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The Best Way to Clean Nashua Walls with Fire Damage

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Warehouse with SERVPRO equipment on shelves SERVPRO is Here to Help with the tools and equipment for your fire damaged property in Nashua.

SERVPRO Brings Professional Fire Cleanup to Nashua Homeowners

After a fire is limited to a single area with a Nashua home, more considerable damage can occur by well-meaning homeowners trying to clean up fire and smoke damage from their walls. Applying wet cleaners on specific residues can grind the soot and leave permanent stains and fire odors. 

It is not unusual for SERVPRO to arrive at a Nashua property with fire damage and find that early self-cleaning efforts have already occurred. During the initial scoping, the technicians talk to the property owner to find out crucial knowledge for the restoration, such as:  

  • Articles within the fire damage area that are important to the homeowner
  • If DIY cleaning occurred before SERVPRO arrival 
  • Greenlight for entry from first responders 

What are the Outcomes of Under-Cleaned Smoke and Fire Damage?  

When smoke residues do not get adequately removed, the smell of the fire damage remains within the home. The scent cannot be simply painted over. The odorous soot particles in the walls will continue to exude odor. SERVPRO team members have extensive training in removing all types of smoke damage as Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT). The tactics used to remove evidence of a house fire include:  

  • Use of specific tools and applications for dry and wet smoke residues
  • Sealant as needed on walls
  • Controlled demo on walls and assemblies too damaged for restorative cleaning

What Methods Does SERVPRO Use to Clean Smoke Damaged Walls?

SERVPRO team members visually inspect and test residues on walls before applying cleaning methods. Dry smoke reacts badly to liquids, so methods that utilize lifting away the soot get used. The use of trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove tough stains on walls. In cases where light discoloration or slight fire odors remain, the technicians use sealants to create a new surface on an otherwise undamaged wall that is ready for priming and painting. 

There are almost always multiple types of smoke damage in a room after a fire. Consider a room in a home; there will be various objects such as wood furnishings, paper products such as books, and natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk upholstery and window treatments. These items create differing kinds of smoke residues as they burn, and the soot deposits on walls and other surfaces. The same cleaning method for removing plastic residues will differ from a book that burns. It is vital to understand the differences in how these fire soils adhere to surfaces and what it takes to remove them without further damage. 

What is Controlled Demo and How Does It Benefit Fire Damage? 

When SERVPRO technicians cut away the charred or deteriorated walls and building materials for removal, this is known as controlled demolition. This action lowers the fire odors in the structure and readies the property for deep cleaning and the necessary repairs to make it a home again.

Nashua property owners rely on SERVPRO of Nashua for fire damage restoration. The IICRC-certified technicians are specialists in house fire cleanup and are available 24/7 days per year, including holidays, by calling (603) 889-2311. SERVPRO can handle the restoration service from start to finish, from the initial cleanup to build back services.

Nashua Homeowners Can Look Out for Water Damage

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Three SERVPRO vehicles being loaded by technicians in a parking lot SERVPRO technicians use an array of drying equipment to rid your home in Nashua of water damage.

SERVPRO Techs Bring Professional Water Cleanup to Nashua

The need for water restoration in Nashua properties shows up in various ways. Property owners can regularly check out their residences for signs of damage. Signs of the need for water restoration are:

  • Water stains or wet spots on floors or walls
  • Nails coming out floorboards due to warping from moisture
  • Musty odors also indicate the presence of mold
  • Leaks under sinks

There are several actions Nashua homeowners with water damage can take to address the need for water cleanup and establish preventative measures to avoid this situation in the future. SERVPRO recommends that property owners perform the following actions:

Inspect their residence regularly, looking from floor to ceiling in each room

  • Use of environmental monitoring to notify the homeowner in case of a leak in the plumbing or pipe break
  • Be vigilant in basements and crawlspaces, checking for hydrostatic water or the need for encapsulation (installing an envelope in the enclosed area)
  • In case of water damage within the home, always use professional restoration services

Benefits of Professional Water Damage Cleanup

Residential kitchens and bathrooms are two areas where SERVPRO regularly assists with water restoration services. The plumbing hub for the house is in the kitchen, with both sinks and appliances tapping into the home supply for use. Homeowners with a sudden pipe burst might mop up the water, and the floor looks clean, but a lot can be happening below the surface in terms of water damage. Water can seep under tile or floorboards and affect a subfloor quickly. While it may still dry on its own, the result can be loosened or damaged tile or warped floorboards. If the moisture affects the core of engineered floorboards, they can ruin beyond repair and require replacement. 

