-response cleanup today.

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We Safely Remediate Water Damage In Nashua

1/16/2020 (Permalink)

A technician using a cleaning device on the carpet in this building Our industry certified technicians were quickly dispatched to do a thorough damage assessment and safely restore this property.

Sewer Backups in your Nashua Food Outlet? Contact Commmercial Water Damage Technicians Now

Commercial Water Damage Nashua

Food outlets can suffer enormously from changing weather conditions throughout the year. As a property manager, your lease likely applies to an older building that has undergone significant amounts of change and pressure, with many businesses passing through. Failures in the integrity of the structure such as misaligned joints, roof infiltration, the buildup of grease, or customers flushing items down a drain can cause blockages as well as sewer backup. A sewer backup can quickly result in the washroom area becoming flooded with biohazardous waste substances causing temporary closure until restoration is complete.

Dealing with biohazardous substances in commercial water damage requires professional Nashua services. In-house janitorial teams or staff members lack both the expertise and the job description to ensure your property returns to a safe and sanitary condition. While temporary closure may affect the revenues of your food business, it does not affect your reputation or the safety of staff and customers. At SERVPRO, we can send a team of trained technicians to your location immediately upon notification of loss.

The difficulty of dealing with contaminated waste emergencies is that water damage is likely to contain solid waste. This can rule out the use of specific pumping equipment while also requiring personal protective equipment (PPE) to enter and carry out the restoration safely. SERVPRO technicians may also need to inspect the tiling or vinyl floor to ensure that contaminated fluid migration does not occur during service.

Restoring biohazardous substances requires careful containment. Using double-sealed polyethylene bags, SERVPRO technicians can safely store and transport biohazard substances to a waste facility. We can also deploy pumping equipment explicitly designed for shifting out solid wastes from the property. Thorough disinfection, as well as deodorization and air-filtration, may be a necessity to get your business back to a safe commercial space for serving food.

As a property manager ensuring that sewer back up is dealt with expertly and securely is essential to maintaining your food license. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311.

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Commercial Water Damage in Your Nashua Gym Calls for Effective Drying of Affected Flooring

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment siting on open floor beams. SERVPRO technicians know what it takes for your flooded Nashua business.

Our technicians work hard to keep your Nashua community dry from water damage. 

As a gym owner, your revenue depends on attendance. An issue like water damage caused by a broken sprinkler head or a burst pipe can affect participation, leading to business interruption. The problem can become worse if you delay clean-up services. 

To minimize commercial water damage in your Nashua gym, you should identify where the water is coming from and stop the leak. If you cannot find the source of the leak, switch off the main water valve to the building. You should also remove equipment that is nearly submerged and place it in a dry area.

Dealing with water damage in a gymnasium can be a huge undertaking, especially if it has hardwood floors. Wood contracts and expands based on the amount of moisture in the surrounding air. If excessive moisture gets into the wood floor, it can either crown or cup. Cupping happens when individual boards bend upward at the edges after running out of space to expand horizontally because of moisture intake. Crowning occurs when the middle of a board bends upward, making the middle higher than the edges.

Any amount of water can ruin your hardwood gym floor, so make sure you call a restoration firm such as SERVPRO to start the cleanup and restoration process. When you begin this process quickly, water has less time to spread to other areas of your gym. If there is standing water on the floor, we can remove it using portable pumps or wet/dry vacuums. We can determine what is required to dry your gym using a mathematical formula based on several variables, including:

  •         Impacted cubic footage
  •         Impacted square                  footage
  •         Number of air movers          required
  •         Damp materials

Our technicians are trained in the science of drying (psychometrics) and can look out for hidden water damage. Water may flow in unlikely places and cause problems. We can identify wet materials by using moisture inspection equipment like:

  •         Infrared cameras
  •         Thermo-hygrometers
  •         Moisture meters

We can use air movers to increase the rate of evaporation. We can also use LGR, low grain refrigerant dehumidifiers to produce effective drying results. The most significant difference between LGR dehumidifiers and conventional dehumidifiers is their pre-cooling component. They re-cool the air before it moves across the evaporator coils. These dehumidifiers are effective at drying hardwood flooring and other difficult materials. Our SERVPRO crew can take moisture readings daily to determine if the strategies are working and localize drying efforts to the right areas. We can also place floor mats strategically to provide negative airflow so that water is drawn up and out of the floor.

