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Don't Store Future Water Issues in Your Nashau Basement

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Don't Store Future Water Issues in Your Nashau Basement Flooded basements are common occurrences, but SERVPRO can help you eliminate problem areas in advance so your basement will stay dry.

Leaking Basement Could Turn to Flood Damages at Your Nashua Home

If you battle a wet basement in your Nashua home, you are not alone. Many homeowners struggle with underground moisture or aging foundations that allow water to penetrate at vulnerable points. While this can prove to be an issue all on its own to face, the erosion and degradation of the foundation is cause for even greater concern. Flooding can occur from a single compromised point in your foundation with the right conditions, so it is essential to prepare and work to prevent this possibility.

While you might not have experienced flood damages in your Nashua home before, a wet basement could be the precursor to these effects. The trouble with this erosion and wear on the blockwork used to construct your foundation is that many homeowners do not know what they are looking for when it comes to identifying the problem areas. Our SERVPRO technicians can help you to clean up the mess and remove the water once flood damages have occurred, but we can also help to determine weak points and help to repair these compromised areas.

Extraction is always one of the first concerns of our SERVPRO team when we arrive at a flooded residence. Removing the excess water can help us to get to the critical drying stage, but also can help us to identify the points where water could penetrate through the defenses of your basement level. Once we have determined the vulnerable cracks, splits, or missing joints, we can repair these points with the use of hydraulic cement. This compound is designed to withstand immense water pressure.  It can also be applied and set even when the affected area is still wet.

Flood damages may not be something that you can avoid entirely should the effects become widespread throughout the area, but you can prevent the slow degradation to your construction materials that allow for these damages to occur. Give our SERVPRO of Nashua rapid response team a call at the first sign of flood damage, or for information about assessments of the structural integrity of your basement and waterproofing solutions. We are available 24/7 at (603) 889-2311.

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What Goes Into SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Process That Makes It Work In Nashua

10/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage What Goes Into SERVPRO's Fire Damage Restoration Process That Makes It Work In Nashua The impact of fire is measured on a sliding scale rather than as a singular event.

Restoration After Major Fire Damage In Nashua

The impact of fire is measured on a sliding scale rather than as a singular event. Minor damages could be caused by a kitchen fire and leave behind stains on walls and appliances. Medium level damage would be where a fire is contained to a single room, but smoke has traveled beyond the initial space, spreading into other rooms. Significant damage is when structural components are affected. Today we are looking at significant damages and how to repair them.

Extensive fire damage in Nashua properties requires extensive remediation and, in most cases restoration. These events can be debilitating and impact the daily routine of yourself and your family. For those reasons, choosing the right professional service, and one that is sensitive to your concerns is of utmost importance. SERVPRO uses local technicians who know the community and its surrounding area to get the job done.

In the event of a significant fire, the priority is your safety. Often, you are relocated to safe temporary accommodation while the work is carried out. This process reduces exposure to harmful toxins that may be left behind by the burning of synthetic materials like fiberglass or plastics. Once your family has vacated the property, SERVPRO can begin to get your home back to its preloss condition.

The first part of the journey is making the area safe for tradesmen and contractors to carry out their jobs. We may have to restore power to the property if it has been shut off during firefighting efforts. We also carry out a safety inspection removing hazards like loose structure or debris from the property. Ozone generators are brought into which use O3 gas to remove toxins and restore indoor air quality so that we can carry out our work safely.

SERVPRO can conduct a pack out service for your valuable possessions and furniture. We pack and label each item before sending it off to an offsite facility where it is mechanically cleaned. Using Esporta washing machines helps to remove soot and smoke residues that may appear permanently embedded in fabrics. While possessions are restored off-site, onsite work involves intensive cleaning to remove all signs of secondary fire and water damage.

Before we return your possessions to the property, we can set to work prepping ceilings, walls, and structure for restoration work by laying down base coats. Prepping the area allows remodeling to be carried out with minimal fuss for external contractors, saving time and money. The final step is to deodorize the property and return your newly restored possessions before you return to your property.

Major events like this are upsetting, use a professional, local service to restore your home to its condition before the fire by calling SERVPRO of Nashua at (603) 889-2311.