SERVPRO technicians can use their detection equipment to determine all areas of elevated moisture within a structure. Probes can decide if the probability of a wet subfloor or joists exists without lifting boards or drilling holes. Infrared cameras are beneficial for tracking water migration behind walls without damaging the structure. These advanced devices enable the techs to map out the scale of the water damage in a home and set up containment if necessary. 

When is Containment Necessary During Water Damage Cleanup?

A sewage backup or contaminated water in a home can lead to the need for containment. This practice of closing off the entrances and vents within the work site inhibits the spread of airborne elements that could potentially cause harm if aspirated or absorbed through skin contact. SERVPRO technicians wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and utilize cleaning agents that carry EPA registrations. This arsenal of supplies includes stout biocides and antifungal solutions to treat the water within the structure and lower the potential for harm from contaminants during the extraction process.

Clean and Sanitized After Water Damage

The techs ensure that the home, even after a sewage water cleanup, gets left sanitized for habitation by the homeowners. The techs wipe down all affected surfaces with their cleaners and test for the presence of bacteria before rating the surface Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Nashua property owners rely on SERVPRO of Nashua for water damage restoration. The IICRC-certified technicians are available 365 days per year by calling (603) 889-2311.

Solutions to Expect After Nashua Home Develops Mold Damage

6/6/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Damage on a bathroom ceiling The pros at SERVPRO should handle mold remediation in Nashua. Their IICRC certified technicians are trained and ready for any size job.

SERVPRO Cleans and Removes Materials from Nashua Homes during Mold Remediation

Noticing signs of mold calls for rapid action to stop further contamination and restore preloss conditions. Since each mold contamination case varies, you might not know what restoration procedures may be necessary. Typically, the level of infestation determines the actions required so that a response can range from simple cleaning of soils to demolition of materials.

The signs that indicate whether your Nashua home has mold damage begin as very slight changes on surfaces or even in the air. You might notice your home feels stuffier than usual, which then progresses to a musty smell that makes staying indoors for a long time uncomfortable. Other signs include dark patches, browning, and deterioration that leaves materials crumbly. SERVPRO can provide an appropriate response at any stage of contamination.

Mold remediation combines different aspects since it must address existing deterioration and limit chances of future growth. The most crucial factors include moisture management and inhibiting microbial growth processes since they are responsible for continued development or future breakouts. 

Typical Actions Against Mold Damage

  • Containment of some house sections
  • Teardown of structural materials
  • Application of chemical agents
  • Various drying procedures

Once mold starts, it spreads over vast areas affecting the structure and contents of organic materials. However, it rarely affects the entire home unless it is abandoned. SERVPRO technicians isolate contaminated areas from the unaffected sections when remediating the damage. Constructing airtight physical barriers helps keep mold debris from spreading. Such a barrier is made from plastic sheets held up by PVC pipes or spring-loaded metal rods, making it convenient to set up and disassemble. 

The Reason that Mold Damage Occures

Mold formation is a natural process that aids the natural decomposition of materials. When naturally-occurring spores settle on surfaces, they sprout root-like hyphae that penetrate organic materials and break them down as food. Therefore, when mold develops inside your home, the affected materials deteriorate and maybe unsalvageable if intervention is delayed. Demolition to remove porous and structurally unsound materials is a likely process for your home. Our SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians help perform controlled demolition, which removes the affected materials while minimizing damage in unaffected areas.

Controlled Demolition Tasks

  • Precision cuts
  • Targeting particular areas
  • Organizing debris

Demolition is usually done to open up walls, ceilings, and floors removing moldy materials from the surfaces or within the cavities. These three areas contain different materials, including the covering panels, tiles or boards, and the support structures such as frames and joists. Various utilities like air ducts, plumbing, and electric ducts also run through these areas. You must do demolition in a way that saves utilities to avoid unnecessary costs. Our SERVPRO technicians use precision cutting tools and accessories such as stud finders to ensure unnecessary destruction does not happen. 

Demolition produces various wastes ranging from large chunks of materials to fine dust. These wastes need a clear organization plan to minimize soiling and protect your households from unnecessary exposure to mold debris. Our crews use heavy-duty sealable plastic bags to collect the larger debris. We also establish negative air pressure before demolition to prevent the finer debris from spreading. 

SERVPRO of Nashua knows what to do in a property affected by mold damage and can help you devise an appropriate remediation plan. Call us at (603) 889-2311. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Proven Tips to Deal With Nashua Commercial Water Damage Remediation in Your Church

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Church Pews When your church is facing water damage, time is extremely critical. Contact our IICRC certified team for water damage remediation right away.