When there is water damage in your gym, you can trust SERVPRO of Nashua to restore the business premises with minimal disruption. Call us anytime at (603) 889-2311 for quick restoration.

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We Help You Get Back To Business After A Flood Disaster In Nashua

8/26/2019 (Permalink)

Air movers be used to clean a store floor After a flood we used several air movers to treat the floors and then we provided a verified document to the store manager.

Familiarize yourself with a Nashua-Based Commercial Flood Damage Restorer before Storm Season

Commercial flood damage Nashua
With the storm season approaching now is an excellent time to put in place a game plan in case your business falls victim to flooding. Ensuring your staff know where to go in the case of a flood as well as making sure key business documents, first aid kits, and battery radios are sealed in a waterproof casing where they can be easily accessed in an emergency is a priority for any business owner at this time of year. Several federal and local advice sites can help you to prepare for a storm-related emergency as we move into September. 

Once you have prepared yourself, and your staff, the next step should be putting together a restoration plan for commercial flood damage in Nashua. Even a minor flood can impact your revenues by forcing temporary closure, and there is a high chance of any floodwaters being contaminated or otherwise considered as infectious waste. Alongside checking your insurance coverage, you should seek out a professional restorer so that you can act quickly in response to a flood event. 

SERVPRO is a locally operated restoration service that has a special wing dedicated to commercial clients. Our call lines are open twenty-four hours a day, and we run an out-of-hours service for emergencies. When you contact us, we can put together a highly trained team of restorers led by a crew chief who can communicate with you directly throughout the restoration procedure. Our team acts quickly to mitigate the immediate losses associated with flood damage.

When large volumes of water enter a commercial property, they create two causes for concern. The first is a water migration issue, which is when moisture is absorbed by porous materials or otherwise seeps into cavities and under fittings in your commercial property. The second is a structural issue. Standing water exerts a tremendous amount of force onto the walls and structure of your property. Sustained pressure like this can cause permanent losses without immediate remediation of the issue.

At SERVPRO, our team acts quickly to remedy these two issues by pumping out standing water quickly, then scoping the affected area for evidence of water migration. Using thermal imaging cameras, we can detect the presence of moisture behind walls or other physical barriers. Our moisture sensors can give us accurate moisture content analysis of your furnishings as well as fittings and structural components like drywall. Using these readings, we can set to work remediating the issue and getting your business back to how it was before the storm. 

We have built a solid reputation as a responsive, expert commercial restoration team. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311.

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We Get You Back To Business In Nashua After A Fire Disaster

7/15/2019 (Permalink)

This establishment acted very quickly to extinguish the fire, however in spite of his efforts, there was plenty of soot and smoke damage.

Fire Damage in the Nashua Convenience Store Cleaned Up Fast

When it comes to commercial fire damage, the livelihoods of owners, employees matter as well as reopening the business, so we strive to turn around loss as fast as possible so you can resume activity and get daily operations back to normal.

SERVPRO answered a call from a convenience store in Nashua with commercial fire damage. Someone heating a burrito in a microwave failed to remove an outer foil wrapper which caused a fire. When someone opened the microwave, oxygen fed the fire, and it spread down one wall before firefighters extinguished it.

Our technicians split into two groups upon arrival a short time after the initial call. One group put up containment using thick, plastic barriers around the fire-damaged area to limit any further spread of soot, while another group packed away items from the shelves for inspection to see what items had restoration potential. Because soot particles have the potential to travel into sealed foodstuffs, safety reasons require discarding of the items.

Our certified Fire Damage Restoration Technicians removed the charred items quickly and used vacuums with HEPA filtration to remove the debris and water from the firefighting efforts. Once done, we moved on and used air scrubbers in tandem with air movers to both dry and remove airborne soot particles.

Standard cleaning methods for smoke damage include:
Dry cleaning sponges to pick up dry, powdery residue
Wet cleaning for tough, greasy residues
Immersion cleaning for non-porous items
Spot cleaning as needed for surfaces or objects that damp cleaning methods may cause damage

The final step before completion of restoration services was the removal of the pungent smoke odor. Our technicians are certified in the science of odor removal and have numerous types of equipment and methods for robust odor control. We frequently use gel pellets that work on time release for around the clock coverage of low-grade odors to thermal fogging and hydroxyl generators that work at the molecular level for neutralizing odors.

Commercial fire damage should be handled as fast as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311, and our emergency response teams are available 24/7 to restore your property to its preloss condition, "Like it never even happened."