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FAQ - SERVPRO Says Here Is What You Should Know About Water Damage in Nashua

9/26/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage FAQ - SERVPRO Says Here Is What You Should Know About Water Damage in Nashua SERVPRO Answers Your Questions About Water and Mold Damage in Nashua

8 Frequently Asked Questions By Nashua Residents Concerning Water Damage

1. How much does a water damage restoration cost?
A: SERVPRO provides a professional consultation/estimate at no charge. Yes, it is free. We base the cost on this consultation and inspection. We note where the damage happened, what materials were harmed, and how much the water mitigation may cost. This is a professional estimate only. It is determined by the size of the affected area, equipment calculations, proper drying plans, building materials that may need to be removed, and how much containment we may need to set up.

2. Are you filing a claim in Nashua with your insurance company?
A: If you are filing a claim, SERVPRO needs your claim number and the name of your carrier. We can then directly deal with your insurer releasing you from undue worry. You are responsible for the deductible and a deposit if no coverage is available.

3. What chemical sanitizes the affected elements after a water loss?
A:  We utilize SERVPRO's proprietary decontamination products on the affected areas to reduce the likelihood of microbial growth, including mold. The primary decontaminant product is SERVPRO Oxide, an EPA registered chlorine dioxide based disinfectant and stabilizer. This product requires no PPE personal protective equipment when applying, is safe for use on all surfaces, and for people and pets.

4. Will I stay at home during the drying process?
A: The answer is yes if the residence is safe. The well-being of our customers and employees is our number one priority. Each case is different depending on the severity of the damage and is evaluated as such. We urge you to remain in your residence whenever possible. However, if judged unsafe, we can suggest to your insurance company to provide you with a temporary relocation. The drying equipment can be noisy, and usually must run for several days continuously during the dry-down period, so some customers prefer not to stay in the home during this time, or at least not during the night hours.

5. How quickly can a SERVPRO crew arrive after an emergency loss to help?
A: The average time is about 2 hours after receiving the contact. SERVPRO techs can arrive on site to do emergency services and start the mitigation process right away. We just require a signed Service Authorization Form.

6. What is the drying process for water damage?
A: The drying process commences with the crew and the help of the homeowner if needed first to discover the source of the water leak and stop it. The crew checks for any electrical safety concerns. Our technicians can remove any pooling water from the wet area and use moisture detectors and measuring equipment as well as psychrometric charts to determine the moisture in the walls and the air. The SERVPRO crew can develop a drying plan to determine the best means of restoration for the property. We can then deploy a variety of drying systems and equipment, including air movers and commercial grade dehumidifiers, to thoroughly dry the materials and environment. The entire drying process generally takes about 3-5 days to complete, depending on the circumstances.

7. Does all water damage cause mold?
A:  Each water damaging event presents an opportunity for mold or other microbial growth. The source and type of water (Clean, Gray, or Black--highly contaminated), the severity of the leak, the ambient temperature, and the duration that moisture has been present all have a direct effect on the amount and types of microbial growth. It is crucial that you take action as soon as you realize that a damaging water event has occurred to prevent the spread of the microbial growth in your home or business.

8. How soon can microbial growth start to grow?
A: Depending upon the conditions, but in most cases, microbial growth can begin to develop within 72 hours of a water damage event. Swiftly responding is paramount to limiting the spread of microbials and secondary water damage. SERVPRO of Nashua's primary goal is to ensure the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones. (603) 889-2311

Use Water Damage Remediation Services From SERVPRO to Get Your Business Up and Running in Nashua

9/23/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Use Water Damage Remediation Services From SERVPRO to Get Your Business Up and Running in Nashua Your quaint diner provides wholesome meals to many customers. Contact SERVPRO should your business suffer any type of water damage.

Getting Nashua Businesses Back on Track With Commercial Water Cleanup Services

Businesses that operate in the hospitality industry have to be extra careful when it comes to health and safety. Providing a safe, secure environment for your customers is the number one concern for any business owner. So when a water leak occurs, you need a fast, effective and professional solution.

Time is of the essence when booking commercial water cleanup in Nashua. Businesses serving food and drink often have to close while work is undertaken, resulting in a loss of revenue. SERVPRO is a localized service that can send a cleanup team directly after notification of loss guaranteeing work begins as quickly as possible.

No-one knows your business better than you do. That is why we work with you to ensure a practical solution. A SERVPRO project manager can keep you informed every step of the way. By providing an instant point of contact, we are always ready to listen should you have any concerns or would like our work crews to direct their attention toward a specific area. Equally, we can discuss every outcome with you as it occurs, and put together a list of contents and damages to be passed on to your insurance provider.