Avoid Reconstruction with Water Removal in Your Nashua Church

Water loss incidents can cause substantial structural damage to your Nashua church. The only way to actively avoid this potential outcome is to seek out the fast response of restoration professionals like ours. With effective mitigation strategies like extraction and efficient drying, structural concerns that lead to reconstruction can often get avoided. Our professionals are available 24/7 to respond to water loss emergencies, ensuring that no customer has to wait a moment longer than necessary for money and time-saving mitigation solutions.

Extraction is one of the first steps for any water damage situation in your Nashua church, but water removal requires a fast response and assessment of this damage. Our SERVPRO professionals have a rapid response to all emergencies, arriving with the full measure of our industry-leading equipment designed to protect structural elements from damaging saturation and prolonged moisture exposure, which ultimately requires tear-out and reconstruction.

Every portion of your church represents an investment; the costliest of these is the sanctuary area. From plush carpeting to the rows of pews, water loss incidents threaten the composition of these materials almost immediately. The longer these elements remain exposed, the more they can warp and distort until they are no longer salvageable. Our SERVPRO team can work to remove standing water and oversaturation quickly with effective tools like our wet-vacs with wands or our weighted extractors.

With the high volume of electronics and sound equipment throughout the average modern church these days, standing water and damp conditions can also threaten these elements. Our effective mitigation team can move at-risk electronics to a safe area of the church while extraction, drying, and any replacement or reconstruction get underway.

While substantial water loss incidents can potentially be very costly and challenging to restore, the proper response from our SERVPRO of Nashua team to the emergency can reduce out-of-pocket expenses and the time to repair the damage. Give our experienced professionals a call today at (603) 889-2311.

Warm-Weather Storms can Leave Your Nashua Home with Flood Damage

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Water in Bedroom pooling Call SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311 for assistance from a professional remediation company.

Drying Out to Deodorization Solves Flood Damage

The most common concerns when a home in Nashua sustains flood damage are very closely aligned with our normal procedures. We must get your property cleaned up and livable, and doing so requires we work in a specific pattern. 

At SERVPRO, we use internationally accepted standards that reduce waste while providing our customers with fast, reliable results. This matters to those living in Nashua, particularly after flood damage occurs. Pumping out the water is only the first phase. While the others might not seem as dramatic, they play equally important roles in restoring your domicile to livable conditions.

Our large pump trucks rapidly finish extracting the bulk of trapped water (from lower levels, including basements and crawlspace). Then, we can use the same mechanisms to remove water remaining in the crevices of your flooring with our water extraction wands. 

Water-saturated materials often require removal instead of restoration. Water intrusions can leave things soaked through with microbes, bringing other kinds of damage into your home. Flooding within lower areas can produce microbes that can, once airborne, make otherwise dry materials and belongings start to mildew.

Because storms and flooding leave things wet, or at a minimum, damp, we avoid using ozone machines to deodorize. This is our final step in restoring a home. Instead of ozone, we make use of:

  • Hydroxyl generators, as well as 
  • Gel packs that slowly and steadily release pleasant scents, and
  • Odor-absorbing pellets are placed in inaccessible areas.

Flooding can also introduce copious amounts of foreign matter. This is particularly true when sudden and unexpected. If the foreign material is organic, it can leave your property with intense odors. We remove anything we find like this when we carry out other cleanings up of damaged materials. We do everything possible to make it “Like it never even happened.”

For damage related to a storm or flood, call us, SERVPRO of Nashua, at (603) 889-2311.

How Can Owners Return Their Homes to a Clean, Safe Condition after a Mold Infestation?

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

Mold Under Wall Paper Do you know how to locate and remediate mold? SERVPRO does!

Nashua Residents Call SERVPRO for Thorough Repair after a Mold Infestation 

Is Mold Always a Threat to Area Homes? 

In its inert state, mold spores are no more dangerous to Nashua homes than house dust and are almost as common. SERVPRO response teams can remove the water, causing the spores to expand and grow, then remove any mold growths before they spread further.  

Why is SERVPRO a Preferred Choice for Area Homes? 

Our response team technicians understand that mold damage repair in Nashua starts with stopping the mold from causing more damage to the home's unaffected parts. To help mitigate this end, we establish containment with the following actions: 

Install plastic sheeting to seal off contaminated rooms and hallways.

Turn off the HVAC system and cover all vents to prevent cross-contamination throughout the home.

Create negative air pressure in the polluted areas to direct airflow outside the home.  

Our SERVPRO technicians also build 'clean rooms' that allow them to leave tools and protective clothing in a sealed area to avoid spreading mold to other home parts. Once established, they clean everything in the affected area. If the structural property cannot be cleaned, technicians use different methods.  