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Here Is What You Should Do If You Experience Commercial Water Damage in Your Nashua Business

5/23/2019 (Permalink)

Your Nashua laundromat can experience water damage that accumulates quickly with no warning. Contact SERVPRO today for all remediation assistance.

Never Hesitate to Get Help When Your Nashua Laundromat Sustains Water Damage

A laundromat full of appliances is an unfortunate place to experience sudden water damage. A broken water-supply line can leak out many gallons of water quite swiftly, which can lead to you having to close your establishment until the problem is fixed, and the standing water is cleaned up. Fortunately, experience help is never far.

The best thing that you can do for the water damage in your Nashua laundromat is to call for professional remediation services immediately. Leaving the damage to its own devices for any longer than necessary can spell out trouble for your business. Not only can the water damage the structure of your building, but it can also endanger the other units on the property.

When water damage becomes a problem for you, SERVPRO is ready to help. We build our schedule around yours. No matter the time, or the day, we're always ready to send a team of our experienced water damage restoration technicians (WRT) to your home. Should you find your problem at either 3 AM or 3 PM, it does not matter. We are ready to get to your shop and begin remediation.

The first step SERVPRO can take when we arrive at your property is an investigation. It is essential to remove the standing water from your establishment as soon as possible, as the longer it stays, the more damage it can do to the laminate flooring and the drywall. We can use extractor wands and wet/dry vacuums to remove the still-water from your laundromat, as both are designed to remove the water as swiftly as possible. From there, SERVPRO can remove the units from your store so we can address the flooring.

If the laminate floor has been too damaged, our technicians can remove it so we can dry out the base of your flooring. Similarly, if the drywall has been significantly impacted, SERVPRO can make flood cuts to reduce the changes of microbial growth. Once finished, we can set up some basic drying equipment, such as heaters, dehumidifiers, and air blasting tubes, to encourage the final bits of outstanding moisture to evaporate.

If water damage hits your establishment, never allow it to sit. Dial (603) 889-2311 to speak with SERVPRO of Nashua. Night or day, we can respond to your call.

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When Foul Odors Linger After A Fire In Your Nashua Office Building, Call The Professionals At SERVPRO!

2/25/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Nashua is thorough when cleaning your office building in Nashua or the surround areas after a fire has occurred.

Restoration Of Commercial Fire Odors In Your Nashua Office Building

A fire in your Nashua office building can be devastating, even if the fire was small. It can lead to the temporary shutdown of your business, besides costly repairs and restoration. Of course, preventing a fire from happening in the first place is the best thing, but if one does occur, you need to move fast to get help, so the settled smoke and soot do not do additional damage.

Commercial fire odors in your Nashua business are also an issue after a fire, which is even more reason to hire a professional remediation specialist, like SERVPRO. Our staff is trained and equipped to handle all damages from fire including the damage from the flames themselves, water damage, from firefighting efforts, and smoke odors, which can travel through areas that weren’t even affected by the fire.

One of the most critical parts of fire restoration is smoke odor elimination. It is essential that we act immediately, so get in touch with us as soon as the fire is out. Smoke can cling to upholstered furniture and carpeting if they are not adequately deodorized. SERVPRO techs’ deodorization procedures break up the smoke molecules to eliminate the lingering smell.

Smoke can also enter and remain in between the walls. Smoke odor can reoccur if we do not correctly remove it in these areas. Depending on the amount of smoke damage, the ceilings and walls might need to be cleaned and repainted.

Smoke and odor particles are also airborne after the fire, and we use multiple treatments during the restoration process with specialty equipment to clean the air. Air scrubbers which are equipped with HEPA filtration systems help to remove the odor particles from the air, which enhances the efficiency of cleaning the air to make it safe again for you and your employees. Microthermal fogging uses a strong deodorizer so we can neutralize odor which permeates the air that was affected by smoke.

SERVPRO of Nashua is thorough when cleaning your office building in Nashua or the surround areas after a fire has occurred. We understand the importance of getting your building wholly restored to its previous condition, so call us right away at (603) 889-2311 once the fire is out.

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Why Commercial Fire Damage in Nashua is Always a High Priority

12/12/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damage at your event center needs a quick remedy. Call SERVPRO for a fast, professional response when dealing with fire damage.

Conquering Nashua Commercial Fire Damage With The Team Approach Offered By SERVPRO

When a fire ignites in your Nashua business things get complicated very quickly. The immediate concerns are safety and welfare for employees and customers exiting the business as the fire rages. Once the flames subdue, the extent of the damage needs assessment by our professionals. Our team can plan a comprehensive response to the many challenges presented by a commercial fire.