Water removal can be carried out using truck-mounted extraction units that are capable of dealing with excessive moisture or pooling. We then set to work using heated wands which can dry in between floorboards or behind fixtures and fittings. Main areas are tackled with industrial grade wet/ dry vacuums in combination with rapid air-movers to lift any remaining moisture off your surfaces.

Once your SERVPRO project manager is satisfied that surfaces are suitably dry, we can place humidifiers to remove excess moisture from the surrounding air. These humidifiers use desiccant chemicals to help remove water molecules and establish an appropriate dry level. Before you re-open for business, we can use deodorizers to ensure your business is as welcoming as possible for your customers.

When a disaster hits your business, you need a service you can trust. We have built our reputation on effective cleaning solutions for small, medium and large scale businesses. Contact SERVPRO of Nashua 24/7 at (603) 889-2311.

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Checking for Asbestos Abatement in a Nashua Dwelling

9/17/2018 (Permalink)

Biohazard Checking for Asbestos Abatement in a Nashua Dwelling Asbestos Testing in Nashua? SERVPRO Says It Is a Wise Decision

SERVPRO Follows the Law with Asbestos Sampling Prior to Demolition or Renovation Services for Our Nashua Customers

What is the big deal about asbestos? This fibrous mineral when disrupted from its setting can cause lung cancer and the dreaded mesothelioma. Lawyers may benefit from class action cases, but our job is to prevent the spreading of the potentially cancer-causing materials.

SERVPRO takes the inherent dangers and hazards very seriously from asbestos. Our technicians, when requested to deconstruct or renovate homes must establish the year the structure was erected. Before 1985, asbestos in Nashua homes had many uses. Since it was an inexpensive fire-retardant and thermal and acoustical insulator, it was found in many homes for different reasons. Floor tiles, roof shingles, ceiling tiles, pipe cement, joint compound, and thermal insulation for boiler, and even textured paint were some of its uses. But the party ended with the discovery of the health hazards associated with this fibrous mineral.

Our main goal is to ensure the safety of our customers and technicians as well during our work. By law, from that 1985 date and earlier built dwellings, we must make sure an Asbestos Sampling is performed by an outside, certified company.  We do not do this to upset our customers or annoy them, but instead, make sure our customers can be healthy and safe in the working environment. Asbestos contains the mineral Chrysotile that becomes fibers when woven together. When these fibers become airborne and are inhaled or ingested, asbestos can be very harmful and dangerous.

If the sampling comes back negative, the technicians can go forward with the project and start the selective demolition or renovation knowing the well-being of the residents and our workers are secure from this mineral and its consequences. If the sampling comes back positive, SERVPRO will refer our customers to another company that is approved by insurance who can correctly contain the asbestos, so it does not spread through the air. This sampling may take several days to receive the results. During that period we do no work, this is the law.

 It is essential for our customers to understand this process before the technicians show up for work. Knowing information before going into a scenario is always vital so they know what they can expect. We wanted to let you know this information first and foremost, so there are no problems in the future regarding this regulation.

SERVPRO of Nashua takes pride in our work and always strives for the safety of our customers and our technicians, we obey the law and strive to meet and beat your expectations. Ready to help 24/7 by calling us at (603) 889-2311.

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Details on the Various Levels of Fire Damage to Expect in Nashua

9/7/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Details on the Various Levels of Fire Damage to Expect in Nashua Whether you are facing minor or major fire damage, contact SERVPRO for a fast response.

SERVPRO Technicians Provide Effective Remediation Regardless of the Level of Fire Damage Affecting Your Home