Can Your Technicians Repair or Restore Everything?  

In most cases, yes. We have the skills to replace wall and ceiling tiles, then paint everything to match the color of the infested panels. Technicians use scrapers and sanders to remove the surface layer of wall support carefully and other structures to get at the mold spores deep inside. If the mold spores deeply penetrate a large area, they also can use a soda-blasting device to dig them out without further damaging the wood. We can also partner with reputable companies to facilitate the build-back. 

Call SERVPRO of Nashua today at (603) 889-2311 to begin repairing your home. No agency can eliminate mold, but we can stop the damage to your residence. Hence, it looks "Like it never even happened."

Make Fire Damage Restoration in Nashua Easier by Hiring a Fire Restoration Technician

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

yellow fire tape in front of a fire damaged house Regardless of the extent of the fire damage, team SERVPRO can help. Contact us for effective fire damage restoration services. We are here 24/7.

SERVPRO Technicians Handle Fire and Smoke Damage for Nashua Homeowners

There is no such thing as minor fire damage. Every single fire incident requires a professional restoration team if you want to put the incident behind you. Even when the flames seem small and the fire damage appears contained, only a specialist with the right equipment and knowledge can give a full picture of the current and potential threats the fire has on your home. Flames, smoke, and extinguishing agents can be detrimental to your home’s structure and to your belongings.

Fire damage restoration experts in Nashua are a phone call away. At SERVPRO, we answer our hotline around the clock and are quick to jump into action. Issues related to a home fire worsen as time lapses, so we travel with all necessary equipment to set in motion a successful remediation process. Our team of certified experts bases their actions on sound scientific principles learned in formal training with leaders in our industry as well as on our day-to-day job. Keeping in mind that each household is unique and every situation presents its own sets of challenges, we generally focus on the following when we receive a call from a homeowner-

  • Safety- we focus on assessing the physical safety of the home and preserving ours by using personal protective equipment and liaising with relevant authorities as needed.  
  • Water and debris removal- our water restoration technicians use pumps, extractors, and air movers to eliminate water and help restore normal humidity levels. We discard unsalvageable items and can move those requiring special attention to offsite locations for treatment.
  • Deodorization- as your home returns to its pre-fire condition, we focus on the air inside it and apply industry-grade solutions to deodorize it by eliminating unpleasant smell particles.

SERVPRO of Nashua is your best resource when a fire happens. Call us at (603) 889-2311 and let us work hard to leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Preserves and Restores Water Loss Property in Nashua

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a leaking pipe under a sink Dealing with a water leak in your kitchen can be quite overwhelming. SERVPRO arrives on the scene with water removal tools and more.

Saving a Nashua Hardwood Floor after a Water Leak

Modern appliances are typically labor and money saving options, accessible equipment that Nashua homeowners purchase and install to make life a little easier. Many appliances use water to complete their tasks. Malfunctions of pumps or breakdowns of hoses or connections can expose your home’s structure to water damage. Often the units are built-in, concealing the leaks until significant harm to structural components and fixtures has already occurred.

We recently responded to concerns about a water leak from a Nashua customer. The problem was in the kitchen where the beautiful tongue and groove hardwood flooring risked permanent damage from water flowing out of a built-in dishwasher. This area of the kitchen sits above a crawl space that also suffered damage from the water intrusion.

When our crew arrived, we disconnected and moved the dishwasher from the area. Water had not only flowed on the surface of the floor in front of the appliance, but also had seeped between the planking, through the underlayment paper, and into the subfloor. After assessing the situation, the SERVPRO crew followed the plan devised to save the hardwood, bring the subfloor back to normal moisture levels, and dry out the crawl space void and supporting joists.  

We needed to dry the expensive hardwood tongue and groove planking to appropriate moisture levels in a controlled manner to prevent distortion. Access to the subfloor and crawl space was also necessary to remove any water and to speed the drying process. SERVPRO crew members carefully removed planks from about 24 rows of the tongue and groove installation to help accomplish these goals.

Technicians took frequent moisture readings as the planks dried in a contained area, ensuring even but not overly aggressive drying. Air movers and heaters pulled moisture from the subfloor and created circulation in the crawl space. Dehumidifiers captured the resulting airborne water vapor for collection and disposal. All affected surfaces received thorough cleaning and disinfection using EPA-registered products.

Once all materials and the crawl space dried to specifications, SERVPRO arranged for the expensive tongue and groove flooring’s reinstallation. The crew’s fast and professional response saved our customer considerable expense, making the water crisis “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Nashua commits to arriving quickly with the trained crew and state-of-the-art equipment needed to restore your home after any disaster. Call us at (603) 889-2311 to schedule an assessment of your water loss.