Fire damage to an event center in Nashua affects not only the business owner but also impacts the hopes and dreams of those who chose it to celebrate or commemorate. It is critical to engage a restoration company that offers full-service recovery from all aspects of fire. If the restorers can devise a way to do their work while allowing for partial operations to meet the center’s clients’ needs, so much the better.

SERVPRO arrives Faster to Any Size Disaster, setting the stage for a successful restoration. We have fully-equipped service vehicles, ready to wade into the tasks necessary to get the fire damage recovery on track. Fire damage scenarios often begin with water removal and drying as the first order of business. Firefighting efforts use water and chemicals to knock down the flames. Our crews have IICRC training in both water and fire damage mitigation, seamlessly moving from managing the excess moisture to cleaning up the smoke and soot damage.

We section off unaffected areas of the Event Center as restoration proceeds, using physical barriers and negative pressure air scrubber technology to prevent the drift of soot and odor. SERVPRO knows how vital it is to protect your business’s operations and reputation during the restoration process. We are sensitive to your mission to make the events planned on your property go off without a hitch. Our team works tirelessly to make it happen.

Our employees master proper techniques to remove the broad range of fire damage residues encountered. SERVPRO technicians clean quickly and efficiently, matching products and tools to the types of sooty debris encountered. Even charred surfaces can be brought back to life using strategies representing fire damage restoration industry best practices.

Count on SERVPRO of Nashua to leap into action if your business suffers fire damage. Call us at (603) 889-2311 immediately after the authorities release the premises. We pledge to work with you to get to back to business swiftly for the benefit of your customers.

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Revealed: SERVPRO Offers Effective Commercial Remediation Services After a Fire in Nashua

10/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire damages at your business location can hinder day to day operation. Contact Team SERVPRO to remediate the damage and restore your space.

How Nashua Businesses can Benefit From Professional Fire Damage Restoration

Owning and operating a business is time consuming and any hours lost could result in a loss of revenue, especially during busy periods of the year. It is not uncommon for damages left behind by fire to go beyond the scope of your in-house janitorial team. When that happens, calling in a professional restoration service can be both cost-efficient and time efficient. However, you need a service you can trust.

We have been consistent in helping local businesses deal with commercial fire damage in Nashua. So, you know you can trust us to provide a quick and effortless service every time. The process begins with a simple phone call to our emergency 24-hour call line. From there, we can make an initial assessment of the scale of damage and the type of team you need to remedy it. Each team is led by a project manager with access to national-level resources.

SERVPRO can send a team of technicians directly to your business immediately after your phone call. Our technicians hold IIRC certificates in odor control and fire & smoke restoration. Sometimes, efforts to contain a fire can cause secondary water damages. We also have IIRC certified water damage restoration technicians, guaranteeing comprehensive restoration services to all our commercial property owners.

Fires are varied which can make remediation more difficult than first assumed. To avoid wasting time, SERVPRO conducts a thorough pre-test of materials. Conducting a pre-test helps us to ascertain the best course of action as well as making sure sensitive materials and furniture are not damaged by over-agitating or chemical usage. Alongside cleaning materials, we can use desiccant foggers to thoroughly deodorize the affected area and restore your business to a working condition.

When a cleanup operation goes beyond the remit of your in-house janitors, contact SERVPRO of Nashua for a professional service at (603) 889-2311.

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Use Water Damage Remediation Services From SERVPRO to Get Your Business Up and Running in Nashua

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

Your quaint diner provides wholesome meals to many customers. Contact SERVPRO should your business suffer any type of water damage.

Getting Nashua Businesses Back on Track With Commercial Water Cleanup Services

Businesses that operate in the hospitality industry have to be extra careful when it comes to health and safety. Providing a safe, secure environment for your customers is the number one concern for any business owner. So when a water leak occurs, you need a fast, effective and professional solution.

Time is of the essence when booking commercial water cleanup in Nashua. Businesses serving food and drink often have to close while work is undertaken, resulting in a loss of revenue. SERVPRO is a localized service that can send a cleanup team directly after notification of loss guaranteeing work begins as quickly as possible.