Different levels of fire damage result when a fire burns your property. Based on the level of destruction, we can classify the damage as minor, medium or major. It is the degree of damage which helps us to choose the restoration procedures. In this post, we are outlining some of the restoration services we offer when attending to the three levels of damage in Nashua.
If your Nashua property experiences minor fire damage, then on specific areas or rooms need restoration services. Such levels of damage are associated with light to medium smoke particles. During the restoration process, our SERVPRO technicians perform wet or dry cleaning of the floor, ceilings, walls, and other items. We usually recommend minor replacements and the areas that need repainting are few.
Most materials that are subjected to medium fire damage need wet cleaning. The smoke particles are of moderate quantity, and several areas may require repainting and replacement. There is a lot of heat damage to materials in cabinets and around the drywall region. Despite that, we clean most of the items at the site and perform deodorization to neutralize any noticeable odors.
Much destruction is associated with major fire damage incidents, and some emergency services may be required. For instance, our SERVPRO technicians may be forced to provide an alternative source of electricity. A big part of the building contains the smoke particles, and charred structural finishes and framing are noticeable. Extensive cleaning is necessary, and we have to use multiple deodorization techniques to deal with the pungent smoke odors.
In cases where out SERVPRO technicians come across contents which are damaged beyond restoration, we recommend a replacement. Where necessary, we can readily subcontract some specialty cleaning services to attend to your electronics, furniture refinishing, and your artwork. Some reconstruction services may also need to be attended by licensed general contractors.
Allow SERVPRO of Nashua to offer its industry-proven services to restore your damaged property to its preloss condition. You can call us at (603) 889-2311 when you need to know more about our residential and commercial restoration services.

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The Real Truth About Mold Growth In Your Nashua Residence

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation The Real Truth About Mold Growth In Your Nashua Residence Many homeowners do not know about the process of mold remediation for their Nashua residence.

The Real Truth About Mold Growth

Whether you have a basement or a crawlspace for your Nashua residence, you almost always have dampness and moisture to face. This external pressure works to try and penetrate into these areas from the moist ground outside and becomes even worse when you have springs in the ground near your home. Combating this dampness might not seem like that pressing of a situation, but when it can lead to damages and dangers in your home, it might be worth it to better understand what is at stake.

Many homeowners do not know about the process of mold remediation for their Nashua residence. It is possible that you have never had to utilize services like this before, and you are only encountering mold damage recently within your house. If you have discovered mold or find yourself concerned that colonies could be forming throughout affected areas of the property, it is best to consult with professional mold remediation technicians for inspections and assessments. This service is one that you can expect from our SERVPRO professionals.

Mold growth in your home stems from lingering moisture that helps to feed mold spores present in the environment. They seat into organic materials in this area and begin to grow, thrive, and spread. It doesn't take long for these colonies to grow out of control and take a severe toll on the structural integrity and strength of the construction materials or contents of this area of your home they have used for colonization.

While our SERVPRO technicians seek to preserve and restore materials rather than tearing out broad areas of your home, it does not take a long time for mold damage to render materials like drywall and framing wood unsalvageable. As the colony grows and seats more deeply into the material, the composition and integrity erode to the point of irreparable damage.

Of course, this does not even begin to showcase the potential health effects that can occur to the occupants of your house when exposed to active colonies. These risks have gotten well documented, but still, many homeowners put off mold remediation for their homes assuming the problem goes away on its own. Mold spreads and destroys, and remediation from our SERVPRO of Nashua technicians is a credible means of stopping this destructive path. Give SERVPRO a call anytime at (603) 889-2311.

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Personalized Water Damage Restoration From SERVPRO In Nashua

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Personalized Water Damage Restoration From SERVPRO In Nashua The SERVPRO of Nashua Team ready to help with your water damage event.

Professional and Personal attention during a water damage event

After your Nashua home experiences water intrusion, take the opportunity to choose a restoration company that delivers the highest quality recovery results with a personal touch. Despite handling more than 800 water damage projects a year, our team of talented and well-trained technicians treats each customer’s disaster with the individualized attention it deserves. We take all the time required to comprehend the impact water damage has on your and your family’s life and peace of mind, attending to the damage and determining the cause, so it is also resolved to avoid a recurrence.

Homeowners in Nashua who struggle with water damage swiftly find that the confusion and frustration of dealing with the harm from the moisture can be surpassed by the labyrinth of paperwork imposed by insurers and governmental authorities. Our business focuses not only on providing industry-leading water damage restoration services but also on creating and sharing required documentation that expedites the insurance claim process while operating within the constraints of applicable rules and regulations. Our office staff is always available to bring you up to date with the latest response from your insurance carrier and to set your mind to rest that we are proceeding with the approval of local inspectors.