Professionals in Nashua Give Tips for DIY Water Damage Restoration

5/8/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded basement with water covering the floors Basement flooding can quickly cause structural damage to your property. Contact SERVPRO anytime for effective water removal and drying services.

DIY Tips for Dealing with a Flooded Basement in Nashua

As a Nashua homeowner, you should understand that every basement can flood. However, some of you might be surprised by how many different flooding possibilities exist. So, we’ve put together a few tips that can help you limit your losses. 

Walking into standing water after experiencing a flooded basement in your Nashua home is never a good idea. Floods from external water sources or sewage leaks can contain harmful bacteria, along with electrical hazards, where frayed cords or exposed wiring pose a severe threat to anyone entering the area. 

It is smart to lean more towards contacting a professional, like SERVPRO, before attempting flood damage repairs yourself. However, we also understand that not every situation requires an entire team of trained professionals. If you have plumbing, sewage, or foundation leaks in your basement and are the handy sort, you can do smaller jobs on your own. 

Just remember to shut-down electrical services, and close the main water line to your home. Doing so gives you the time to repair the source of the problem correctly. If you are not familiar or do not feel comfortable doing this yourself, contact SERVPRO. We are available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, ready to answer your call. 

Tip 1: Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect yourself from harm or contamination. Thick rubber gloves, waterproof boots (preferably rubber), a mask or respirator, and goggles are all essential tools for this sort of job. 

Ventilate the flooded area by opening any windows you find, set up fans and dehumidifiers. If you don’t have them, purchase a few at your local hardware store for the best results. 

Tip 2: Remove all damaged items from your basement. Standing water continually damages your belongings, floors, walls, and ceiling. Use everything available to get water out fast. Towels, a mop & bucket, wet-dry vacuums, and sump pumps can all be purchased locally. 

Avoid moving large items on your own; saturated items are heavier than usual. If things feel beyond your capabilities, don’t be afraid to know your limitations. 

Tip 3: Disinfect every item, surface, or material touched by flood-waters. Even if the area looks to be in good condition, all require cleaning as soon as possible. 

Contact SERVPRO of Nashua for help if you find yourself in over your head. (603) 889-2311

The Advantage of ‘Going Green’ as a SERVPRO Restorer

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

female, wiping down black wall Have a great future as a trained SERVPRO of Nashua crew member.

Owners Kevin and Cynthia Lee and our growing staff of restoration professionals have been proudly serving Nashua and its surrounding areas for decades. Our commitment to the growth and development of the roster has allowed us to be a nationally recognized conglomerate of local franchises. We train our team to put the customer first, and that always begins with excellent service across the board.

Serving Your Community

As restorers, you see first-hand the devastation that a loss event can have on a household or a business. With nearly half of companies never reopening after severe disaster events, we are proud to be part of the solution with prompt service and knowledgeable action that gets doors open and Nashua properties back to their everyday operations. We hire locals, so our dedicated staff is helping their neighbors to recover after emergencies, and the technicians have a greater desire to help in their communities.

Competitive Wages and Benefits

While there is value in helping someone return their property to its original condition after water and fire disasters, our technicians, restorers, and management work in a competitive industry that demands alluring pay and attractive benefits. As mentally rewarding as production team members might see the job, we ensure even the newest members of the team experience:

  • Competitive industry wages
  • Bonuses
  • Paid vacation time
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid training
  • Comprehensive insurance
  • Supportive and patient leadership

A Local Restoration Company

We are a piece of a larger national brand with more than 1700 franchises throughout North America. Despite being backed by one of the biggest brands in restoration, we are a locally run and managed business, and we want our staff to represent the communities they serve around Nashua. We promote from within, and many of our management comprises technicians that have been with us for more than a decade.

Openings Available Now

Because disasters never take a day off, we are always looking to bolster our roster with fresh talent and dedicated self-starting professionals with a willingness to learn. Currently, SERVPRO of Nashua is seeking:

Crew Chief: This position manages restoration jobs happening and the production technicians involved. Chiefs make sure the suitable materials make it to the job, the appropriate equipment is on-site, and that drying and restoration goals and milestones are being met on the timeline to keep pushing production to a positive conclusion. Restoration industry experience is strongly encouraged.

Production Technician: this opening is for those interested in learning residential and commercial restoration approaches and tactics and applying them in a fast-paced, production-driven environment to return damaged properties to their original condition. Applicants are provided paid in-house training to earn as they learn.

Want to see how you fit into a growing team of restoration industry professionals? Give our SERVPRO of Nashua office a call to apply at (603) 889-2311 or send an email with a resume to