No-one knows your business better than you do. That is why we work with you to ensure a practical solution. A SERVPRO project manager can keep you informed every step of the way. By providing an instant point of contact, we are always ready to listen should you have any concerns or would like our work crews to direct their attention toward a specific area. Equally, we can discuss every outcome with you as it occurs, and put together a list of contents and damages to be passed on to your insurance provider.

Water removal can be carried out using truck-mounted extraction units that are capable of dealing with excessive moisture or pooling. We then set to work using heated wands which can dry in between floorboards or behind fixtures and fittings. Main areas are tackled with industrial grade wet/ dry vacuums in combination with rapid air-movers to lift any remaining moisture off your surfaces.

Once your SERVPRO project manager is satisfied that surfaces are suitably dry, we can place humidifiers to remove excess moisture from the surrounding air. These humidifiers use desiccant chemicals to help remove water molecules and establish an appropriate dry level. Before you re-open for business, we can use deodorizers to ensure your business is as welcoming as possible for your customers.

When a disaster hits your business, you need a service you can trust. We have built our reputation on effective cleaning solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua 24/7 at (603) 889-2311.

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Commercial Water Removal In Nashua

7/3/2018 (Permalink)

Nashua Hotels and Offices Rely on SERVPRO for Water Extraction and Business as Usual

Nashua Businesses and Retail Stores Benefit from Rapid Water Removal by SERVPRO

Nashua businesses deal with storms and fires every year. The common element to them is the water left inside the structure after the excitement has died down.
When it comes to commercial water removal for Nashua businesses, the source is usually from a burst pipe, fire suppression system, or other failed plumbing issues. For SERVPRO technicians, that means the water is clean, or not contaminated. They do not have to worry about spraying surfaces with anti-fungal agents, and can immediately bring in pumps and other removal equipment.
Our response teams start with a commercial grade pump. They have access to an extensive inventory and select based on the depth of the water and the size of the structure. In some cases, they may need to bring in more than one pump, but can still remove the majority of the water in a day or two.
Once the water is down to just covering the surface of the floors, SERVPRO specialists changeover to water extraction wands. These devices also come in a variety of sizes and types. If the business has extensive, carpeted areas, like in a furniture store or a large office building, they use a large wand that moves under its power and has a position for an operator to ride, a Rover.
This design allows our technician to stand over the machine as it draws water from the carpets. Extraction wands are also very useful in drawing out water trapped between floorboards. Most of the wands in our inventory also contain a heating element, so the technician can also start drying out floors and carpets as they remove the water.
In a large structure, there is also the problem of increasing humidity. Our restoration teams use dehumidifiers to draw up to 25 gallons of water from the air per unit per day to lower the amount of water in the air. With less water vapor, evaporation and moisture removal from the surfaces moves faster. We also open doors and windows and use air movers and box fans to increase circulation and force the damp, inside air out of the building. The HAT-Heat, Air, and Temperature dictate if this is suitable for any given situation.
If you are dealing with a water removal issue, contact SERVPRO of Nashua today at (603) 889-2311. Our goal is to help you return your business to its original condition and start serving customers again as quickly as possible, "Like it never even happened."

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Commercial Water Damage and Your Private Nashua Preschool

5/23/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Strives for Safety During Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Nashua Work and Play Places

SERVPRO Puts Children Safety First during Water Removal and Restoration

Nashua preschool parents want the best for their youngsters and choose preschools based largely on reputation and feedback from other parents. Almost anything can come up during a discussion about which preschool provides the best programs, activities, supervision, and so on, requiring preschool staff remains diligent when on duty.

Some disasters that Nashua preschools cannot entirely prevent include commercial water damage and its many effects. Caused by a variety of mini-catastrophes, damage from exposure to water can take many forms. Paint might begin peeling and flaking off concrete or cinder block walls. Acoustic ceiling tiles might show staining, or worse, deterioration with pieces falling on the floor where children can come into contact with the materials. Carpets can show signs of fraying and smell musty.

Because so many different ways exist that water damage can develop in a building, SERVPRO workers train in the numerous methods available to mitigate such a variety. All too often, building owners find that their business suffers from water damage in more than one area, and in different ways. We can mitigate both areas simultaneously unless rare circumstances prevent us from doing so and force us to complete the restoration process of one before starting to work on the other one.

We understand that while our work provides a crucial service, slowly accomplishing our goals can harm your business, and we want to prevent this from happening. We always work as quickly as we can, safely, so that interruptions to your daycare remain minimal but also so that worker safety remains uncompromised.

Protecting your students also sits high on our list of goals. We remove anything that could cause them harm and replace it with non-toxic, dry materials.