SERVPRO is committed to responding to all of your concerns during a water damage job. No inquiry is considered insignificant. In business since 1998, we are extremely familiar with the sequence of events that makes up a classic water damage remediation, but we know our customers do not have this context or background. You have enough stress without worrying that a restoration company is putting your job on a back-burner or rushing through critical steps to complete the needed tasks. With any luck, your water damage scenario and its restoration is a one-time crisis. Our history of successful resolutions provides the foundation for our ability to create a streamlined solution to your disaster.

If your inquiries with other restoration companies leave you anxious and fearful, give SERVPRO a chance to show you how a professional water damage project should be completed. We pledge to meet and exceed your expectations on costs, timelines, and disruptions, all the while treating you and yours with compassion and support at this difficult time.

SERVPRO of Nashua promotes a respectful and personalized response to water damage challenges. Call us at (603) 889-2311 to see what we can do to assist with all aspects of the tough break you face.

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Troubleshooting Your Nashua Wet Basement

8/19/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Troubleshooting Your Nashua Wet Basement When your basement is soaked after a storm, call SERVPRO for drying out and remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Start With a Thorough Assessment Before Remediating Storm Damage in Your Home

Severe weather is a situation that many Nashua homeowners are unfortunately familiar with facing. More than this, steady rainfall that does not happen in torrential downpour waves can also pose threats to your home in different ways. Storms of all shapes and sizes can leave you with cleanup and restoration needs.

Many homeowners might not even recognize that they have a problem until they come across a wet basement in their Nashua residence. This sign is usually an excellent indication that water has become able to breach the foundation blockwork of your home, or at the very least has found a path through the concrete flooring of the area. Either one of these issues needs to get addressed as expediently as possible to prevent worsening conditions.

Penetration of the blockwork can be an indication of weakening mortar joints and pathways that only worsen over time. The more water to pass through the blocks, the less resistance this water has in reaching the interior of your home. Our SERVPRO professionals can help to identify these penetration points and often repair them with hydraulic cement if the damage is not too considerable. This solution can stop the flow of water into the basement.

There are other instances where water can leach into your home through the concrete floors via cracks and broken areas. Our SERVPRO technicians can utilize specialized dehumidification equipment to gently pull the moisture from this flooring without making its current damage worse. If sump pump installation is ultimately deemed unnecessary, continued use of dehumidification equipment in the area might be recommended if the moisture persists from beneath the house.

A wet basement can lead to multiple concerns for a homeowner. Not only are you allowing the possibility of mold growth on organic materials in this area of your house, but you are also running a continual risk of material damage to flooring and walls in the lower levels of your house. Let our experienced SERVPRO of Nashua restoration professionals help you to clean and dry this mess. We are available anytime by calling (603) 889-2311.

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Water Damage Cleanup and Removal Services for Nashua Properties.

8/2/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Cleanup and Removal Services for Nashua Properties. The Two Certain Things Are Taxes and Great SERVPRO Water Damage Restoration in Nashua

Nashua Homeowners Can Depend Upon SERVPRO to Mitigate Water Damage to Their Homes and Possessions

In real life situations, many people experience a disaster at some time. There is a high probability that you can encounter some water damage in your home. The unexpected water pipe that froze and then burst, the broken hose on the washing machine or loose fittings on the ice-makers are all potential causes of unwanted water. The lingering effects of unremoved water on floors, corners, inside wall cavities, or other areas of a house can also cause secondary damages like future demolitions or mold growth.

When your Nashua home is in urgent need of water damage restoration and clean-up services, you should realize that help is not too far away. It is highly advisable that when such an event happens, you ask for some professional help as soon as you can. The faster the professionals come to your rescue, the better it is for you and your household. And less damage, salvageable or not, results.

Fortunately, SERVPRO has excellent restoration and cleaning services for you. Our technicians are highly trained and qualified, IICRC certified, for this task. Our Green Fleet contains all the equipment needed for water extraction, drying, and restoring most structural materials and personal possessions.
Upon arrival, we inspect the source of the water leak if it is not apparent. A minor problem we may be able to fix, more substantial malfunctions generally require the services of a plumber or other professional service. We can measure moisture levels in a dry part of the home to establish a baseline, and as we dry out the wet areas from the water seepage, we can then compare. We document that the affected water damaged materials are dry.

The goal and purpose of SERVPRO of Nashua are to be of help to many people in the community to ensure that people are living stress-free life by offering excellent cleaning and restoration services. You can reach to us at any time at (603) 889-2311, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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