Many of the employees at SERVPRO of Nashua have children and know how safety affects many decisions in a parent's daily life. Water damage can create many different risks that can harm children, either immediately or after a span of time. Contact us so we can help you provide a safe and secure preschool setting for your students. Our emergency service line is always available to take your call at (603) 889-2311.

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Commercial Water Damage Cleanup in Your Nashua Restaurant

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

A leaking pipe can cause extensive water damage to your commercial property, especially when it goes unnoticed.

SERVPRO Can Thoroughly and Properly Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

Water is essential to keep your restaurant in Nashua running, but it can be damaging to your property as well. A leaking pipe can lead to damage to the structure of your building, besides abnormally high water bills. Water pipes might look airtight and durable, but they can give way to excessive pressure or can be destroyed by activities relating to construction. If there is a hidden leak that is unnoticed for a period, the damage is even worse.

When you suspect that you have a leak coming from your plumbing or pipeline in your Nashua business, it is crucial that you take action right away. The longer the water is allowed to sit in your building, the more commercial water damage is done. You need the professional help of our staff at SERVPRO, as we are a trained and experienced water damage restoration company.

When drying structures, airflow is one of the most important tools we can use. Drying your building efficiently requires knowing the correct techniques for using airflow. When an air mover blows directly at a wall, the air bounces back, plus it forces moisture into the wall, which is not good. Instead, if we place the air mover at a 45-degree angle, the air bounces off the wall and carries moisture away so drier air can replace it.

SERVPRO techs also place air movers in a clockwise pattern with the inlet facing the wall and nose against the wall. We might have to put extra air movers in closets, large windows, and offsets. We monitor all the equipment daily and move the machines to the left or right in a circular pattern, so we can evenly dry the structure in a timely fashion.

It is sometimes necessary to dry ceilings as well. Airflow has to be directed over wet ceilings to evaporate the moisture. Doing so also circulates the warm air which has risen to the ceiling. A few panels on each end of drop ceilings are opened so we can direct airflow into these open areas.

SERVPRO of Nashua understands how to thoroughly dry your business in Nashua or the surrounding counties after a water damage emergency. Give us a call right away at (603) 889-2311 when you believe you have a problem.

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Avoiding A Long-Term Shutdown With Commercial Water Removal At Your Nashua Factory

1/30/2018 (Permalink)

The presence of standing water in any Nashua business can cause many problems, and the same holds true for factories.

Commercial Water Removal

The presence of standing water in any Nashua business can cause many problems, and the same holds true for factories. These issues can last months, decreasing profits, creating an unsafe working environment for employees, and damaging both products and raw materials. Machinery can also become severely damaged when factory managers or owners delay in obtaining proper water removal services.

Many factories in Nashua avoid closing their doors by obtaining commercial water removal services whenever water collects in an area from broken water line es, damaged roof sections, or drain backups happen. Factories often close permanently after managers consider such services unnecessary.

SERVPRO employees can provide a full range of services to any business after flooding incidents occur. We are known nationwide as a trusted provider of mitigation and restoration services. We can respond Faster To Any Sized Disaster, regardless of type or magnitude. We intend on helping you keep your factory operational, so it continues to produce a profit, or returning it once again to an operational state, as quickly as possible.

When a factory remains productive after an incident involving problematic water, factory employees often encounter hindrances because of the water's presence. We understand that these problems make it even more critical that our presence does not become an additional impediment. When our equipment might create a problem in any specific area, we always discuss such issues with our customer to find an agreeable solution.

Working with extraction equipment, we rapidly remove any water present. When complete, our experts can then start restoring the dry conditions your factory requires. Air movers, commercial-grade heaters, and desiccant machines steadily decrease humidity and moisture. We treat areas deemed more likely to develop mold problems with an antimicrobial agent.

Having the skilled technicians at SERVPRO of Nashua come to your factory when you need commercial water removal is as easy as calling us at (603) 889-2311. We are open 24-hours every day of the year, and we want to help your factory remain operational.

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Hotel Crisis Averted With Competent Commercial Water Removal in Nashua

1/4/2018 (Permalink)

When hotel hot tubs or showers overflow and cause damage, it is important to contact SERVPRO right away to dry out the property and prevent mold.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive on the Scene With the Equipment and Training to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Establishment

Hotels in the Nashua area meet many needs for residents, area businesses, and visitors. Travelers stop to visit attractions or rest while passing through, family members gather for reunions or events like weddings and graduations, conferences planners need meeting rooms and overnight accommodations for out-of-town attendees, and school groups or sports teams require a home base during a tournament or other contests.
Occasionally during these stays, pranks or accidents cause issues that require commercial water removal in a Nashua hotel. Mistakes like draping the curtain outside of a tub during a shower or parties that result in hot tub water or cooler ice spreading across a suite or common area cause serious consequences for hotel management. Cleaning staff at the hotel do not have the specialized training nor the equipment we use to bring these problems under control.
Hotels that need water removal gain good results when SERVPRO answers the call. We understand that even a day lost to commerce because of a water emergency can spell disaster for an inn, resort, or motel. Guests rely on you for accommodations, and the community expects to be able to recommend your rooms for business associates or family members in town for a limited time.
Our service vehicles have submersible pumps and water extractors onboard, so if the power is interrupted in the flooded spaces for safety reasons, SERVPRO can still begin to remove the water immediately. If a meeting or ballroom is affected, we make certain the crew member numbers and equipment we provide meets the size of the water removal problem.
Drying out tiled areas still requires us to look for migrating water or recesses where pooled-up moisture hides. SERVPRO makes sure that all responding teams have members who know how to measure moisture and scan for pockets of water between walls, above ceilings, or other unexpected areas. Drying goals set through the use of this information allow a systematic and efficient approach to drying.
Where wet carpeting is a problem, our employees use their training to dry it in place, using weighted wands and moisture monitoring to achieve proper moisture reduction at all levels -- carpet, padding, and the subfloor. SERVPRO technicians appreciate the necessity of removing the water fast and thoroughly to avoid secondary issues like mold growth or building material deterioration.
SERVPRO of Nashua prepares for commercial water removal requests by employing only IICRC trained technicians and stocking state-of-the-art industrial strength equipment. When unanticipated water needs removal, give us a call at (603) 889-2311.

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Indoor Water Line Breaks Solved by Commercial Water Removal in Nashua Furniture Galleries

11/9/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO can help restore your furniture after water damage to a like-new condition.

Quick and Efficient Water Removal Services for Your Commercial Space

Helping furnish the homes in Nashua takes skill and a desire to help people raise their families in a comfortable home while entertaining guests in style. Part of this requires having floor models on hand so customers know exactly how individual pieces of furniture look and feel, and how the dimensions might play out in their homes.

When a water line breaks inside a Nashua furniture gallery, commercial water removal can help make everything right again. Area businesses know they can rely on SERVPRO and our professional technicians to provide the exact services needed for catastrophes of any size, type, or severity.

With furniture, particularly new pieces, carpeting can quickly stain from the finishes on furniture legs. As soon as we complete our initial assessment, we set these pieces on unfinished wooden blocks to protect the carpeting. These must remain until the furniture and carpeting dry thoroughly.

Removing the water standing in your showroom happens quite fast with the use of our truck-mounted pumps. Solidly built, these steadily remove the water causing you grief. When floors become visible again, we switch to hand-held pumps that our technicians can comfortably handle, making water removal around furniture pieces, stairways, and tight places possible.

Just as our Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) knows precisely what the inside of your building's interior requires, our Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician (UFT) knows what each piece of waterlogged furniture requires for restoration. While you might now not be able to sell these items as 'new,' we can often restore furniture items to like-new condition, making your potential customers quite pleased with the new price.

While we assist you in keeping sales strong by performing restorative work, SERVPRO can also help as a neutral party by keeping an inventory sheet of damaged items restored by our technicians. The difference in regular price to after-damage price is often recoverable as a business loss, either via insurance or tax credits, but both may require written documentation.

SERVPRO of Nashua can be reached by calling (603) 889-2311, every day of the year, and at any hour. We remain dedicated to helping all our customers achieve their goals of returning everything to normal once again.

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Water Damage After Commercial Power Outage In Nashua

8/19/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the technicians and equipment to abate the water damage from the melting in retail settings.

Water Damage After A Power Outage

Convenience and grocery stores rely on vast numbers of coolers and freezers to keep food and drink safe and palatable for customers, and large quantities of ice available. Electricity failures due to storms or stressed infrastructure leave the contents vulnerable to defrosting and spoilage. SERVPRO has the technicians and equipment to abate the water damage from the melting in retail settings.

A long-term power outage caused water damage to your mini-mart in Nashua. You stock significant stores of ice for local residents and travelers, and the melt of that inventory caused overnight flooding of the floors in the store and the back room. The freezers and coolers holding beverages and food also added water to the problem as frost melted and drop pans overflowed. We offer cutting edge water removal and drying equipment and a well-trained crew of certified damage restorers to assist with cleanup and drying of your commercial space.

Water damage needs immediate attention to ensure the integrity of your building’s structure as well as protect the public from any collateral damage such as microbial infestation. SERVPRO crews react within hours of your request for help, bringing truck-mounted pumps and water extractors that need no external source of power for operation. We remove standing water and search for areas where hidden pockets of moisture formed during the melt. Eradicating all sources of flood water is critical to avoid continuing risk of mold growth or deterioration of building materials or fixtures.

The tile floor under the coolers and freezers undergoes an evaluation to make certain no further attention is necessary after water extraction. If the subfloor is also saturated, SERVPRO may position fans in any basement or crawl space beneath the area. Tiles may be lifted if access is limited to move air through. Air movers and dehumidifiers help reduce the moisture content in affected areas of your store. The presence of unrefrigerated food increases the possibility of mold growth, so we apply proper professional antimicrobial products to minimize the chance of colonies proliferating.

We work with your insurance company throughout the process, documenting your good faith efforts to remediate a tough situation. Our crews are trained to assist with the cleanup and disposal of foodstuffs as well or work with your staff or another contractor to complete a comprehensive restoration of your convenience store.

SERVPRO of Nashua is ready to help with water damage from any source and in any location. Call (603) 889-2311 to request an evaluation by one of our experienced project managers.

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Water Damage Restoration Services Available in Nashua

2/7/2017 (Permalink)

Call SERVPRO quickly after water damage for best results.

SERVPRO Technicians Will Help Get Your Business Up and Running After Damage

Restaurants, often experience issues with their indoor environments, constantly changing temperatures and humidity levels which make your restaurant just as susceptible to water damage as any other building. However, because of your relationship with the public, you require detailed, professional services, to meet specific standards.
We understand the level of importance that surrounds maintaining a safe, healthy environment in your Nashua restaurant. Commercial water damage restoration repairs need to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, with little to no interruption in the services you provide to your customers.
You would benefit from contacting a company with local resources, who specializes in these types of situations. We offer many water damage restoration methods to return your business to a quality pre-damage condition, "Like it never even happened."
SERVPRO technicians have several years of experience, performing services that fit situations just like yours. Our technicians make your recovery process as simple as possible, from performing an initial inspection and assessment of existing damages to finalizing all repairs and performing a final walk through.
SERVPRO's water damage restoration begins with locating and repairing the water source, making sure that it is no longer a problem. We search for any hazards that may exist and determine which services to offer that fit your unique situation.
Each different water classification, clean, gray, or black water, requires specific handling methods to ensure the safety of your patrons and the workers performing repairs. If any hazards exist that affect the operations of your company, we notify you immediately.
To properly remove standing water and other moisture that exists on your property, we use quality water extraction equipment such as; wet-dry vacuums, hand-held and truck mounted extractors, or submersible pumps, depending on the amount of water that exists and the size of the affected area.
We consider a variety of items during the water damage restoration services offered at SERVPRO. We look at how much contamination is present, the type of materials exposed, whether containment is necessary, or if the area has the proper ventilation for sufficient drying.
Our technicians examine your HVAC system thoroughly, and if it was not affected, we perform the proper steps to ensure that it remains clean during the restoration process. You gain access to expertly trained technicians who pay close attention to possible health threats, or whether personal protective equipment is necessary to maintain the proper safety standards on site.
At SERVPRO of Nashua, we work hard to return your restaurant to a quality preloss condition, call us today for additional information. (603) 889-2311

Restoring Your Nashua, NH Commercial Property After A Water Damage Event

11/30/2016 (Permalink)

Flooding and water damage events at Nashua, NH commercial properties are often complex with numerous issues that require a knowledgeable and flexible response. Weather we are dealing with a relatively small water cleanup scenario or a large scale event, we work quickly to assess each unique situation and isolate the damaged area.

Restoring Commercial Properties Presents Unique Challenges

Our professionals are trained to be mindful of legal and environmental concerns and strive to fully restore the damage area while working within your budgetary constraints. We understand that every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. Therefore, when an emergency situation in your business arises, give us a call anytime and we will be there as fast as we can with the help you need.

SERVPRO of Nashua 603-889-2311